Fairy Tail 509 HAPPY= ACNOLOGIA Confirmation Revealed!!? Happy is the Acnologia from Edolas?| Theory

4 nov. 2016
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"Contains spoils"
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  • Ok, so my own theroy! Acnologia can transport things! Maybe the nation he "destroyed" ended up becoming edolas? Also that would explain why They weren't dead but somewhere else!

    Nitzel KodosNitzel KodosIl y a 5 mois
  • I love Nina's Theory about Fairy Tail

    Jess ToqueroJess ToqueroIl y a 5 mois
  • That would actually be pretty cool

    AJ MorningstarAJ MorningstarIl y a an
  • But reedus has drawn pictures through out the movie. What about after they all returned from the island after seven years, Wendy found drawings of every one and what they would look like in the future yes wendy looked believable sorta but happy and everyone else was off track Maybe it was a joke but if he did hold that ability he would have drawn them like that? Unless he didn’t realise he had the ability like Carla did with her mind power thing it would make the idea of his magic fall apart. Otherwise it’s a lot of detail and stuff no real connections like personality. That’s just my thought but well done on the hard work and info great job.

    Thanos is my DadThanos is my DadIl y a an
  • the spirit of acnologia and its dragon form seperated soo happy wil be the body of the dragon form of acnologia .. haha I think ..

    lord sniperlord sniperIl y a an
  • carla has angel like wings too

    DUDu GemingDUDu GemingIl y a an
  • that s not possible because acnologia lived 400 years ago and happy no more than 10 years

    yanisyanisIl y a an
    • U know, Grandeeney lived 400 years ago and Porlyusica no , yet she's the Edolas counterpart to Grandeeney ^^

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a an
  • Thats why acnologia got no cat i see

    DanialDanialIl y a an
  • Wow I have a feeling that your theory might be true

    i am a member of Fairy Taili am a member of Fairy TailIl y a an
  • Carla egg was also having the same markbon her egg

    Dev GurungDev GurungIl y a an
  • then charle is belserion.

    Lawrence BautistaLawrence BautistaIl y a an
  • The reason Reedus drew happy as a dragon is because when Natsu found an egg he thought it was a dragon egg and also natsu is a dragon slayer. Just because Reedus wanted to reimaging hapypy as a dragon in the painting does not mean happy is acknologia. what other evidence do you have? Btw carla becoming a human has nothing to do with her human counterpart. She herself said that this is her transformation magic. It's like saying that mirajane is gajeel just because she was able to transform into him using magic.

    S RamaniS RamaniIl y a an
  • you should have added how happy is indeed the polar opposite to achnologia... good theory however, now it's my head cannon! Happy is edolas achnologia for certain!

    ZilvartZilvartIl y a an
  • I am very SATISFIED with your theory.. I guess happy has an extra ordinary power to show sooner. I'm excited

    Shann Dela TorreShann Dela TorreIl y a an
  • I, am, FLABERGASTED. no but 4 real I knew this ever since the edolas part lol

    Whizbo TeeWhizbo TeeIl y a an
  • Good theory too, also you did realise that sometimes happy will talk in a creepy and evil way

    MZAArtZMZAArtZIl y a an

    MZAArtZMZAArtZIl y a an
  • Have been waiting for happy transformation ....for as long as I can remember hope mashima makes it good

    vicxx wrldvicxx wrldIl y a an
  • More convincing than i thought

    Curlyy Head JayCurlyy Head JayIl y a an
  • I don’t agree with this cuz no one mentions that murderous dragon is over 400 years old that he killed a lot of people an dragons in the back in the days so therefore this theory isn’t real I think it’s fan made theory, yeah I see everything is linked to them two characters but with age wise doesn’t convincing me

    Cody BeersCody BeersIl y a an
  • it must be so sad hapoy being killed in the last episode? instead of natsu dying?

    John Paolo SimanganJohn Paolo SimanganIl y a an
  • Reedus is Isaac Mendez

    Oj AchiOj AchiIl y a an
  • Wait find happy when acnologia attacked tenro island if you find him your theory is just um...how do i say this maybe not right oh and also find happy at that time when igneel was fighting acnologia

    Mary Jeane TayrosMary Jeane TayrosIl y a an
  • Then what about sting and Rouge's cat??

    milan gurungmilan gurungIl y a an
  • The theory is great, credits to the owner. But reality speaks and the manga already ended. Smacking me that this theory contradicts reality. 😂

    Jericson JericsonJericson JericsonIl y a an
  • But happy has a mother and father

    No NorvNo NorvIl y a an
  • then how is jellal human in both edo and earthland ?? 🤔

    summer thapasummer thapaIl y a an
  • fool,.. acnologia is a dragon slayer who bath a lot of dragon's blood,.. and happy is an exceed from edolas,..

