Bodybuilder VS Cyclist TOTAL LEG DAY feat. Robert Foerstemann

28 avril 2015
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One of the world's best Cyclists (Robert Förstemann) VS one of the best renowned Bodybuilding & strength coaches (Johannes Luckas) in a furious workout battle @High5 Gym in Berlin Germany
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  • What a workout Separating the men from the boys Keep them coming⚡ ÉPIC - THE MUSIC , THE ATMOSPHERE & INTENSITY . THEY ARE ALL ON POINT AWESOME

    Carlos Andre HancockCarlos Andre HancockIl y a 17 jours
  • Wtf is he wearing?? 🤣

    guyverjayguyverjayIl y a mois
  • Their language is scaring me.

    ElHandi 18.7ElHandi 18.7Il y a 3 mois
  • Training in just cycling bibs looks really good!!!! I wish more men would wear this to the gym.

    clemens75clemens75Il y a 4 mois
  • He is riding a bike while pulling a car 😀

    Art angel AguilarArt angel AguilarIl y a 5 mois
  • Never skip leg day bruh 🖕

    Mr booMr booIl y a 6 mois
  • One has more upper body strength while the other more lower body strength

    HAZOXHAZOXIl y a 8 mois
  • My first hand to hand leg day Everyday with rules was Shadow Wrestling,

    Marquan Brand-mooreheadMarquan Brand-mooreheadIl y a 9 mois
  • I just don't just do squats i do Calf's and Burpees Even Lunges and Climbers and jumping jacks and running,

    Marquan Brand-mooreheadMarquan Brand-mooreheadIl y a 9 mois
  • Never Skip leg day Everyday, their is no leg day in one day with me it's leg day Everyday with me,

    Marquan Brand-mooreheadMarquan Brand-mooreheadIl y a 9 mois
  • Is there a reason why the taller guy would prefer doing front squats than back squats?

    Saruman The WhiteSaruman The WhiteIl y a 10 mois
  • Faceless robił to bez pasa, neoprenów, okularów, nogi i głową do czoła na 25 razy...

    Grzesiek GreorgeGrzesiek GreorgeIl y a 11 mois
  • RObert has an EPIC ass. I wanna motorboat it

    Gretchen ThunbergGretchen ThunbergIl y a an
  • Store clerk: hi , are you looking for jeans? Cyclist: yea I'm looking for 32 x 32 Store clerk: you want them straight leg or bootcut? Cyclist: do you have horse leg cut or baby rhino cut?

    juan thomasjuan thomasIl y a an
  • what's name of first song?

    mike tangomike tangoIl y a an
  • Is he gay??? Like wtf Where you go with a booty like that 😂😂😂😞

    Full GFull GIl y a an
  • Song ?

    Marvyn BenaliMarvyn BenaliIl y a an
  • Wish I had myostatin deficiency

    deidara akatsukideidara akatsukiIl y a an
  • When this dude squats he isn't pushing himself up, he's pushing the earth down

    Willy WankaWilly WankaIl y a an
  • As expected from an Olympic level athlete

    Aggelos SouliotisAggelos SouliotisIl y a an
  • Guys... bodybuilders have more weight in their upper body due to more obviously he is lifting heavier each time... whereas cyclists have less weight in their upper body...

    Pravin SinghPravin SinghIl y a an
  • He is squating half the weight i squat when i squat using thermocol weights.

    shubham saprashubham sapraIl y a an
  • After that he will probably do 80km in his bicycle

    Jorge Bladiel Díaz SantosJorge Bladiel Díaz SantosIl y a an
  • The bodybuilders has no legs Robert looks like the bodybuilder

    SPerkinsSPerkinsIl y a an
  • Cyclists legs are way stronger

    SPerkinsSPerkinsIl y a an
  • Damn! Robert's a fucking beast.

    Anthony CollierAnthony CollierIl y a an
  • O melhor

    Davi louquinhoDavi louquinhoIl y a an
  • I know he doesn’t skips neck day.

    Hernan HernandezHernan HernandezIl y a an
  • I think anyone being yelled at in German while working out would feel pretty motivated.

