[BE ORIGINAL] ATEEZ(에이티즈) '불놀이야 (I'm The One)' (4K)

3 mars 2021
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[BE ORIGINAL] ATEEZ 'Fireworks (I'm The One)'
[비 오리지널] 에이티즈 '불놀이야'
두루 두루 격하게 사랑할 수 밖에 없는
프로심장루팡러 에이티즈의 火려한 컴백❤️
에이티니 맘 속에도 불놀이야 불놀이야🔥
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    Have a CookiesHave a CookiesIl y a 9 minutes
  • 라우라우Il y a 49 minutes
  • 2:13 seonghwa is crazy for that

    Xin Wei YapXin Wei YapIl y a heure
  • Other visuals: stand still look pretty and princely Seonghwa: contorts face, tongue technology, death glare, dances with his whole face

    Xin Wei YapXin Wei YapIl y a heure
  • I am here for reach this to 15M

    Sana최산스타이Sana최산스타이Il y a heure
    • Str5am Kingdom stage as well!

      rumi1379rumi1379Il y a 4 minutes
  • They look so beautiful here and they are performance kings!!!!

    Jess RoseJess RoseIl y a heure
  • Wow

    ninie ykninie ykIl y a 2 heures

    rumyana radkovarumyana radkovaIl y a 2 heures
  • 3.5M GOOOOO

    Nurhaleeza RaduanNurhaleeza RaduanIl y a 2 heures
  • 8 MAKES 1 KING

    Yara SarayraYara SarayraIl y a 2 heures
  • Kings

    Marti AlbaMarti AlbaIl y a 3 heures
  • We r so close from 3.5M fighting then for 15M

    Sana최산스타이Sana최산스타이Il y a 3 heures
  • 3492620

    Runch MoniRunch MoniIl y a 3 heures
  • 3490833

    Runch MoniRunch MoniIl y a 4 heures
  • Atiny please str34m wonderland full ver on KD

    Atiny 4everAtiny 4everIl y a 5 heures
    • yasss

      fr zzhfr zzhIl y a 30 minutes
  • 3489456

    Runch MoniRunch MoniIl y a 5 heures
  • 💗❤️♥️💕💜💖♥️❤️💗

    Genive LibresGenive LibresIl y a 6 heures
  • Jongho ♡

    Nina FontesNina FontesIl y a 6 heures

    Brenda HerBrenda HerIl y a 6 heures
  • 3 486 630.

    Mara BodikMara BodikIl y a 7 heures
  • this is the best studio choom

    two fried eggtwo fried eggIl y a 9 heures
  • Why this is more HD then my life? im not complaining.

    v Tecukv TecukIl y a 9 heures
  • 1500만뷰 가자가자!!!홍중이 복근 보러가자!!!에이티즈 화이팅 에이티니 화이팅

    쫑쫑쫑쫑Il y a 10 heures
    • 스밍용 댓글달기 ㅎㅎ

      쫑쫑쫑쫑Il y a 2 heures
  • I finally know why San is wearing that cause none of the shirts they give him never stay tucked in

    Nadia SchnellerNadia SchnellerIl y a 10 heures
  • Love ❤️🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥🍥

    코리아 &MONSTAX코리아 &MONSTAXIl y a 11 heures
  • don't forget to watch ateez kd stage. ehehehhehe. oh, and vote on whosfan too.

    someone who fail to choose bias in Ateezsomeone who fail to choose bias in AteezIl y a 11 heures
  • podrían decirme el nombre del muchacho que sale hasta el final, es para una tarea

    Amber Gonzalez HernandezAmber Gonzalez HernandezIl y a 12 heures
    • ¿El que hace la pose y sopla? Ese es Yeosang : )

      Nina FontesNina FontesIl y a 7 heures

    Nurhaleeza RaduanNurhaleeza RaduanIl y a 12 heures

    Yara SarayraYara SarayraIl y a 13 heures
  • ttp str3aming meskipun ga liatin video nya karena lagi puasa sjsjsksk

    라우라우Il y a 14 heures
    • @meownclaw you too!!!

