Backstory of the Soul King

18 mai 2020
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Laying out the the backstory of the Soul King (Reio) in its entirety
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  • Also about when the Shiba family were 'demoted'. It was said in the novels that Isshin was still a soul reaper and wanted to visit Rukia when Kaien died in order to console her but he didn't: And another novel said that after Isshin left, that is when the family was broken up and demoted: I made a timeline post and in my dropbox link I put my timeline guide and terminology guide there with references to where some details were said:

    TariTariIl y a 8 mois
    • It should be noted that if 5 families > C46, then it was the central 46 that demoted them, as if the 5 families had said "No. We cannot permit such thing for a noble family", then it would have just been brushed off.

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    • Wow this is so cool why didn't they put all this in the anime .

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    • @Slevin Channel You're entitled to your opinion, but the themes of why the soul king can be both for and against the shinigami are clear. One hand "pernida" is clearly in favor of the quincy, Mimihagi is in favor of the shinigami. This was very intentional, proving that the soul king could have very well been for and against the soul society at the same time. It's likely he wanted to protect the realms and wanted to go on with the noble house's plans, but that he resents the fact that he was cut into tons of pieces. The SS both protects and destroys, it's a corrupt organization that keeps the world from devolving into chaos, so I don't see why when parts of him are split and given their own identity they wouldn't pick sides.

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    • All this Backstory revealed outside of the Manga is so freaking convcoluded. It's amazing. This whole backstory of the world way in the past... it's like from a whole other franchise. It's dumb as all heck. The Manga alone has Plot Holes about the Soul King, like Yhwachs statements that he's the bloody Enemy of the Shinigami. And also Statements about the exact opposite. (Lol). A lot of nonsense just there. But the Novels or where it was really add a whole Amount of Nonsense to it, so that it does not even feel like the same Franchise anymore. It's not even Bleach. Wow.

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  • Think 5th family could be kenpachi's ancestors, would be awesome and explain a bit

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  • The only soul king I recognize is Brook from one piece

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  • Kurotsuchi is the fifth. He’s a noble.

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  • This is definitely Osiris. The soul king is inspired by Egyptian God Osiris.

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    • How?

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  • Did the soul king create the universe

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  • thankyou

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  • KID buu still smacks and he aint boundless

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  • Wait so he cant be killed or injured in shikai or bankai, this is bad writing again.

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  • The ball dropper.

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    • @Stand Bloom thanks great video, I’m referring to the bleach ending btw as a fan like many Im still torn 😢

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    • Cool art you’ve got going.

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  • Wow, It feels like they were trying to recreate the soul king with Ichigo and most Importantly Ichigo's son because he would get his mom's abilities (orihime)

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  • Lay easy on the thesaurus. Too obvious in some parts.

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    • Or maybe he just has a bigger vocabulary than you ;)

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  • since ichigo is also a quincy, soul reaper and human (along with a hollow) how does he fit into all of this.

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    • Ichibei was planning on making Ichigo the new Spirit King. Such an action would've entailed him being ritualistically mutilated and his hybrid power harvested, something worse than death. Shunsui, Urahara, Isshin and several others knew about this and obviously didn't like it but went along because it might have spelled the worlds collapsing into each other without such a battery. Of course that may not even be true at all given the wide range of lies regarding the truth about Soul Society's game with the Spirit King. It's been implied that controlling the Spirit King is the way Soul Society's aristocracy maintains their power so make of that what you will.

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  • Does the soul king have all abilities in bleach

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  • great job

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  • all this soul king body part talk is making bleach seem more and more like jojo

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  • So if Gerard all ready had his power why did Yhwach have to resurrect him after he got one shotted by the squad zero zanpakuto blacksmith dude? They were completely outclassed at that point so why wouldn’t his miracle kick in after that. He has to get brought back by the holy selection thing. Then again trying to fill all the plot holes in bleach would take forever. I still love the series, even though it doesn’t make any sense sometimes lol