    MrKernkraft4000MrKernkraft4000Il y a an
  • Der König der Kniebeuge dürfte wohl Mart Seim sein

    SA MSA MIl y a an
  • For those who doesnt know, there are different kinds of cycling, Road race (tour de france etc) and track cycling or the one this cyclist cycles :) Track cylists are pretty huge compared to road racers thats why there is alot of skinny riders due to high amount of distance they r racin compared to track cycling Also track cycling is mostly all about power dats y they r big

    Christian Aaron BuceChristian Aaron BuceIl y a an
  • He's an orc. I recognise those glutes.

    Saruman The WhiteSaruman The WhiteIl y a an
  • speak english man

    leo kingleo kingIl y a an
  • If you say leg day 3 times in the mirror Robert Foerstemann appears.

    Tasman GilgenTasman GilgenIl y a an
  • Are both on roro?

    M KM KIl y a 2 ans
  • Every bodybuilder has bad legs...

    BobbyBobbyIl y a 2 ans
  • Challenge!.....wheres ronnie

    Tejas LotTejas LotIl y a 2 ans
  • 0:26 never do this if you feel laxative

  • 0:35 He's pumping those plates like they're fucking plastic =)))))

    ForgottenKnight1ForgottenKnight1Il y a 2 ans
  • Pure insanity. Dude is incredibly strong.

    BrendanBrendanIl y a 2 ans
  • He has the shape of a giant midget. Jeez.. Who would ever want a physique like that? No matter how strong he is..

    Don't even try itDon't even try itIl y a 2 ans
  • Коленки у чувака внутрь скашиваются и дрожат. Слабые ножки-то.

    Морковь ПисьманМорковь ПисьманIl y a 2 ans
  • That poor bike

    Ronnie TRonnie TIl y a 2 ans
  • I got a Carl's Jr ad on this video

    Spirit1x8Spirit1x8Il y a 2 ans
  • i want robert to sit on my face

    Brent J. CooperBrent J. CooperIl y a 2 ans
  • Cyclist is an athlete. Body builder is a poser

    04dram0404dram04Il y a 2 ans
  • Big ass

    مطبخ العيلة مع احمد امينومطبخ العيلة مع احمد امينوIl y a 2 ans
  • I want to see him punt a football

    Marcus SpivaMarcus SpivaIl y a 2 ans
  • Is that a centaur?

    Jorge PalaciosJorge PalaciosIl y a 2 ans
  • The best leg workout motivation video

    Ален ГригорянАлен ГригорянIl y a 2 ans
  • All natty people on this channel

    C OllivierC OllivierIl y a 2 ans
  • His top reminds me of Borat's

    Sufri HSufri HIl y a 2 ans
  • His legs we're stolen from DBZ

    Gabriel ZolaGabriel ZolaIl y a 2 ans
  • that guy is insane holyshit. first saw him on that advertisement with the toaster

    SymplesySymplesyIl y a 2 ans
  • Whats his knee sleeve

    jae seung leejae seung leeIl y a 2 ans
  • What is he wearinf? I want one

    jae seung leejae seung leeIl y a 2 ans
  • Top só monstro !!!

    Felipe da MattaFelipe da MattaIl y a 2 ans
  • This game show music tho

    Shawnee ChavezShawnee ChavezIl y a 2 ans
  • that is the lamest outfit i have ever seen and i am scared that you put that in my brain now. Going to start a go fund me for workout clothes for Robert.

    Seth KozlikSeth KozlikIl y a 2 ans
  • that is not cyclist 😁 lol

    Zdenko SpirkaZdenko SpirkaIl y a 2 ans
  • Loy nas bong

    Aaa QqqAaa QqqIl y a 2 ans
  • How not to fall in love with Robert?

    Alexandreh LemidgiAlexandreh LemidgiIl y a 2 ans
  • Roses are Red Violets are Blue If The Title is in English The Video Should Be Too

    MrRickyMrRickyIl y a 2 ans
  • Leg day is more like everyday to him

    Salabh S.GSalabh S.GIl y a 2 ans
  • Is that 1 toast robert???

    marvin polancomarvin polancoIl y a 2 ans
  • one does not simply "shop for jeans"

    Kevin RustlesKevin RustlesIl y a 2 ans
  • 5:30 what a nice view that bodybuilder is having a big bum badabim

    DavidDavidIl y a 2 ans
  • English title & description, german video...