      라우라우Il y a 8 heures
    • @라우 semangat kak!

      meownclawmeownclawIl y a 12 heures

      라우라우Il y a 14 heures
  • ppiyak ppiyak

    라우라우Il y a 14 heures
  • Recuerda ver el video de ´´From The Wonderland´´ fíjate bien cual video es porque solo uno cuenta para poder ganar y duro a hacer str3@m para que nuestros niños ganen 8 MAKE 1 KING

    Karla FraireKarla FraireIl y a 14 heures
  • amazing they are so cool

    chloe wowiechloe wowieIl y a 14 heures
  • This concept suits Mingi so much, I cant wait for when he comes back to see him in this :0 I hope he comes back soon but at the same time, he needs to recover fully first. once hes completely recovered I cant wait to see him.

    DiamondWolfGemDiamondWolfGemIl y a 14 heures
    • he will come back soon !

      Eva LemiereEva LemiereIl y a 14 heures
  • I love how Jongho decided to wear the big coat that we all know if Mingi was here, he'd be the one wearing it.

    Nekong ZachariaNekong ZachariaIl y a 14 heures
  • Checked in...

    meownclawmeownclawIl y a 15 heures
  • I hope you are str3aming the kingdom performance wich was insane and voting atiny ~

    Eve LemiereEve LemiereIl y a 15 heures

    Priscila AchoPriscila AchoIl y a 15 heures
  • Ok so where is the place to request the camera crew of studio choom to film Ateez in concerts?

    Nicola BartenNicola BartenIl y a 15 heures
  • Choom means topshelf in viet

    Super BoySuper BoyIl y a 16 heures
  • Yunho ♡

    Nina FontesNina FontesIl y a 17 heures
  • Wow

    Sana최산스타이Sana최산스타이Il y a 17 heures
  • Woosan

    Sana최산스타이Sana최산스타이Il y a 17 heures
  • 466,633

    SHERIIXaudioSHERIIXaudioIl y a 18 heures
  • i love their energy!!!!!!

    adriannainfiniteadriannainfiniteIl y a 18 heures
  • frlift.info/first/vid-o/kqunz9iAx360X4I.html

    aiman kaiman kIl y a 19 heures
  • gente eles nao eram 8 cantores sou fã deles mas como estou sem celular estou por fora mas sempre que vi eram 8 cade o outro que so tem sete ai ? ou eu estou doida porque eu sempre via 8 kkkkkk

    francinilde de jesus safrancinilde de jesus saIl y a 20 heures
  • 킹덤 때문에 울 애들 영상 다 다시보기 하게 되네ㅎㅎ 이 글 보는 우리 티니들 킹덤 끝까지 화이팅합시당!!

    영원히티즈해영원히티즈해Il y a 20 heures
  • 8 MAKES 1 KING

    Yara SarayraYara SarayraIl y a 20 heures
  • The one who like mashrum

    Sana최산스타이Sana최산스타이Il y a 20 heures
  • imagine this performance but in a concert :O

    ʚĭɞʚĭɞIl y a 21 heure
  • I see Seonghwa here and now ı am a Atiny

    ZerdaZerdaIl y a 21 heure
  • Ateez: Im the One,. Me: Yes you baby,. T_T

    Kusmiyati SprKusmiyati SprIl y a 22 heures
  • go over to kingdom.after.

    k Trinik TriniIl y a 22 heures
  • Vocês tão loucas pra ver o abs do Hongjoong né?! ;)

    azlittleazlittleIl y a 22 heures
  • я отКИНУЛАСЬ

    мишаня медведевмишаня медведевIl y a 22 heures
  • Wooyoung focus 1:10 2:24 3:15

    白Il y a 22 heures

    Aylin AylinAylin AylinIl y a 23 heures
  • pls str34am also today’s KINGDOM WONDERLAND STAGE on mnet kpop and let’s reach 1M ASAP !! also remember to make wh0sfan acccounts and START V0TING bc the v0tings are open and we have 3days left !! v0tes are 40% of the total scores so they’re REEALLY important !! let’s go atinys we can do it

    kagurakaguraIl y a 23 heures
  • if you still don't watch ateez kingdom stage 'from the wonderland' you are actually lost

    Yara SarayraYara SarayraIl y a 23 heures
  • Moría constantemente en la parte de Saan❤>w

    MariaMariaIl y a 23 heures
  • Omg this song is so so legit

    kukuthecow Mookukuthecow MooIl y a jour
  • After listening this song I have become a full atiny. (Sorry for my bad English. I am still learning.)