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  • While no longer a Christian in the sense of what Christians describe themselves as: I see a 'possibly' intended parallel. The Soul King appeared to be God. While in Bleach he wasn't the first: the world he came from was BEFORE the world (of the living). He (through the 5 families efforts) created Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo. Perhaps not through a power too unlike the one Fullbringer kid who could create dimensions. The Christians would ascribe a number of somewhat incredible, somewhat tragic abilities to God. While I won't mirror all of these onto the Soul King because most aren't applicable, perhaps he had a actual infinite (or nearly so) amount of Spiritual Pressure/Energy. Certainly The Almighty (and the name itself insinuates a link with the alias of Yahweh) conveys Omnipotence/Omnipresence/Omniscience. Of course there is a double-edged effect to combining these with some of the other attributes from the link above: and likely intended to be similar to those of the Soul King. That being: fate is inescapable even as God: in fact, as God he's kinda more screwed by fate than anybody/anything else. As an 'infinite' (or if you look at The Endless of Gaiman's Sandman), 'Endless' as a better description rather than infinite, while his powers may have been endless or potentially so; so too was the restrictions of 'the primordial reality'. It goes beyond seeing your own death, it is thinking that there may be 'evil' or 'righteous' actions, and being unable to choose your own actions as that'd stray from the middle path (Buddhist concept sort of). The rate of Time in the Dangai vs the other worlds also indicates the temporal powers of the Soul King, which is a interesting one as not too many powers (other than like Tsukashima's) exhibited control over time. Now obv the Soul King abhorred and sought to destroy hollows, but that itself isn't evidence of a more subtle fact that it may have been 'somewhat' involuntary. If we look within Bleach this wouldn't be unprecedented as Bankais like Shunsui's and some other abilities 'force' the user or others in proximity to come under the influence etc. Emphasizing a lack of will. Fate itself insinuates a 'true' lack of free-will in the grander picture. It is interesting to note that Hell was primordial, as was the Garganta. But unrelated to my point. The more interesting thing being the Garganta, and that that it is true oblivion sort of with the different dimensions being bubbles and the Garganta being the actual ocean (of nothingness).

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  • Dude, you're blowing my mind with this video holy shit!

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  • Dude! These illustrations are god tier!!!! Please keep it up! You make things so interesting with these illustrations. Subbed.

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  • shuhei's seeds are cool

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  • soul king, great guy super nice..tortured and betrayed for no reason other than unfounded fear.and yet he allowed it..

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    • Apparently he went along with it for the greater good but the mutilation was on the ancestor's hands, especially the Tsunayashiro. They were going for a modest portion but then went for the full course, committing a mortal sin in the process.

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  • bro your voice 😭chills

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  • low key thought this was a documentary on brook from one piece.

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  • Great video. Very Well done

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  • I like your video keep up the good work!!! I wanted to comment on the "asspull" part on Kubo's work. The problem with his world is that novels are used to fill us in small details in the main story, what Bleach novels do is explaining all the things that were totally unreasonable in the main story (I read bleach since it got firstly serialized and really after Aizen I believe it should have ended). So bleach world is a really good and interesting, the manga has the problem.

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  • So the term shinigami is in fact just the Soul King himself in its vaious shapes and forms the same way our universe is made in theory and belief by the same thing : )

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  • I had no idea bleach actually made sense since full bring arc. Nice

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  • Shuhei's bankai make more sense than my life😐

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    • wtf :()

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  • I'm pretty sure that Gremmy is the brain of the soul king.

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  • Ok Shuhei might have the coolest bankai, if it do all of that.

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  • So basically with the mutilation of the soul king to prevent him from changing his mind or reversing everything, is like Greek mythology where they try to prevent something from happening by doing something unnecessary only for the unnecessary thing to be the cause of what they were trying to prevent, is what I'm getting from this

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  • Listening to this with headphones. The random thumps and thuds in the background that occasionally happen kept making me think someone was knocking on my door.

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    • I’m really sorry for that. I did the best I can with regards to my audio. I record my audio using my phone.

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  • Ok I have a few questions if hallows are demons and quincies are angels what are soul reapers just death and why do they make the quincies seem bad when angels are good and I guess Yahweh is supposed to be Jesus also is the soul king's palace supposed to be heaven and what is the valley of screams and I guess soul society is the astral realm and hueco Mundo is supposed to be limbo I'm trying to get the whole meaning of Bleach

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  • Thank you for putting in the work, 95% accurate which is better than most

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  • But then again the creator of Bleach is horribly bad at Asian people and telling timelines example is the school for shinigami is 1000 years old but his first student only looks like they’re a couple hundred years old wow the master is like an old dude so these timelines are fairly bad

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  • Aizen did that to rangiku during his hollow experimentsor some other experiment he was working on to power up, not for the because did it have it yet and may even have known about it. Since the creator of the hagyoku was not created yet.

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  • Hey wait, this isnt about and song singing Skeleton asking to see your panties

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  • i always thought that the right arm and left arm of soul king just came out of left field and didnt make much sense that the most powerful being in bleach universe is a vegetable. But this video explains things very well! you earned my sub!

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  • So maybe the hand of stagnations personality developed based on it's utility It didn't change shape, form, and tried what it could to defend things and keep them exactly the way they were. So it's personality may have been built off the function instead of it's experiences

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  • Where is Kasimiyoji clan ? They are also one of the noble family in soul society.

