100 Things/Questions You Will Never See/Know in Fairy Tail

20 déc. 2017
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Fairy Tail Chapter 545 | Fairy Tail Episode 278
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  • New Video My Subs !!!! 😊I thought I will never finished this! it took me 3 weeks !!!! :o This video brings together all the things that have remained unanswered in the manga. Keep in mind, throughout this video, the interview of Mashima, in France at Japan Expo - Mashima : “I have a real desire not to leave unsolved mysteries in the manga” This video is important because it will be relate to my next theory that many expect : “ Why the Nalu exists and Why Fairy Tail is not finished” I'm going to try to publish it for Christmas but it's going to be really difficult, because it's the most complex theory I've done you can see a preview on my twitter just here : twitter.com/Nina_2119/status/938572616851427328 So be patient my subs, and i hope you liked this video ;) Take care

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    • Ash&Misty Natsu&Lucy True

      oshiyete yo sensei!!oshiyete yo sensei!!Il y a an
    • Ash&Misty Natsu&Lucy no Mashima sensei start fairy tail again It's name is fairy tail : 100 year quest Not by sensei drawing but with his writinh

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    • But Fairy Tail manga didn't END yet

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    • Death mother lucy yers 777

      Amine MohamedAmine MohamedIl y a 2 ans
    • To answer your question on, "Who gave Silver his devil slayer magic?" Imagine Eileen as being the creator of dragon slayer magic. Since you know the story about the relationship between humans and dragons living in peace. Another question I wish you would add is, "Where do dragons really come from?" Even though, there is another video from your channel explaining about Gray and Natsu powers derive from Norse cosmology and mythology. One is Niflheim world of mist, fog, and ice and another world where it is home to the fire giants and demons Muspellheim. Since air is fire opposite element because they create wild flames for the fire to rage. However, water and fire are different which I believe they would be their opposite element. Water puts out the fire, however, the water temperature changes when the water is hot or cold. When there is the extremely dangerous fire that is hot, while cold water causes the hot fire to cause fog. As I imagine Natsu to represent the fire demon and Gray as an ice demon they share the resemblance of the same race. However, ice demons come from a place where it is dark, filled with fog or haze, and it is cold and freezing. I wish Mashima focuses more on Silver Fullbuster and Gray Fullbuster because they are son and father. I wonder if Gray was supposed to be a dragon slayer like Natsu but an Ice dragon slayer. But I believe it is just the same magic. Instead, the devil is associated with Mirajane's magic which is Satan. Because of the magic derived from the evil that spreads negativity. For Natsu, since he is a dragon slayer I looked up another word for dragon on wordhippo, and saw drake, hydra, wyvern, and basilisk. Considering the texture of Natsu's face when extremely angry or powerful. In comparison to Gray, he is enveloped by darkness or covered with black blood maybe? Lol Because his magic as an ice devil slayer is derived from evil and world of mist, freezing temperature, and ice. Then there is Wendy who was supposed to be water dragon slayer. Haha Even though, the earth is not air's opposite element but water. Because when water sinks into the soil it absorbs into something muddy or like a puddle of water. Oh, ew...as I imagine it reminds me of magma and cold water combined because it turns into obsidian. Haha Well magma is like a puddle.

      ProserpinaProserpinaIl y a 2 ans
  • What about levy and gajeel's "secret" in the last episode, my manga readers know my anime watchers wont fully understand

    Emperor CalickEmperor CalickIl y a 10 jours
  • We know the 53th!!

    Bahar SipahioğluBahar SipahioğluIl y a 11 mois
  • Loved the 21th one!!

