Are The Straights Okay on Tik Tok?

2 mai 2021
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Are the straights okay, TikTok edition. What do you think?
As a reminder, I'm not talking about all cis straight people when I say 'The Straights', and actually not all of these were terrible..but some really were haha.

  • "I'm going trans" like "I'm going ghost" from Danny Phantom

    Rebecca FroehlichRebecca FroehlichIl y a heure
  • It's just weird when someone uses an adjective as a noun, like "a gay" "a trans" "a female" "a black or white" . But if it's a "female worker" it's not as weird and less uncomfortable

    Edgemade FoxeEdgemade FoxeIl y a 2 heures
  • lgbtq+ are soft

    Josiah DoolittleJosiah DoolittleIl y a 2 heures
  • 7:36 I aint now if my fkn play back speed is high er some shet but who else thought this dude was rapping for a sec...

    Bruce MaligaBruce MaligaIl y a 3 heures
  • I always use male and female. Maybe it’s because I’m agender and don’t see the world through the lens of gender? I don’t know. I just don’t feel comfortable gendering people unless I know they want to be. And I only use male, female, and intersex if in official contexts. Mostly, I just refer to people as people, by their names, or a neutral term.

    chapachuuchapachuuIl y a 3 heures
    • As an agender, i can relate it tends so be the same

      Bruce MaligaBruce MaligaIl y a 3 heures
  • Cringe tiktoks: I kNoW mY boyfriend WonT cHeaT oN mE bc hes a NERD and likes playing with dolls!! ahaha Ad: I'm going to die soon Me: of secondhand embarrassment, yes definitely.

    arichuwuarichuwuIl y a 3 heures
  • 4:00 I just choked on my water

    ZukeZukeIl y a 4 heures
    • Ha

      Bruce MaligaBruce MaligaIl y a 3 heures
  • men who don't date women who are taller than them and women who won't date men shorter than them are so weird. I don't care what their reasoning is. I'll never understand or think it's normal to be so invested in gender roles that height is a deal breaker.

    Punk Rock PoserPunk Rock PoserIl y a 5 heures
  • I take comfort knowing Im better after seeing their toxcity

    Vague GingerVague GingerIl y a 8 heures
  • Right so don’t get me wrong i’m not transphobic at all but i do think that transitioning is a choice. Socially and/or medically transitioning is a choice you make. Being trans and being born in the wrong body is NOT a choice. To me transitioning is the steps you take to make yourself feel comfortable so in a way it is a choice. Some people choose to socially transition and not medically, some people do both, and some don’t do it at all. again i’m not transphobic at all i love and support all my trans brothers, sisters, and siblings. let me know what you guys think about this! if it comes across as transphobic let me know

    novelcvrenovelcvreIl y a 8 heures
  • You know, I could get behind the idea of "if you don't want sex, you've got to get so I can get the sex." But be direct about it, not manipulative. There isn't anything inherently wrong with wanting a different type of relationship but communicating is keu.

    DanielleDanielleIl y a 9 heures
  • I like how they say "ugly" girls taln alot but honesty npones ugly were built different but that you for making me upset by my node thank you for making all girls insecure cause you cant see that evryone is beautiful Just the way they are this had to stop or more pepole Will kill themself bacause they think they aint pretty enough whh cant guys see this in the "ugly" girls and whh can girls see this in the "ugly" Boys cant we all learn to see throught the Shell and cutness or them looking like a real man and try too look at whats inside maybe and Just maybe then we Will have more happy realationships, please do better humans

    horse girlshorse girlsIl y a 9 heures
  • My Girlfriend could make that 'im going trans' thing because at the same time as i realised i was lesbian she realised she was trans

    Mouse BlogsMouse BlogsIl y a 10 heures
  • Straight TikTok? I think you mean rude TikTok

    Ellie MarkEllie MarkIl y a 12 heures
  • 5:36 Honestly that was pretty funny. Like the guy who asked the question meh, not sure about him, but that was a great response.

    LimerenceLimerenceIl y a 12 heures
  • I HATE when people refer to women as "females"... So degrading and dehumanizing

    Rhiannon GeorgeRhiannon GeorgeIl y a 13 heures
  • I feel like the underlying assumption that "my boyfriend is too nerdy to cheat" and I don't like that. It's your personality and morals that keep you from cheating, not your interests.