    Taga Quirino Province nakTaga Quirino Province nakIl y a an
  • Mind blown

    NoSleep MiggyNoSleep MiggyIl y a an
  • So did acnologia lay an egg?? 😂😂😂

    Francis DemerinFrancis DemerinIl y a an
  • Happy c'est un peu un Acncologia mais pour les poissons..

    -Amel--Amel-Il y a an
  • lol 😂😂🤣🤣

    Matthew Liberte BansagMatthew Liberte BansagIl y a an
  • This theory is retarded af

    Christopher MillerChristopher MillerIl y a an
  • Omg first ankhseram is lucy. Now happy is edolas version of acnologia. You and theory is Explode My mind bro congrations 😁😁😁😁

    Çağrı ÖZBEKÇağrı ÖZBEKIl y a an
    • Çağrı ÖZBEK yeah he sucks

      Connor BleufinConnor BleufinIl y a an
  • Happy Is Like Nichiya Because Nichiya(Exceed)=Ichiya(Human) Happy(Exceed)=Acnologia(Human) Acnologia Was Originally A Human, Remember?

    Arjade GillegoArjade GillegoIl y a an
  • Well I don't rlly think happy could be acnologia because he is actually form edolas s so....idk

    Maris RalucaMaris RalucaIl y a an
  • Ahahaha search it about human form of acnologia is a guy have long hair have blue tattoo to his body is a dragon slayer..

    BONA VOCA 1994BONA VOCA 1994Il y a an
  • Still don't. Believe any of this

    Shantay naughtonShantay naughtonIl y a an
  • need the video not telling story

    Lucky GonzalesLucky GonzalesIl y a an
  • Me and my buddy think guild arts is igneel from anther world we base this off the thing with grandina and polyussica and the fact when they got back from edolis guild art asked natsu of he saw over there and he says no

    lil sandman2lil sandman2Il y a an
    • Or (this is what im thinking) Gildarts might be the reincarnation of igneel. Cause if you've watched the episode where they battled Mard Geer and had to destroy the faces. Grandeeney said that they died many years ago. that acnologia tore their spirits out of their bodies. then they used a lost magic to go inside the dragon slayer's body. so it might be possible for gildarts and igneel to be connected. but this is just my theory hahaha Edit: though i still dont know anything that can prove that gildarts is igneel besides being a father figure to natsu kinda...

      Kirito570 KillRKirito570 KillRIl y a an
  • when you take anime seriously

    Ave UwUAve UwUIl y a an
  • I dont know why I have this feeling that Happy is the Igneel of Edolas and someone also told me about it. but who knows maybe this theory is true.

    Narziah Chaeyoung ParkNarziah Chaeyoung ParkIl y a an
  • doesn't makes sense. in anime they have the same name both in edolas and earth ,only the personalities is different

    AmbotSimo TVAmbotSimo TVIl y a an
  • You are wrong Acnologia's mission is to kill the dragons not dragon slayers

    Rehaan EnochRehaan EnochIl y a an
  • There will be no edolas version of happy because they really are from Edolas to begin with.

    Ryan CeaRyan CeaIl y a an
  • Teory apa ni,,,,

    Gaming LegendsGaming LegendsIl y a an
  • Yah i watch that episode i saw that drawing and happy is an egg back ther but his a dragon in the drawing

    Adz ZamoraAdz ZamoraIl y a an
  • Not,,gonna happen 😝

    LIN YILIN YIIl y a an
  • pourquoi pas .. et edo luxus , edo romeo et edo gildarts .. ? moi je pense que edo luxus est gentil et edo gildarts est méchant ;. pk .. ? car si faus cest makarof il est méchant .. et a edolas donc est inversée ..

    hokage shadowhokage shadowIl y a an
  • Wouldnt natsu recognize the similar smells between acknologia and happy though? Because wendy was the one who noticed the similar smells between porlyusica and grandeena

    Tony GonzalezTony GonzalezIl y a an
  • sorry to say this but I think that is not relevant to the story. Yes you have a point but im not satisfied I have completed all chapters and watched the series completly too thats why I will not agree on that theory

    Mart GutingMart GutingIl y a an
  • Next series of fairy tai Happy journey to the west(fairy tail spin-off) Coming soon 2019 only on HBO *splashh

    Pururin HDPururin HDIl y a an
  • No need i have a better theory that will destroy yours Why did natsu not question why did happy and acnoligia have the same scent But then polyusuka (cannot spell right) had the same scent as grandine and she came from edolas so to tell you simply af Natsu has the best noise ever so think about logic don't count on coincidences

  • interisting happy

    Jane LaboteroJane LaboteroIl y a an
  • itil

    Amin RAmin RIl y a an
  • I came from 2018 and i have read the last chapter of Fairy Tail. Happy was not Acnologia !

    john kazamajohn kazamaIl y a an
  • It almost sounds like u want Mashima to steal this theory from u.