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  • 1. You will know if u read 100 yr quest 2. It was explained in the Final Series 3. If natsu KILLED Zeref himself... He will die 4. 5. Shadow is the darkness lurking inside Rouge 6. He knows Eileen much 7. 8. He thought his power will be stronger if He joins Alvarez to defeat Acnologia 9. 10. The other one is like a Beast Form like Elfman 11. Just an old man 12. He learned it himself 13. Because of his power 14. They are both kings.. That's why 15. I think when he resurrected from the book, he then found the END book 16. 17. The power of friends.. Lol 18. Just like dragon slayer magic.. A magic to defeat Gods 19. 20. Powerful beings just like dragons 21. Unending Tale 22. 23. He did, when He told about Zera 24. They all lived in a simple life 25. No, because I think she can no longer fight Yukino 26. If Yukino's power wil improve 27. I think it's not necessary anymore 28. Because he wants to take over Fairy Tail and own the Fairy Heart 29. To release the power Igneel gave To Natsu 30. 31. I think none 32. Mard Geer's Alegria is not 100% powerful 33. 34. 35. Read 100 yr quest 36. I cant explain 37. He was captured 38. The members of Fairy Tail 39. Because she is already inside Mavis' Heart? 40. 41. YES 😂 42. 100 yr quest 43. I also wanna know why he did not 44. I think he wants to confess something.. Lol 45. Ex lovers 46 47. 48. 49. 50. None, He learned the dragon slayer magic by himself 51. 52. YES.. LOL 53. Read 100 yr quest 54. Nine minus one 55. For leaving her behind 56. Can't tell since he wrote a lot of demons 57. Idk.. Effect of her dragon force? 58. Zeref knows her well that's why her tactics were disorganized 59. Some of them already obtained it 60. Zeref turned it into black by his power 61. She kept it as a memory, thinking that her mom still alives 62. Ask Eileen 63. Ask Mashima 64. A kind of magic explained by Zeref with the help of Anna 65. 66. 67. 68. Nirvanna was built for people who wants peace but in the end, war happened between the civilians. 69. They are really brothers 70. 71. Idk.. Lol maybe because no one is no longer lives there 72. All dragon slayers taught by dragons are orphans 73. 74. Because Natsu did not killed him 75. 75. phantom lord master 76. 77. 78. No longer available 79. His real feelings towards Juvia 80. 81. Finding solutions to defeat acnologia 82. might be still destroying the world 83. Not yet 84. It was Natsu 85. 86. Satan Soul Demon 87. We'll know once he learn transformation magic 88. Idk.. Lol 89. 90. Sad 91. Just like what Happened to Lissana 92. 93. They are not in a official Guild 94. I think yes 95. 96. Just a kid that Acno wants to save 97. Did not happened 98. Must be because of the Avatar 99. Acno-Happy 100. I don't think so

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  • Omgomg Natsus scarf was knit by a powerful celestial mage... Maybe it also has some of the special qualities of celestial clothing??? That's why it protected him and let him through the the celestial spirit world... I know it's made from dragon scales, but it can also by enchanted with celestial magic? Maybe?

    Alooshi SinghAlooshi SinghIl y a an
  • Answer is quite simple - Nakama Power

    YB火YB火Il y a an
  • Well there is a comeback

    Navy NightNavy NightIl y a an
  • I feel like most of these questions might be answered in Fairy Tail 100 year quest

    GilgameshGilgameshIl y a an
  • I think I know why Nienhart(?) (Was it Nienhart?) Knew Erza and Eileen, it maybe because of his historia thingy Edit: Maybe the shadow is just the dark side of him i dunno

    Just CabCab thingsJust CabCab thingsIl y a an
  • #53 has already been revealed Its to seal the five gods (dragons that were called gods) of gloxinia

    InstaGG gamer9000InstaGG gamer9000Il y a an
  • I came for the thumnail.l.

    Sean CasinoSean CasinoIl y a an
  • There are still chance. We might know the answer in some of this

    Leah KashLeah KashIl y a an
  • I know this video is old but some of these questions have been answered

    Kayla ShawKayla ShawIl y a an
  • the 100 years quest was to seal the power of the five dragon God

    Machi KomacineMachi KomacineIl y a an
  • 15:17 didn't Natsu teleport to that one place where Acnologia's world or whatever that place was? And I think it wasn't in Ishgar or anywhere like it was probably somewhere inside Acnologia so maybe the death of Zeref didn't affect Natsu?? Idk I forgot about the Alvarez chapters since my mind is on the 100 years quest one

    txnjiroustxnjirousIl y a an
  • Why you think zeref will fight Lucy?

    Sailor MoonSailor MoonIl y a an
  • You will see some of this in the 100 year quest or season 3. Btw mokarov will die Levy gets pregnant Juvia dies Erzas mum There is more to spoil but then what's the point in watching

    さんアイカさんアイカIl y a an
  • Story behind the one magic, hope lucy will get it in 100yr quest

    thailisa manobanthailisa manobanIl y a an
  • the most important question is Natsu always lights himself in fire but still how does his clothes remain unharmed!?