    Des DesDes DesIl y a 13 heures
  • 5:00 yes! I talked about you with my father and he also thought that trans people were born one gender but then they changed for some reason I so corrected him and he perfectly got it the 1st time around. In portugal many trans people are being interviews in those tb programs to tell stories but it always says "born a girl and changed into a man" and IM LIKE NO DO STUFF RIGHT OR DONT DO IT

    DianaaDianaaIl y a 14 heures
  • me a straight watching this video: welp :)

    Ashaunti HillAshaunti HillIl y a 15 heures
  • 😭😭😭😭Jammie. I missed you so much. Hearing your voice, I almost cried.

    Worthie EmmWorthie EmmIl y a 18 heures
  • 5:55 was so slimy and disgusting.

    Jenna CreightonJenna CreightonIl y a 18 heures
  • 3:30 that's um..a new t4ntra theory to say the least

    AbhilashaAbhilashaIl y a 21 heure
  • Straight Tok

    AbhilashaAbhilashaIl y a 22 heures
  • “Females” rubs me the same way dame or broad does.. but I think context can matter occasionally

    Kay KoKay KoIl y a jour
  • If the thumbnail dude actually went trans, as an actual thing and wasn’t trans, he’d realize what it’s like to be trans. Woah. He’d realize his own mistake.

    Ozzie SwercOzzie SwercIl y a jour
  • I would love to see a video on aromantic memes. I feel like theres never enough representation for aro ppl 😊

    Jomy DoneganJomy DoneganIl y a jour
  • Literally all of straight til Tok is just stupid people

    Kathy VassilevKathy VassilevIl y a jour
  • Ok, but can we appreciate the one dude get so happy about his star wars figurines. That's adorable FIFNGKRKVKRKD

    Stream Video GamesStream Video GamesIl y a jour
  • That last guy was pretty alright actually, and he deserves better than someone who would make fun of his interests like that. Like, I don't know you, guy, but I would love to see that collection and talk about it for hours on end, it looks great! (I'm aro-ace, but we can be friends!)

    WhileNya 471WhileNya 471Il y a jour
  • Jamie is one of the reasons I'm glad not all men are like *that*... It gives me some hope

    universal travelerruniversal travelerrIl y a jour
  • That married couple in Target is a prank by a YTer! Not a real videoo

    RittikaRittikaIl y a jour
  • 5:33 that tiktok was almost surely sarcastic

    Ares WalkerAres WalkerIl y a jour
  • from wht I understood the Target bride, like the man had asked her to marry him like 2 years ago or wtv and they still weren't married ig? so she went to his work to tell him they have to marry each other now? like I get that it's not nice if ur boyfriend asked for ur hand in marriage but then doesn't want to commit, but you also can't force anyone to marry you, regardless of how long you guys have been engaged. I guess I kinda understand the breaking up tho, they need to have a conversation abt it, not wtv happened there

    Sara MSara MIl y a jour
  • I may be wrong, but the couple in the "controlling wife" video seemed to be pointing out the absurdity of the question. Having her holding cards, the convex mirror, him pretending to be just reading the cards. All of the others were creepy. Except the guy talking about how to manipulate a girl into sex. He is a dangerous predator and makes my skin want to crawl off my body.

    Lucy DeanLucy DeanIl y a jour

    Lilja SigurðardóttirLilja SigurðardóttirIl y a jour
  • The last one kinda makes me uncomfortable, it reminds me of this one time I told my guy friend that I like anime and he said ‘ you’re one of “those” people’. Just because I like reading and watching manga and anime I was suddenly judged and looked down on. I hate how people look down on others just for having a hobby they don’t consider ‘cool’.

    MishMishMishMishIl y a jour
  • i have a quesition for you or for any trans man here. Do you ever feel like the need to wear dresser, or be more femine, even after your transition? I really don't mean to offend someone, so i hope this doesn't makes any of you feel uncomfortable. I was just wondering, if trans man can wear dresses? I mean ofc he can cause clothes doesn't have a gender, but got my point?? man i suck at asking questions like this...AAA. anyway, have a great day )

    An yeeAn yeeIl y a jour
  • Do some people really just want to be in a relationship just for sex? There's so much other stuff you can do together! Play video games, watch videos, play d&d, go out with your dogs together, cook together, and just hang out an talk. I know I'm ace, but my partner isn't. Are we just the odd ones out? Do people really base their entire relationship off of sex? That sounds depressing.

    NothenButHellNothenButHellIl y a jour
  • Whenever I see the word "females," I think of the dad from Friday Night Dinner (rest in piece).