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    • @Aaditya Singh Rana as my original comment said, filler

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    • @jake sexton if they don't exist in manga then why the hell they were in animated series ? 🤔

      Aaditya Singh RanaAaditya Singh RanaIl y a mois
    • @Aaditya Singh Rana they're not one of the great noble clans, Izuru Kira and shunsui kyoraku are also from noble clans but aren't one of the great noble clans. And in the manga the kasimiyoji don't exist.

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    • @jake sexton I don't get it

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    • 1 filler 2 lesser nobles.

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  • My personal theory: Before the soul circulation was established, everyone who commits crimes would be sent to the hell no matter what. After the evolving world was created, only sins carried out by human beings matter, which means a soul can literally do anything without worrying about being throw into the hell. The creation of the current world frame gives powerful souls the freedom to have their way.

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  • honestly if Yhwach is the SK's son he's got the biggest daddy issues ever. He's essentially a child throwing a fit because daddy didn't pay him enough mind. The only difference is that Yhwach's fit almost cost the universe it's entire existance. Great job SK, you raised a real good kid.

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    • So far off. The truth is The SK was betrayed and split by the noble houses and Ichibei to create their ideal world regardless of who if affected to get to that point yet they shun Aizen and Yhwach for working to achieve the same thing, because this time it'd be them on the chopping block. Soul Society is a farce and Yhwach only sought to end his fathers enternal humiliation.

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  • This is cute and all but can you explain the aging in bleach

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  • Repent and turn to God, Christ died for your sins. Seek him and u will find him.

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  • Got my sub

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  • I thought Great-kun had a monopoly on this esoteric BS writing. I was wrong.

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  • This video is underrated

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  • Thanks 4 this video , informative, and intesting . well done homie.

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  • Good I have a quiz later on

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  • I think boiling down orihime's powers to just be a fullbringer is kind of stupid. They activate in a similar way, and supposedly are a fullbring in some sense but there is so much more to it. Hachi simultaneously states that her hairpins acting as a vessel of independent spirits is much like a zanpakuto, while the actual abilities themselves acted like high level kido. The seeds of fullbring abilities having some connection to hollows is clearly stated by chad, that in hueco mundo his power was fluctuating, surging and evolving. As if his powers had gone home. Yet at no point does something similar happen with orihime. She never claims that her powers began behaving differently, or even felt any different. I suppose that my head canon that I just came up with is that while they similarly manifest as a result of containing a piece of the soul king within themselves, her power is more "pure" than a fullbring because there was no indication her mother was attacked by hollows when she was pregnant and thus her reiatsu is not contaminated.

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    • Facts bro

      comic misconceptionscomic misconceptionsIl y a mois
    • what an interesting take my man

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  • Fantastic video... So in sum, the Reio had the Almighty, Pernida's abilities, Mimihagi's abilities, Gerard's abilities, Inoue's abilities, Aura's abilities,... ? This is absolutely insane. That's when you understand that most other anime fans who try to power scale Bleach with these other animes do not know Bleach as well as they think...

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  • Does ginjo have a new transformation in the novel?

    king sinbadking sinbadIl y a 2 mois
  • I'll sub, this is the first video of yours I've watched and you might have fixed this issue in other videos, if so, ignore this. But it would be worth doing another take rather than us hearing audibly that you're correcting yourself, misspeak and maybe even run out of breath, with those small improvements this video would be a 10/10 for sure ^^

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    • Fair enough, I just figured some feedback never hurt, and beside what I pointed out I really did enjoy the video, good job :)

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    • lol you might just have to put up with me. I was recording in my closet to avoid background noise. Plus the closet gets heated and it’s not particularly all that easy to breath in there. Regarding misspeaks I sometimes just can’t be f’ed to re-record especially when I’ve went through several retakes. Sorry. The Shuhei animation and the rest was already a Bit** and half to produce and edit. The whole part of the fullbringers I had to redo because I forget to place Aura’s ability to control people. Even shuhei Bankai I had to redo because I messed up the sequence of transformation and had to recheck the sequence from the novels. Plus, I didn’t post for long time so I was eager to post. You can even observe how only the first part had music. While I don’t generally want to fill out my videos with music. This video was intended to have more. All in all I thought “Ya’ll just gotta have to watch the video this way”

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  • How come this stuff wasn't in bleach about the soul king?also if all these ppl have bits and pieces of the soul king i wonder just how strong soul king is. Seems like everyone is using his power.

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  • I never knew Shuhei could do half this stuff

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  • this was phenomenal. Out of all the great anime lads on the 'Tube, this was pretty wonderful

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  • Great video. The Fullbringer arc was severely underrated. Kubo put a lot more depth into Bleach’s story than most give it credit for.