    Scarlet MadagonaScarlet MadagonaIl y a an
  • some of these questions are already answered in the anime u just gotta watch carefully....

    Scarlet MadagonaScarlet MadagonaIl y a an
  • The reason why her hair turns pink is because you remember the Edolas version of wendy's dragon? Her edolas version has pink hair, and so does wendy!

    Gamer boyGamer boyIl y a an
  • 1) Read "Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest" 2) Needless to the purpose of the plot, will have been the generic dragons of the place, there were some of the Dragons at the time, it is not important to know which of them was. For how the survivor's answer is simple, or was not in the city at the time of the attack or managed to hide, it's not that there were those who know how many options 3) Does it make sense and, as we are repeatedly shown, the magicians' spells stop working at the death of the latter, an example? Eileen and the Universe One, after his death the effect of his magic vanished and the country returned exactly as before. Zeref's Demon Books come to life thanks to the magic of Zeref, if Zeref dies also the magic that keeps his demons alive will disappear and so they will die too. 4) is the incarnation of Rogue's evil that appears in the form of shadow, the shadow itself affirms it 5) Maybe because he simply told him to have a daughter named Erza? After years and years of service, you do not want the subject to come up once. 6) Simply a servant of Zeref, I imagine he created it himself since it is not an organic being, otherwise he would have died being close to Zeref 7) To this I can not fully answer, I guess Eileen was referring to the fact that he was one of his subordinates and therefore had to obey his orders, but perhaps it is also a subplot that Mashima could not unveil. 8) God Serena mentions the reason during his meeting with Acnologia, apparently God wanted to deal with Acnologia in a fight to prove his supremacy and Zeref convinced him to leave Ishgar promising him that according to his empire he would surely have the opportunity to face Acnologia (it is no coincidence that the empire of Alvarez was originally born to defeat Acno) 9) This is true 10) Draculus has vampiric magic, in theory it should possess all the powers of a vampire even if the only magic we see him use is immobilization. While for Wolfheim his magic is Take Over, even though we see him use a single monster throughout the manga. 11) A simple Zeref fanatic, like many others. 12) Or whether he read it in some book or created it himself. 13) This is a special ability granted by his magic "stealth" that allows him to make: "Invisible, inaudible, inannusable and imperceptible" whatever he wants, more as extra also allows him to see what is invisible and intangible and to have a physical contact. 14) Good question, however according to the various statements of Tartaros they come from hell, it is possible that there was a contact between the infernal and the Celestial world. 15) Zeref says that Mard found the book by chance, we see that Zeref had put it in a certain place and Mard wandered a little here and found it and took it. 16) Their story is unknown but in theory they are 18 very powerful Creatures living in other dimensions (similar to the Star Spirits) and that can be evoked in the human world in exchange for a Sacrifice. 17) The explain Panter Lily and Lector, practically due to the lack of the 5 Senses Erza has developed a 6/7 due to the lack of the main ones. 18) Even here we know the story of how the magic of God Slayer originated but it is learnable through special books and counts as "Lost Magic", this is said in the Chelia manga card. 19) But if a flood of times have explained it! Originally there was a single magic, the strongest magic of all, magic that was then divided into many variables like the Ethernano and the Curses, from that magic derives every existing magic. 20) We do not know. 21) This is a troll, right? 22) This is true 23) He tried but because of the 2 Commercial Wars and the guild's assignments he never succeeded. 24) This is not known but is not relevant for the purpose of the plot. And anyway who tells you they had magical powers? It can happen to be a Muggle in the world of Fairy Tail. 25) What's that got to do with it? At this point, let's ask ourselves if Gray will be cut in 2 once, it makes no sense among the "things we'll never see" 26) True 27) This is also true. 28) It is not said but it is quite understandable, we often see it talking about illegal trades and illegal trafficking, it will have been because of what Makarov has driven out, plus we have seen how he behaved in a violent, selfish and self-centered way, not a character suitable for a guild member. 29) It is not that who knows how important, even in Dragon Ball were not shown the training of Goku and Vegeta from the end of the saga of Cell and at the beginning of that of Majin Bu. 30) He only discovered that the magic was originally one and connected it to the dark magic of Zeref, so he was looking for it