    ChebabChebabIl y a 2 ans
  • I'll challenge these guys once my hemorrhoid is gone.

    peter yeungpeter yeungIl y a 2 ans
  • What's his one rep max?

    AleksanderAleksanderIl y a 2 ans
  • Yep, people have always said id lose muscle cycling and mountain biking as much as I do. Then most would later ask how my legs were so big. Bikes. Boom.

    Swing This Kettlebell and StrengthSwing This Kettlebell and StrengthIl y a 2 ans
  • 1:09 *I make that face when I'm taking a shit*

    unbelievableflyingdrunkenpotatowithnolifeunbelievableflyingdrunkenpotatowithnolifeIl y a 2 ans
  • Robert is so fucking THICC

    AquamanAquamanIl y a 2 ans
  • Fuck just watching this makes my legs hurt hate leg days

    Alex0Man123Alex0Man123Il y a 2 ans
    • But still #neverskiplegday

      Alex0Man123Alex0Man123Il y a 2 ans
  • Notice how Johannes has 2- 45's and 3- 25's while robert is doing flawless form with 5-45's

    Dash CostelloDash CostelloIl y a 2 ans
  • That's disgusting

    Antonio StarchAntonio StarchIl y a 2 ans
  • Roberto's right thigh is the size of my 2 legs combined

    SingGeulSingGeulIl y a 2 ans
  • I don't get why this guy doesn't compete in strength wars

    AlexAlexIl y a 2 ans
  • Unglaublich dieses Video. Top Leistung von beiden Super Athleten. Bravo!!!

    Hans-RuediHans-RuediIl y a 2 ans
  • These are some big ass midget legs.

    Tem PoTem PoIl y a 2 ans
  • Like Tom Platz!

    Michael WoehrlMichael WoehrlIl y a 2 ans
  • *T H I C C*

    Hayden SharpHayden SharpIl y a 2 ans
  • The cyclist is obvious... where is the bodybuilder ??? :D

    Sofiq StefanovaSofiq StefanovaIl y a 3 ans
  • Forstermann's starting power with that turf weight push is amazing. His leg and hip muscles are truly functional.

    jcbsjcbsIl y a 3 ans
  • xd like fast forward vs slowmotion ^^

    Daryl StierliDaryl StierliIl y a 3 ans
  • Borat

    edek lisedek lisIl y a 3 ans
  • krank

    SatchurySatchuryIl y a 3 ans
  • That ass is ridiculous. ./nohomo

    fdjizmfdjizmIl y a 3 ans
  • he did 5 plates for reps?? wtf!?! damn

    Jorge HerreraJorge HerreraIl y a 3 ans
  • This fucking music had me dying the entire time. What the fuck? Why I was imaging some jim carrey movie or fucking mario. This shit had me weak jesus christ.

    Umar KhanUmar KhanIl y a 3 ans
  • hahahahaha sein arsch sieht aus wie von einer fetten mexicanerin. Passt überhaupt nicht zum rest.. so einen fetten hintern habe ich schon ewig nicht mehr gesehen :-D ach du kacke, sieht das bescheuert aus. AAAAHAHAHAH

    Gedi NixanGedi NixanIl y a 3 ans
  • Der einzige Weg sich per Muskelkraft schneller fortzubewegen als Robert aufm Fahrrad ist sich ein Arschtritt geben von ihm geben zu lassen :D

    ActionHeinzActionHeinzIl y a 3 ans
  • It takes 130 Roberts to power a car

    Lala252Lala252Il y a 3 ans
  • Robert is THICC af

    WispWispIl y a 3 ans
  • Bicycle is not the only cycle he is on

    Vishal SachaniaVishal SachaniaIl y a 3 ans
  • I'm more strong

    juan perinjuan perinIl y a 3 ans
  • This is like getting an archer to fight a swordsman in melee combat and expect the archer to win...

    kaiser2324kaiser2324Il y a 3 ans
  • Why you dont put , fake body vs real body

    Fran MecaFran MecaIl y a 3 ans
  • Das sieht mega hässlich aus

    Der nette Mann von nebenanDer nette Mann von nebenanIl y a 3 ans
  • Jeez, his quads are bigger than my forearm

    A SA SIl y a 3 ans