    Overly Positive FanboyOverly Positive FanboyIl y a jour
  • Usually when a man refers to or uses female instead of women its in a antiwomen, discriminatory or hateful way I find female is used by incel and men's rights activists (whom are using men's rights to tear down women's rights... not those fighting for stuff like rights of men who are survors of intimate partner abuse and recognition that men can be victims of IPA and supports for tbem).

    Erin CraneErin CraneIl y a jour
  • Is this dorian popa?

    Alex WhyAlex WhyIl y a jour
  • I got a pride statefarm ad while watching this. They put the guys pronouns and everything. Good job youtube :)

    Memecorpse //Memecorpse //Il y a 2 jours
  • Why was she basically making fun of her boyfriend talking about his figures? I absolutely love it when people find a hobby that makes them so happy that they want to tell their partner all about it, no matter what that hobby is! I'm judging her solely based on her tiktok but she doesn't deserve him.

    JenJam KJenJam KIl y a 2 jours
  • Jamie! You (and any other trans person) absolutely have the right to say that a joke about being trans is inappropriate and not funny. It is your identity and you get to tell cis people off. Just like a PoC decides what is racist, trans people decide what is transphobic. Don't apologize for that! 💕

    Nur ein NameNur ein NameIl y a 2 jours
  • 1:58, you should never force someone to marry you. It would just make thing even worse and is not good for anyone.

    Just MeJust MeIl y a 2 jours
  • hehe young jack stauber say the funny and i go yep

    chicken muppetschicken muppetsIl y a 2 jours
  • In answer to “why do ugly talk so much?” It’s cause they’re busy planning an escape route from your sociopathic ass.

    Mama PetilloMama PetilloIl y a 2 jours
  • The last was actually kinda sad. I thought. At first. But hey, make sure you pick the one for you Maybe she’s cool with him just doin his thing. Long as she’s not running the table that has nothing to do with pool, Nice match. Could be he doesn’t much care. Could be a lotta things. I anything, I think it was kinda cute. You know they like same stuff.

    Mama PetilloMama PetilloIl y a 2 jours
  • I didn't know I could feel second-hand cringe with some of those.... and a new person to drag to hell with me in one of those videos as well! X/

    CosplayMemories14CosplayMemories14Il y a 2 jours
  • Female, 5'6 or less, brunette.... Sounds a bit like a serial killer looking for their next victim. "Female" definitely gives it those vibes.

    LittleMissTotoroLittleMissTotoroIl y a 2 jours
  • regarding the use of the word "females", i totally know what you mean! additionally, in german (my native language) there is the adjective "weiblich" which means female, as an adjective, and i mean thats just a neutral decriptor. however the german word for "Female" as a noun (!) which is "Weibchen" is exclusively used for animals, not humans. so, when people use the word "Female(TM)" in english as a Noun, it just feels extremely dehumanizing to me and god i experience nuclear level cringe when i hear that, esp from cishet guys....just....ugh. of course sometimes its just innocent and they dont know the connotations, or maybe english isnt their native language so i try not to jusde too hard, but it cannot be a coincidence that a LOT of people use that word are also really misogynistic???

    Janne van CapelleJanne van CapelleIl y a 2 jours
  • i have not seen the video yet, and still i know very very well that they are, in fact, very much not okay.

    Janne van CapelleJanne van CapelleIl y a 2 jours
  • The last guy with the Star Wars figures is a friend of mine laughing at himself, he and his wife are both passionate Star Wars fans who love each other a lot! It makes sense in the context of his channel, but hard to tell out of context ☺️

    Morgan MahnMorgan MahnIl y a 2 jours
  • I'm so happy I'm not straight

    TahliaBaliaTahliaBaliaIl y a 2 jours
  • The last one was, at least the guy.

    Infinite VoidInfinite VoidIl y a 2 jours
  • I'm 5'7" 😐

    Mariah LindgrenMariah LindgrenIl y a 2 jours
  • Thank you for sacrificing your sanity for our enjoyment. We all really appreciate it 💕

    Richard GimbelRichard GimbelIl y a 2 jours
  • That last one with the "He wouldn't cheat because nobody would be interested, I'm his only option" kind of joke... is something I believed for a long while, as the nerdy skinny "guy", because of that kind of joke, that I didn't deserve to have standards because of how much other people obviously had to lower theirs. (also nerd stereotypes are very much common autistic traits). So glad I met someone actually sharing my interests so I could unlearn that and find my true self underneath the seven layer dip of self loathing.

    Morningstar SystemMorningstar SystemIl y a 2 jours
  • I just really, really hope the Target bride was fake.