    AnimeAIHO ZodiAnimeAIHO ZodiIl y a an
    • 91) Actually it has never been explained but if it is to do with ANIMA whose unic destination is Earth-Land it is obvious that it has arrived them 92) is true 93) It is clearly said Happy, they were hunted for committing numerous thefts with the use of magic 94) is a desire filler, in the anime has never expressed this desire. 95) It is not that he did not succeed, it is that we could not even get close to Laxus, he tried to approach it when he was banished from Fairy Tail but could not find it. 96) In the film Sonya is a little girl but she will survive through the Dragon Soul of Animus creating one of her empires in another country, in the manga she is only a little girl who is dead. 97) I did not know it myself 98) Because he had become an Apocalyptic world and it was a battle for survival, we see that in a clash he killed Frosh by mistake, or killed him directly because it just bothered him. 99) Natsu explains that the counterparts do not have to be all human but they can also be animals (Porlyusica is an example) or vice versa, and if they existed it is not said they were all there, maybe they were in some other continent and with Fairy Tail they never had anything to do. 100) Mashima has already denied the NaLu and the Gerza, settle for Gruvia, Gaale and Elfgreen.

      AnimeAIHO ZodiAnimeAIHO ZodiIl y a an
    • 66) Already answered before but I repeat it, according to the technical schedule of Chelia of the manga Doma to reward the girl who was one of the best wizards of his school has donated a book containing a Lost Magic, or the magic of God Slayer of the sky (to be precise are not spells that everyone can learn, you have to be related otherwise not even the best wizard in the world can use it), reading it has learned the magic 67) I imagine it was for natural death. 68) Nirvana was built to end the war but because of the side effects it was never used in battle and so it was sealed, so there was never a battle 69) What does that mean? You have to specify things. However if you mean a blood bond "of course yes", they are brothers. If you mean that they know each other and they play together, it's always "yes" because they'll have spent a couple of years together, right? In addition, the new ending of the anime confirms the thing, so we know 70) Probably the 13th key "Ophiuchus" 71) I imagine because being a sacred area of ​​the guild only a few must know where it is because otherwise it would be invaded and attacked by other guilds, or simply people would ruin the island doing what they like. And then that's a graphic error, if ever the question is "why Fiore has changed"? Since that can not be the Tenrou island since it is attached to the Earth, so it would be a peninsula. 72) They were simply orphans like Natsu, probably even their parents were killed by dragons. 73) it is quite strange that a Dragon died in that position there on a human cathedral but anyway it is possible both the same dragon that killed the Parents of Natsu and Zeref, they have many similarities in common, the only things that do not square are the zambe a little longer. 74) Because Lucy has rewritten E.N.D's book by cutting the link between him and Zeref making Natsu a being in itself no longer connected to its creator. 75) He founded Phantom Lord, he was a Master for years and then died giving way to Jose. 76) In the world of Fairy Tail, strange as it is, there is Christianity and therefore also Diò, Jesus, the archangel Michael, Lucifer etc. etc. 77) Mashima has revealed that at the beginning to work on the Fairy Tail manga were only 7 people, so he made a recurring number in his work (and a little I guess he was also inspired by Rowling with his "Harry Potter" where the 7 There are many more present: "7 Horcrux, 7 players of Quiddich, the Weasly brothers that know 7, the books of HP son 7, the page where Dumbledore talks about the prophecy is 777, the month in which Harry is born in July (ie the 7th month of the year) etc.etc.) 78) There is no "complete form of E.N.D", Natsu is E.N.D from the first chapter, it is the consciousness and the data of the strongest demonic book created by Zeref inserted in the corpse of his brother, if ever that was the Etherious form 79) The final chapter clearly shows how Gray accepted Juvia's feelings and that they are now an official couple. 80) What is it is not known, instead on the "what has happened" was destroyed by Zero right after having awakened. 81) On the where he lived it is not known, but in all that time observed the Dragon Slayer in secret and studied the "Space between time" as an alternative to defeat Acnologia so as to spare Natsu and Co. to fight against Acno in a fight mortal 82) Zeref and Mavis have been able to "reincarnate" through the original Magic unleashed during their death, as Mavis says this magic can work miracles, Acnologia is dead without being able to even come into contact so it is dead, and unlike people normal that after death or go to heaven or hell he can no longer go anywhere as his soul has been destroyed. 83) I do not think so. 84) No, Natsu and Happy were the first ones 85) The King of the Celestial Spirits did not call Lucy "old friend" at the beginning, he did it only with Leo, but after meeting her he made us friends and being that for the Celestial Spirits the time flows differently for him to have spoken with Lucy even very little it is equivalent to being "old friends". 86) The Satan Soul is a magic or that one learns or with which one is born, the demon has nothing to do with it. On the form of the demon he has never been seen 88) Humans simply are not allowed to enter that world but it is only a law, physically speaking it can be done, only by doing so the rules are broken. Instead with clothes you have permission to enter. 89) Pure coincidence 90) Actually Mavis saw his son, he already saw him when Invel trapped her with Ice Look and then saw him fight with Gildarts. Zeref practically raised her