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  • What if the 5 th clan is a Quincy's or the persons clan with rhe 69 or a random one

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  • Why is it so fucking hard for you nerds to make a coherent fucking video

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  • ...I think that I'm going to reread Bleach now. Damn.

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  • This video to fucking long dislike. Asked for the soul king and u got to fuckn babaling

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  • this is the most boring thing i have ever seen on youtube.

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  • idk why but i feel bad for the soul king

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  • Finally explanation for all the questions I have😂😂😂

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  • Amazing video this is one of the best break downs of major misunderstandings of the lore in Bleach. Essential listening material.

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  • I had it til we got like 12 min in and were quartering God for some reason, then it gets cryptic as shit. Btw 30 mins in was no better.

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  • I appreciate the effort, but this is so confusing

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  • Couldn't Orihime have rejected Ichigo losing his powers?

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  • Nice video bro but one thing. Not sure but in the German version genryusai is talking about that shunsui and ukitake are the only ones who got "Zwillingsschwerter" means translated not dual swords, more like "twin blades". Both swords are looking the same. Ichigo has got a dual blade. That is right

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  • In a roundabout way Mimihagi could be using the Ransotengai ability to hold the world together during the climax of the blood war and keep Ukitake moving around while inhabiting his body before being released to hold the world together.

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  • Imagine the other clan being ichigos family lol

    Ethan HinsonEthan HinsonIl y a 2 mois
    • That's literally already been confirmed as one of the known clans(Shiba), so there's still the unknown one.

      jake sextonjake sextonIl y a 2 mois
  • Did this come from the novel

    BrianBrianIl y a 2 mois
    • Yes

      jake sextonjake sextonIl y a 2 mois
  • Listen... I think if Quincy can be likened to Nazis it's only fair that the Gotei/SS are likewise likened to Imperial Japan. Look at Mayuri. He's practically Shiro Ishii in his own Unit 731. So they're no better and possibly worse.

    HitkidHitkidIl y a 2 mois
  • Would you please create a video detailing how Ichigo Kurosaki or as we found at the end of the manga his true name being Ichigo Shiba fits into all of this? You were talking about soul fragments of the soul king and those that contain them but Ichigo wasn't brought up. Surely he must have one or several give his hybrid nature as he has or been noted as having or wielding the powers of fullbring, Quincy (via inheritance from his mother) and Shinigami (via inheritance from his father) and it is my personal yet humble opinion that his true Zanpakuto contains the power of all three. As such, I would like to know your thoughts on this either through video response or response to this comment. Thank you in advance. Great video!😎😁🤯👍👍👍👍

    Zangetsu KurosakiZangetsu KurosakiIl y a 3 mois
    • Forgot to add ichigo XD. (As per the Novels) Since all fullbringers have a soul king fragment. If ichigo is a fullbringer that applies to him as well. I’m not sure what you want to know fits with the information that ichigo is a shiba. As you’ve mentioned, in the manga isshin details how he is a shiba and that’s pretty much how we knew.

      Stand BloomStand BloomIl y a 3 mois
  • Wait,there's NOVELS?!

    BindingofashBindingofashIl y a 3 mois
    • @bsvdvj yzhhdvbf nope, thats the most recent series. Bleach has been getting novels since 2004

      jake sextonjake sextonIl y a 2 mois
  • Ginjo's power to take Fullbrings and transfer the power to others is Godly.

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  • 18:03 *Quickly plays Miraculous ladybug theme song*

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  • But what about grimmjaw?

    Cole VickCole VickIl y a 3 mois
  • Of course ichibe knows. It's his job to know

    Cole VickCole VickIl y a 3 mois
  • I gotta see your take on the muramasa arc

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  • Very interesting that the sternritter basically Appear as OP hollow. Because all are one in the same. Aizen shoulda chose a different type to dissect it seems

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  • What if kurotsuchi stuck his rebirth needle to the soul king? Just so you know kurotsuchi is my favorite character

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  • Damn. Soul king got did dirty

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  • Riruka being able to move souls into and out of stuff reminds me of gigais. Also, here's me just hoping that Chad gets to cover his entire body into his power.

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  • Your content is honestly really great, hope to see more!

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  • Maybe Urahara is the brain of the soul king. He sees the world the way it is and decides to except it's current condition.