    Elle van VeelenElle van VeelenIl y a 2 jours
  • When I, a straight cis, stumbles across this channel and starts binge watching videos but then finds this mini-series and has a minor stroke when I realise what people with the same label as I are up to

    AaronAaronIl y a 2 jours
  • Ok but the boyfriend talking about his figurines was so cute like omg his smile at the end. He looks so happy and that’s what we like. Happiness is great.

    💜PJG💜💜PJG💜Il y a 2 jours
  • I think, at this point, we can just about assume that TikTok is not Ok. I guess that's its charm

    K. LambdaK. LambdaIl y a 2 jours
  • The word "female" has such incel energy.

    Gray VGray VIl y a 2 jours
  • The one with the wife in the mirror wasn't that bad, it was a funny joke. The video they stitched though

    no yesno yesIl y a 2 jours
  • The short answer. No lol

    Tash HibbertTash HibbertIl y a 2 jours
  • There are so great vibes on this video. It’s really something else than my racist, homophobic and thransfobic and overal discriminating family in quarantine with me right now. Thank you for existing and making the world a better place by influencing good things!! I love your videos! :D

    Lise HendrikxLise HendrikxIl y a 2 jours
  • i just sent my mum a whole ted talk about how im a ftm because earlier i said im trans and she laughed at me. i am now waiting for her to see it and for my ultimate demise to open my bedroom door

    SolarSolarIl y a 2 jours
    • fucking good luck dude that sounds terrifying

      genericspectatorgenericspectatorIl y a 9 heures
  • Don`t worry, me and my family are white, Christian, Sothern people. We are all straight but (Although I am also white, Christian, Sothern, and straight.) I asked my grandparents (Who are super Christian.) What they would do if someone didn`t believe in god/Jesus or something. They said: 'Nothing, Christmas would be awkward though." I love my family. When my parents told be about Gay and Les and Stuff, they said "Oh the family is like- Half of our state is our cousins. So I don`t really know any people who are LGBT+. But you better believe me child when I say if you like girls... We don`t care, we`ll still love you. 💗" So... Yeah. We aren`t racist or homophors. We are just like: "Yeah whatever your still a dork." But in that like "Yeah dork we love you, but you are still a dork." So pretty much a big family of siblings.

    It's LadyLunaIt's LadyLunaIl y a 3 jours
  • The star wars guy was super cute

    Magicdolphin30Magicdolphin30Il y a 3 jours
  • First four seconds is me deciding to procrastinate, saying "I'll do it later" and I end up not doing it until last minute

    WingyWingyIl y a 3 jours
  • Does anyone else hear the light static in the video? Like, as I’m watching I’ll hear it but once I pause the video, I don’t hear it.

    Duck_yuckington🦆Duck_yuckington🦆Il y a 3 jours
  • I find it weird when people (mostly men) use the term “female” outside of health class or in medical terms (like female diseases or in health class talking about the female reproductive system, etc). It is very weird. The slang that we use pretty now is mostly girl (for anyone who is a women) and women (but that’s a bit rarer).

    Duck_yuckington🦆Duck_yuckington🦆Il y a 3 jours
  • Just realized this video was posted on my birthday lmao

    MoonAlphaMoonAlphaIl y a 3 jours
  • This reminded me of a video that Noah and Corry made in which they said that a lot of times it seems that straight couples/straight people dating actually hate each other? And I was like 💡 omg yes they do..I just saw a video on FB on guys on "army bootcamp" for marriage training in things like "when she says she's fine she's not", "I'm not right you are". 🙄 Like marriage is a cage and your future wife a onreasonable bitch. Idea: just TALK to each other about your wishes and needs, GEEZ!

    LaurapeetjeLaurapeetjeIl y a 3 jours
  • why are the guys on tiktok making such terrible videos staring at the camera, its kind of........... InTEreStINg

    Roos CoreynenRoos CoreynenIl y a 3 jours
  • If I was the guy who got accosted at Target by a supposed fiance/girlfriend, I'd ask for my ring back and tell her to move out. If I'm that reluctant to talk wedding plans after two years I obviously only asked you to marry me because you pushed me to it.

    kcandedkcandedIl y a 3 jours
  • Me: ew, straight ppl Also me with all my straight friends: anyways-

    Sr. gato uwuSr. gato uwuIl y a 3 jours
  • 1:57 at this moment the guy realized how pushy she could truly be and saw his whole married life flash before his eyes. And he decided he did not like what he saw...

    intentional disasterintentional disasterIl y a 3 jours
  • 0:45 This... is a joke because there's a lot of women out there saying a guy must be over a certain height and something else they like....

    hobnob bobhobnob bobIl y a 3 jours
  • I saw someone explain why saying "females" feels so uncomfortable v well and basically it boils down to it's not meant to be used as a noun ur supposed to say a female person so when ppl just say females it's kind of dehumanizing like "the females" are a bunch of stuff instead of a whole group of ppl

    johnlaurens in the place to bejohnlaurens in the place to beIl y a 3 jours
  • sometimes i wonder if straight men know that you can be friends with someone who isnt another man, like, there's more use to them other than having sex

    nicolenicoleIl y a 3 jours
  • The use of the word "female" to indicate a whole human being rubs me the wrong way and I'm a cis woman even. Icky.