      AnimeAIHO ZodiAnimeAIHO ZodiIl y a an
    • 32) Mard says that there is a chance on a billion that someone manages to escape from Alegria, apparently Lucy was lucky to catch that chance 33) Makarov and Mavis assume that it was Hades in his Master days that revealed to him the existence of Fairy Heart. 34) I guess it's because of the actions and the behavior that Ivan did when he was young to make him hate him 35) On the continent of Giltena, read "Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest" 36) I do not even explain it myself, maybe it's because he is a different Dragon Slayer. 37) Because he had been kidnapped by them during one of their assaults on villages looking for slaves, it does not take long to understand him 38) I do not know. 39) Because she is the origin of the guild name "Fairy Tail", in fact Mavis has thought of this name looking at Zera's hair tails, so it is considered as "The original fairy" or "the original fairy" as stated herself. 40) Good question. 41) He really died after using Fairy Law but he was brought back to life through the original magic that sprang from the death of Mavis and Zeref, so we saw him dead for a couple of chapters. 42) Those are the countries of the continent and not other continents, also because we have already seen a bit of Alakista and Giltena. 43) He did it in the last chapters, or rather, his body did it while the Spirit could not afford to be serious because killing the Dragon Slayer could no longer stabilize the Time between the Space reconnecting its soul to his body. The fact that the body and the soul were divided does not mean that it was weaker, the body had the magic power it had always had while the soul had the power of space between time, 2 different figures with different powers 44) Probably wanted to try to clarify the sentimental issue between the 2, after all it was Erza to succeed him a few days before. 45) Who knows 46) They would certainly be either Laxus or Erza 47) True, although it probably would have become like Igneel 48) It was a crystal sphere absorbing energy, only that after absorbing so much magic it became uncontrollable and was sealed. 49) It could be anywhere in the world. 50) It is not yet known, they will probably say it in "100 years quest" 51) is the God of life and death 52) True 53) is the sealing of the 5 Dragons present on the continent of Giltena. 54) You will be turned off-screen just before it explodes. 55) True, even if he has certainly done it in Time Skip. 56) In theory all the Zeref demons we have already seen them all, those that are shown in the explanation of Mard Geer are just to make the idea. 57) Because also the hair of Porlyusica (which is the human counterpart of Edoras of Hail) have that color there 58) He did not have the time but actually we did not see his strategist skills 59) In theory, only Gajeel and God Serena are missing. 60) Because as Happy explains the scarf made with scales of Igneel shielded Natsu absorbing the curse of Ankhseram in his place. 61) He keeps them in his drawers, as shown at the end of the Phantom Lord saga 62) This is true 63) This is true. 64) Apart from that I think it's just a way of saying but they have not sealed their soul inside the Dragon Slayer, otherwise they could not have been physical once they got out, they just converted their body into magic (like Fairy Sphere) and have it inserted into the Dragon Slayer. And then just because it's called "Dragon Soul" is not to be taken literally, at this point Ichigo of Bleach is really able to hit the sky with his "Getsuga Tensho" just because his attack means "Moon Fang Striking The Sky 65) He was a generic dragon of Alakista, according to the guards and the Dragons of Ishgar those Dragons are devoid of any intellectual and rational ability and are completely wild.

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  • These are some good questions however some can be answered relatively easily. For example Acnologia doesn't necessarily need to be taught by a dragon as people can learn 'slayer' magic by reading or using lacrimas.