    Masa PoribarMasa PoribarIl y a jour
    • Welcome to the atiny family , thank you for giving them a chance and your English Is good no worries

      MoaArmyAtiny》》MoaArmyAtiny》》Il y a 23 heures
    • Your English is fine and Welcome :)

      Na JaeminNa JaeminIl y a jour
  • HongJoong's Hair is Fantastic 😆😊❤️

    Dilarie DanielleDilarie DanielleIl y a jour
  • Kings

    Sana최산스타이Sana최산스타이Il y a jour
  • Here : )

    Nina FontesNina FontesIl y a jour
  • love u guys

    Aynur KahrimanovaAynur KahrimanovaIl y a jour
  • #SanPrideOfNamhae

    Lana SavoliLana SavoliIl y a jour
  • Checked in..

    meownclawmeownclawIl y a jour
  • i miss them again

    Amaya, AlondraAmaya, AlondraIl y a jour
  • Allison STAllison STIl y a jour
  • I miss mingi 🤧💙

    JosieJosieIl y a jour
  • طيب ابي ابز هونق

  • Let's hit 15M views so Hong Joong will show his abs! ^^

    Nicoletta MuraNicoletta MuraIl y a jour
    • REALLY ???

      MoaArmyAtiny》》MoaArmyAtiny》》Il y a 23 heures
  • Perfection

    Na JaeminNa JaeminIl y a jour
  • KQ better not give San any top clothing from now on..My man do be carrying a whole national treasure on him

    Isabelle HerondaleIsabelle HerondaleIl y a jour
  • son tan talentosos dios mío

    Il y a jour
  • Mingia

    Sana최산스타이Sana최산스타이Il y a jour
  • Kings island

    Sana최산스타이Sana최산스타이Il y a jour
  • Ohhh

    Sana최산스타이Sana최산스타이Il y a jour
  • Atiny, consider this: Creating Wh0sfan accounts and voting takes less time and is worth more (40%) than str**ming (10%). So please prepare your votes too for Kingdom.

    Incognito TodayIncognito TodayIl y a jour
  • 0:18 that hands move.. : )

    Nina FontesNina FontesIl y a jour
  • Очень хочется увидеть Минги.

    ТатьянаТатьянаIl y a jour
  • I think this is my fav ateez song !!

    Suveshan NadasenSuveshan NadasenIl y a jour
  • Jongho babe, you should wear long clothes for Mingi cause he's not here

    RED MOONRED MOONIl y a 2 jours
  • prepare your whosfan accs!

    why리나why리나Il y a 2 jours
  • I miss Mingi so much 😭😭

    ye soye soIl y a 2 jours
  • Yeosang ♡

    Nina FontesNina FontesIl y a 2 jours
  • 11.6M hehe

    Nina FontesNina FontesIl y a 2 jours
  • YEOSANG?!?

    Bhavana YallaBhavana YallaIl y a 2 jours
  • OK now we have 3,4M but we need 15M for our leader fighting

    Sana최산스타이Sana최산스타이Il y a 2 jours
  • 3,414

    SanieSanieIl y a 2 jours
  • So pretty

    yukiyukiIl y a 2 jours
  • why is mingi is not there

    Alexis Stanley MagsayoAlexis Stanley MagsayoIl y a 2 jours
    • on a hiatus because of anxiety

      san's gfsan's gfIl y a jour
  • I am here because of Changbin 's best friend named wooyoung but, which one is he??? I lost him

    BangchanBangchanIl y a 2 jours
    • @Bangchan yess he is! u should stan them hehe

      san's gfsan's gfIl y a jour
    • Wooyoung is so handsome wow

      BangchanBangchanIl y a jour
    • @san's gf at first they all look the same 😭

      BangchanBangchanIl y a jour
    • @san's gf yes I seen him

      BangchanBangchanIl y a jour
    • @Bangchan also the center in 1:13

      san's gfsan's gfIl y a jour
  • Who's here everyday?

    Natasha HetNatasha HetIl y a 2 jours
    • Present!

      Nina FontesNina FontesIl y a 2 jours
    • Me me me

      limario blinklimario blinkIl y a 2 jours
  • ❤✌

    Keila francoKeila francoIl y a 2 jours
  • Mi pan de cada día, por el momento :D

    b e k a シb e k a シIl y a 2 jours
  • They are so perfect how??

    Eve LemiereEve LemiereIl y a 2 jours
  • Outfits, dance, charisma - perfection

    Julia DomańskaJulia DomańskaIl y a 2 jours