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  • Dude looks like Sensui from Yuu Yuu Hakushou

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  • So everyone's power comes from soul king dam

    cloutsosofficial sacloutsosofficial saIl y a 3 mois
  • So the soul king was basically God

    cloutsosofficial sacloutsosofficial saIl y a 3 mois
    • @In Regeneratione true, thanks Bru

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    • @cloutsosofficial sa I can't say. Dragon Ball Super can be pretty inconsistent when it comes to the strengths of it's characters.

      In RegenerationeIn RegenerationeIl y a 3 mois
    • @In Regeneratione do u think his stronger then zeno from dbz super

      cloutsosofficial sacloutsosofficial saIl y a 3 mois
    • Pretty much. And Yhwach is basically Jesus.

      In RegenerationeIn RegenerationeIl y a 3 mois
  • Usually an eye drawn in the frowning position in anime and manga coveys a covered smile

    Oliver MooreOliver MooreIl y a 3 mois
  • So if I'm understanding this right. Fullbringers are essentially "alternative Quincies". Fullbringers contain a fragment of the Soul King. Quincies all contain a fragment of Ywach within them, which is why he can revoke their powers at will with the auschwalen. A Quincy's most fundamental and most powerful ability is reishi enslavement, or reishi domination, basically the ability to manipulate reishi at will. A Fullbringer's most fundamental ability is soul manipulation which is the same thing, but replacing "reishi" with "soul". This seems to also be the soul king's main power as he is literally the one who transports souls through the realms and keeps the cycle of reincarnation going. "Soul" is apparently more fundamental than reishi since inanimate objects in the physical realm do not contain reishi but apparently do have souls. Perhaps "soul" is a collective term from both reishi(spirit particles) and kishi(bleach's term of physical particles). Which would make sense as it basically means the soul king's powers are slightly more all-encompassing that Ywach's powers.

    Golden KingGolden KingIl y a 3 mois
  • Maaaan this is about as bad as Evangelion cause I watched a whole essay like video on that and I was so deep into and it’s crazy cause I don’t even watch these anime’s but y’all just be so passionate and deep it’s just too interesting

    Aspen Ge’ChelAspen Ge’ChelIl y a 3 mois
    • Thank you. Really needed to read this comment. After all the hate the series and the community gets, it is pretty heartwarming read this kind of comment

      DEBARSHI goswamiDEBARSHI goswamiIl y a mois
  • All this Backstory revealed outside of the Manga is so freaking convcoluded. It's amazing. This whole backstory of the world way in the past... it's like from a whole other franchise. It's dumb as all heck. The Manga alone has Plot Holes about the Soul King, like Yhwachs statements that he's the bloody Enemy of the Shinigami. And also Statements about the exact opposite. (Lol). A lot of nonsense just there. But the Novels or where it was really add a whole Amount of Nonsense to it, so that it does not even feel like the same Franchise anymore. It's not even Bleach. Wow.

    Slevin ChannelSlevin ChannelIl y a 3 mois
    • What things are contradicted here ?just tell me i will explain it to you because you cant understand somethings and are complaining and spamming hate, Yhwach and aizen misunderstood a lot of things, Just imagine if karin said that she is the soul king, will you eccept it? I think you will because you take things too literally, Karin might not even know who soul king is or might have misunderstood things but you will think she is actual soul king,

      Kakashi HatakeKakashi HatakeIl y a 3 mois
  • wow the ancestor of tsunayashiro clan sounds like a dick out of all 5 families the reason for tsunayashiro clan want to split the world because they feared the Reiou because his immense power and it reflect on his/her descendant too, because Tsunayashiro clan mainly experimenting on the fragment of soulking and then there is tokinada shenanigans

    Roy MustangRoy MustangIl y a 4 mois
  • pretty sure ichigos dad is the last clans leader or was, isnt he a noble soul reaper?

    BrezBrezIl y a 4 mois
    • He was a branch member of the shiba family not a leader position and the shiba clan was already one of the confirmed clans not the unknown one.

      jake sextonjake sextonIl y a 3 mois
  • There once was a guy who sat in a chair and refused to get up, then someone who wanted his seat killed him, the end

    Google Is A Cruel MistressGoogle Is A Cruel MistressIl y a 4 mois
    • So..... did he get off the chair after being killed or nahh ?

      Stand BloomStand BloomIl y a 4 mois
  • hold on, if a soul king is human-reaper-quincy and hisfragments give powers to mortals, then it is not necessarily reio the soul king who gave sado and inoue their powers. there is one more character that is human-reaper-quincy and it could be his fragments that grant power. which would be consistent with the suspicion urahara had about the source of their powers.

    newrenaissancenewrenaissanceIl y a 4 mois
  • Wait so did ichigo have a fragment?

    PayívaPayívaIl y a 4 mois
    • Yes

      jake sextonjake sextonIl y a 3 mois