    Nesling 4411Nesling 4411Il y a an
  • #60 it tells us the answer it is because it absorbs zerefs black magic

    Chi StaffanChi StaffanIl y a an
  • to answer erza 5 senses she followed her heart

    Chi StaffanChi StaffanIl y a an
  • q #14 a they are both gods and all gods know each other

    Chi StaffanChi StaffanIl y a an
  • Many of the answer are told like Questions 50 . Acnologia was a self trained dragon slayer because of which he cannot run from his dragon form and Q. 53 .100 year quest is told now, Q.60 . Nastu scarf was turned dark because I absorbed the dark magic and saved Nastu

    Kunal KambojKunal KambojIl y a an
  • The first question is already answer in the 100 year quest. Some of these question are already answer but they weren't clear about it.

    T CT CIl y a an
  • All those questions, only one answer. Its ANIME. Everthing can be happen

    Elyna SyazniElyna SyazniIl y a an
  • Makarov banished his son because he was a threat and wanted lumen histoire is that not right?

    AllisonAllisonIl y a an
  • Wao satisfying

    Earl Lance DakilaEarl Lance DakilaIl y a an
  • The 100 years quest is up...aka ft is back PLZ MAKE A THEORY ABOUT THE MANGA PLZZZ

    Habiba NoureldineHabiba NoureldineIl y a an
    • Also I have a theory There ARE 2 other first generation dragon slayers. If u remember.....there supposed to be 7 dragons to be defeated by *7 dragon slayers* Now if u think about it... there's only 5 real dragon slayers while Erik and laxus planted a lacrima inside them. So that leaves us with 2 other dragon slayers...

      Habiba NoureldineHabiba NoureldineIl y a an
  • What happend to the 13th gate all along

    Haru TumawisHaru TumawisIl y a an
  • No. 45, Bora mentioned "Let's break up" so it's possible that they are uhm, old lovers...

    Jheraine RegalaJheraine RegalaIl y a an
  • Number 44, Gray what is that?!?!

    Jheraine RegalaJheraine RegalaIl y a an
  • Question no. 32: Horologium (one of Lucy's silver keys. That clock thing) That clock saved Lucy back then before they could sucked into Edolas...he said he can sense some other magic bla bla bla so he immediately shelter Lucy inside of him. That's why she survived. He maybe sensed the Alegria back then so he showed up and shelter Lucy.

    Jheraine RegalaJheraine RegalaIl y a an
  • 17 : erza have one eye anti magic , so she can see his enemy :V

  • I don't care about any other but the 100th question.... I want its answer from mashima😠

    Gayathri SudheerGayathri SudheerIl y a 2 ans
  • Sorry buddy you have 1st one mistaken and it's wrong

    悪魔Shīnobi悪魔ShīnobiIl y a 2 ans
  • I have a question... Is Levy pregnant?

    Marian OliverMarian OliverIl y a 2 ans
  • When will we see a romantic moment with Gruvia? Never No gruvia/juvia haters allowed on this comment

    Itz HanItz HanIl y a 2 ans
  • To ships were officially announced Nalu and gruvia

    Legendary Godzilla3829 0Legendary Godzilla3829 0Il y a 2 ans
  • I have a question tho.... Where dafuq is Good Serena's hair style come from?

    Zera The illusionZera The illusionIl y a 2 ans
  • Some of this queston have an answer in 100 years quest

    Manuela MartoranaManuela MartoranaIl y a 2 ans
  • Yes! I know the answer of one the question like what happened to the remaining spriggans dimaria gave up and live in the the farm brandish is searching for the aquarius key while azur is a prince of a small country invel and neinhart went to jail as for august Eileen bloodman there dead

    Salvador VargasSalvador VargasIl y a 2 ans
  • how did yukino find the 13th gates and where did she find it

    Haru TumawisHaru TumawisIl y a 2 ans
  • some of it i can answer

    Haru TumawisHaru TumawisIl y a 2 ans
  • Can anyone tell me why couldn’t Jackal one-shot Natsu by blowing him up?