    Brenna WallBrenna WallIl y a 3 jours
  • If someone I was daiting and showed up at my work and forced to to marry them or they'd leave I'd dump them right then and there and probly change work locations and move out of state becuse that sounds like someone going crazy and I don't want to deal with daiting a crazy person

    Luna WolfheartLuna WolfheartIl y a 3 jours
  • Ugly girls? *never heard of em*

    Ashley CarrAshley CarrIl y a 3 jours
  • The guy with the jetpack is so sweet🥺🥰

    Rosa VatnhamarRosa VatnhamarIl y a 3 jours
  • Additionally to it possibly excluding trans women the use of 'female' referring to women also makes me feel uncomfortable because I feel like it really depersonalizes who you're talking about. I mean it obviously is scientifically correct but that's about it. You're talking about the female of your own species instead of a person who has feelings and an entire personality.

    Mareike GMareike GIl y a 3 jours
  • The ugly girls always have the most to say bc they’re been sidelined or ignored/laughed at by boys their entire life so they don’t give two shits anymore what they think. Pretty girls have (on the other hand) been harassed by boys their entire life so are so used to that attention and feel they can’t “say” what they want for fear of losing that. Neither of these are criticisms - often the way we act is due to the people around us.

    Dee DDee DIl y a 3 jours
  • 1:01 using the word "females" reduces women to their reproductive organs/biological sex, which yes totally excludes any woman that is not biologically female.

    Micah ThibaultMicah ThibaultIl y a 3 jours

    hi sistershi sistersIl y a 4 jours
  • Freshnfit was THANKFULLY banned from TikTok. He is disgusting

    Sarah DougallSarah DougallIl y a 4 jours
  • im not sure what pronouns i should call trans people, not that i think that it’s bad, it’s just that im confused. should i use they/them, or should i use the gender they transitioned to? im just confused on what i should use, not that i hate it, i just want to know.

    Avi _Avi _Il y a 4 jours
    • @Who let SJ on youtube thank you for telling me!

      Avi _Avi _Il y a 4 jours
    • Ask them! Most prefer the pronouns conforming to the gender they transitioned to, but you should ask. :)

      Who let SJ on youtubeWho let SJ on youtubeIl y a 4 jours
  • Straight TikTok is so pathetic 🤮

    Tixet xTixet xIl y a 4 jours
  • I feel like some people just don’t get that transitioning isn’t a choice….. From what I understand ( as a cis person) it’s trying to physically get closer to who you actually are in your head, not just ooooh I guess I can be a girl no hey lollll

    E_Fox snowspiritE_Fox snowspiritIl y a 4 jours
  • the guy in the last video seemed very nice and i actually got invested even tho i had no idea what he was talking about. his gf was just making a mean joke (even if she doesn’t actually think that or look down on him for being “nerdy” it still seems rude)

    sunny peachy morgansunny peachy morganIl y a 4 jours
  • whyyy am I torturing me with theseeee

    Meh희Meh희Il y a 4 jours
  • I read the title and went: “no 😅”

    RamildaRamildaIl y a 4 jours
  • I hear "females" and I just think if Friday night dinner

    RikititiRikititiIl y a 4 jours
    • @hakuna matata I know, v sad 😥

      RikititiRikititiIl y a 3 jours
    • Omg yes!!!! It's so sad that Paul ritter died though

      hakuna matatahakuna matataIl y a 3 jours
  • I think the reason a lot of people find female a weird/uncomfortable word is because PEOPLE ARE USING IT WRONG. Female is an adjective, it describes sex and can be used for literally any living thing, which means it is quite objectifying and quite literally reduces people to their reproductive organs. Which, by extension, can be used in a transphobic way.

    AuroraAuroraIl y a 4 jours
  • I saw something like this a friend was laughing at on Facebook. These guys were doing a marriage boot camp... Very cringy.

    Nat MNat MIl y a 4 jours