    Gerard FernandesGerard FernandesIl y a 2 ans
  • It is ishgar no whatever you said

    Kaitlyn SchwenkKaitlyn SchwenkIl y a 2 ans
  • Well you do find out what the 100 year quest is

    Ahh FrickAhh FrickIl y a 2 ans
  • We know what the 100 year quest is now, but u forgot to mention all of the other wizard saints we never got to see

    Kartoon Kiddd KKartoon Kiddd KIl y a 2 ans
  • 42: natsu and of the others go to another continent in the 100 year quest 53:to seal the 5 dragon gods

    Sasha NovakovicSasha NovakovicIl y a 2 ans
  • #67 Yuri died in the 100 yr quest

    YB火YB火Il y a 2 ans
  • #35 Answer Hundred year auest

    YB火YB火Il y a 2 ans
    • Quest*

      YB火YB火Il y a 2 ans
  • watch fairy tail nicely lol most of the answers come out and for agonologia well lets see in the 3rd season of fairy tail

    Zain bukanZain bukanIl y a 2 ans
  • The 100 yr quest is about sealing 5 dragons with the same power level as acnologia

    Owen KhonselOwen KhonselIl y a 2 ans
  • tbh. Some of the questions are already answered at Series. Hekhek

    Igneel LucyIgneel LucyIl y a 2 ans
  • Pourquoi Poliucica a la même odeur que le dragon de Wendy

    yunikoyunikoIl y a 2 ans
    • car elle est son alter-ego d'edolas ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 2 ans
  • My real question is when will the next generation of Fairytail be in the series?

    Salvador VargasSalvador VargasIl y a 2 ans
  • the. 100 year quest. is. to seal. the. 5 dragon. gods

    none profitenone profiteIl y a 2 ans
  • Why does Jellal have that red birth mark on his left eye

    Ramesh BabuRamesh BabuIl y a 2 ans
  • I think the answer for number 12 is his son gray and for question 85 maybe the emperor had her ancestor Anna Heartifilla

    Ramesh BabuRamesh BabuIl y a 2 ans
  • Ivan know lumen histore because Hades tell him. You suppose say 'how zeref knows about fairy heart'?

    Sailor MoonSailor MoonIl y a 2 ans
    • Obra tell him

      Santhosh KonduriSanthosh KonduriIl y a an
  • My biggest questions in fairy tail are is the next generation gonna be confirmed and when who really is God ankhseram is nalu really gonna be together in the series is Anna and acnologia gonna be a couple what will be the expression of edolas juvia if she saw earthland gray what was the story of Lucy's book is erza gonna have dragon slayer magic where did erza get her magic?

    Salvador VargasSalvador VargasIl y a 2 ans
  • if mirajane is in satan soul can she go inside the churcj

    CD GamingCD GamingIl y a 2 ans
  • why did king of spirits call lucy my old friend is because when layla give lucy the some of the keys, the king of spirits thought that lucy was layla but i have no sure for that answer

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  • why does zeref cursed? me: ask hiro mashima

    CD GamingCD GamingIl y a 2 ans
    • Season 3 is the answer

      Zera The illusionZera The illusionIl y a 2 ans
  • my theory is the hundred year quest is the tenrou jade or to find the E.N.D BOOK

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  • 15:24 He created phantom lord

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  • These questions are so intense. Even I was getting a little nervous

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  • 4:20 she has the other 2 senses (like in saint seiya)

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  • I might be able to answer one ... Q: How did God slayer magic appear? A: well it might have appeared just like the dragon slayer maigc appeard i mean God slayers have the ablitlies of a god right? So the god might have given them to the magic users and those people showed others im not sure but it might be the same way as Dragon slayer magic or just using the lacrima which would be a god lacrima

    Ringingbirch65Ringingbirch65Il y a 2 ans
  • The question that got me thinking Who IS Acnologia’s cat?

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    • hahaha XD

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  • A quand les sous-titres FR ? 😢

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    • Merciiiiiiiiiii tu es adorable

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  • The question why Natsu was able to travel to the spiritual world without dying is probably because he’s E.N.D a demon and wasn’t a real human since he is human, dragon and demon

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    • my answer would be rather that Natsu is dead, and if we start from the principle where the spirits of Lucy are too, then it would be normal for Natsu to cross the spirit world ^^

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  • My question is will they be a episode of nalu being u know gf and bf

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  • Wasn't shadow the future rogue though?

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  • Where did the dragons go

    Jeff MartinJeff MartinIl y a 2 ans
  • Q85.layla maybe had meet the king

    Celestine InggauCelestine InggauIl y a 2 ans
  • Q60.It has connection with zeref power

    Celestine InggauCelestine InggauIl y a 2 ans
  • Acnologia is the origin dragon slayer like erza mother(i don't know how to spell her name) .

    Celestine InggauCelestine InggauIl y a 2 ans
  • Q32.That because the Mard let she try to save her friends because Mars thinks she is weak

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    • Celestine Inggau lucy is luck

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  • Q15?I know the answer. He stole it

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  • Zeref means that if he die Natsu will die because if Zeref die all his demon book will disappear including END book. Thanks to Lucy, she change the contain of the END book to make sure Nasty will be safe.

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  • More Like 100 Cliffhangers Or Not...

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  • Shadow is future rogue, silver said that he killed so many demons that his power turned into devio slaying magic

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  • I have a question. Who and where are the Dreyar women? We know what happened to Makarov's mother, but what about Makarov's wife/ Ivan's mother? Ivan's wife/ Laxus' mother? What happened to them?

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    • Makoravs mom was explained in the season were Davis tells them her history with lumin and zeref before the battle and as for the rest of his family good point

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  • 7 backwards is l Lucy

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  • Happy already said #17 it's be cause she's........................................................................................................................................................... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA😁😁😁😁

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  • Also what happened to the kingdom after they took the dragon cry?

    NALU the anime shipperNALU the anime shipperIl y a 2 ans
  • answer to 17 is because she's ERZA

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  • #82 I thought Mavis was dead

    clari is a panclari is a panIl y a 2 ans
    • I must say that the end about these two characters is not very clear, are reincarnations I would say lol

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  • No. 101: We will never see the thumbnail

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  • The answers to these questions can make a continuation the series. I hope it does.....

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  • #64 wtf Lol, there soul was extracted from there bodies, but it doesn't mean that acnologia eat there soul, acno extracted there soul from there bodies annd destroy there dragon bodies, so dragon enter there dragon slayer to prevent themselves to go after life. Like atlash flame is able to melt ice in sun village when he is just in his astral form

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  • 1)idk maybe they go on there separate ways 2)some random dragon when he is not in the town/home 3)lucy is now end author, she rewrite end book 4)zeref pet(or some else???👀) 5)that shadow is a part of future rogue power 6)maybe irene tell him about erza, also zeref knows everything about ft and others people, remember it was zeref who enhance irene in his human form 7)idk 8)to conquered ishgar, maybe it was zeref who give him ds lacrima 9)we know 4 element of god serena but 4 is still unknown 10)one is vampire,idk about 2nd one 11)idk 12)maybe he learn on his own from book like god slayer 13) jacob can do anything in his space, even if mavis is in her astral form she can't hide her presence 14) zeref created mardgeer 400 year ago ,so we can assume that mardgeer knows many things about human world and magic 15) tratraous is a place where zeref put his all "books" maybe he borrow it from zeref so he can revive e.n.d 16)wait when ft will return 17)maybe mavis help her, and also there are 20+ sense in human body 18)maybe god/high lvl wizard created those magic to counter dragon slayer 19)one magic is origin or all magic, mavis used it in manga 20)god are god, and o think god with higher lvl created them. Like ankrsham created other gods, like zeref created demons 21)nope 22)i don't things there is any star dress from, or lucy will again break her keys, but if csk give lucy his power, then lucy will become fuc*king op and awsome 23)yuri dies 😫, and mavis leave them after she realizes that she also have curse of contradiction. 24)I don't understand your question, they don't have any power they are just normal humans 25)nope 26)yukino don't have power to use star dress 27)i think mashima will make a spin off for him 28) because he try to use guild for his own benefit 29)natsu unlock igneel power 30)idk, he think that using black magic he can do anything, like reviving mavis 31)he don't have a cat 32)lucy is the luckiest character in ft, and they mentioned it many time, like lucky- remove k then it's lucy 33)makarov tell him 34) because he try to harm guild 35)wait when ft manga return 36) acnologia kill to many dragon, because of that he have many dragon magic that why 37) because he try to save other children but tower of heaven guards also capture him 38)idk 39)she is not a fairy 40)i don't understand your question 41) actually Makarov dies, and mavis and zeref dies and gives their life force fairy heart magic and revive him 42)idk 43) because if he did he will wipe out everyone, and because he also want to die like zeref but to shy to admit it XD, his body divided because he can't able to control his powers 44) it's a secret 45) it's end, now juvia have gray 46)if he died during tenoru island arc then gildarts, if he died during war then erza 47)wait for anime 48)hmm interesting 49)lol, he is living in random caves 50)some random dragon Now i will answer other questions later

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  • Thank YOU for the video.☺

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