    Harsh DarkoidHarsh DarkoidIl y a an
  • Argh.. You make me confused 😑😑😑

    The SpoilerThe SpoilerIl y a an
  • 😂ok happy is not agnlogia I mean he might de a dragon but otherwise you theori is shit But so is my spelling

    Sunnybunn - ChanSunnybunn - ChanIl y a an
  • they have a difference... happy loves fish while acnologia??? I dont know... I dont seen him ate any food yet

    Eugene BangaEugene BangaIl y a an
  • First, Acnologia is a human. Second, why not Lily? Cause he's more likely black.

    king Jking JIl y a an
  • frosch?? what about our cute fosch think so too

    Elmer GuadalquiverElmer GuadalquiverIl y a an
  • No acnologia is a person not happy Bruh when and why would happy be in this if happy is a dragon or learns full body take over and can only turn into a dragon that would make more sense but happy isn’t him.... my theory

    LuckyjjLuckyjjIl y a an
  • Lol

    Karlo GranilKarlo GranilIl y a an
  • Happy is exeed form edolas he not have edolas happy hahaa

    Defra PDefra PIl y a an
  • But Happy’s mission was just a lie the ex seeds to them so they save there kids and send them to earth land.

    JordanBig _JordanBig _Il y a an
  • Wow

    Helli-Yi GamingHelli-Yi GamingIl y a an
  • At first when i open your video.. I though it was some kind of movie trailer.. Lmao.. Ofc i read the tittle first.. Haha.. Btw nice work.. I luv it.. 😉

    Gallaxia _Gallaxia _Il y a an
  • Hmm make sense..but i feel its kinda funny when i think happy as acnologia.. 😆

    Gallaxia _Gallaxia _Il y a an
  • NANI!?

    Rien GamingRien GamingIl y a an
  • but happy didn't smells like acnologia,,, do u remember when wendy thought polyussica is grandine because she smells just like grandine...

    Mak MakMak MakIl y a an
    • Mak Mak yea good guess

      king Jking JIl y a an
  • So your saying that happy killed igneel......

    isuck at fortniteisuck at fortniteIl y a an
  • then why is the age difference so wide.. the other ones seemed all the same age

    MRG3 GonzalesMRG3 GonzalesIl y a an
  • Actually all the exceeds come from edolas to kill their dragon slayers

    henry babaranhenry babaranIl y a an
  • Woooow wooooow.....wooooow just wooow Yo keep it up🤣👏👊🏼

    Reuben LorrinReuben LorrinIl y a an
  • one thing , about when happy back to edolas and being told that he has a mission like carla to exterminate their dragon slayer , its a lie , carla only mistaken her power like her mom can see slightly to future , so ichiya cat use that reason to tell them a lie for cover up a whole situation , the reason they being sent to world is to being saved from edolas king... btw other than this i like ur theory

    Azani MuhdAzani MuhdIl y a an
  • Your Theory is something. But theres something thats bothering me is that porylsuia is from edolas as grandeeney and grandeeney is a doragon in earthland , plus the voice actress of those 2 is the same ( exceed happy & acnolgia doragan seems invalid to me , but happy and acnologia voice actors are different... thats all

    Aaron AlcanoAaron AlcanoIl y a an
  • The Exceeds' mission wasn't really to exterminate the Dragon Slayers. They were sent to Earthland so they'd survive, as Adolas' King was plotting against the Exceeds. It's shown later on throughout the Arc. when happy said that It was because Carla told him so, which wasn't really her remembering, It was her being manipulated into thinking that's the mission, remember? Sure, Happy could be Acnologia, but I'm not quite sure as to what value this offers. It doesn't matter who's the counterpart of whom. Not to mention that if Happy is the Acnologia of Edolas, Natsu would've smelled it on them both, just like Wendy smelled Grandine on the Edolas version of Grandine, It's a good theory, but It's false.

    Mahmoud KamalMahmoud KamalIl y a an
  • Great work

    Tera BaapTera BaapIl y a an
  • Not true... Cuz happy is originally from edolas...

    Tashii D ReaperTashii D ReaperIl y a an
  • eh di wow😈😈😈

    Dominic RaboyDominic RaboyIl y a an
  • thats not trus happy came from edolas

    AJ John Dela CruzAJ John Dela CruzIl y a an
  • Just dont let mashima see this.. he might like the idea.. 😄😅

    dale bidadale bidaIl y a an
  • 2018. that is carla

    Gerald NicdaoGerald NicdaoIl y a an
  • Erthland happy aclonogia really?

    Ade RizkyAde RizkyIl y a an
  • no matter wats...only the author can say the truth...hehe

    ronald jamea herreraronald jamea herreraIl y a 2 ans
  • This is just a theory though. No need to believe in this but "like" for the effort and hard work

    brett21brett21Il y a 2 ans
  • What if he is Edolas form of Acnologia it doesn't matter happy is happy, a faithful member of fairy tail and a friend to all.

    Juvia FullbusterJuvia FullbusterIl y a 2 ans
  • What about the parent of happy they're cat

    black-and _whiteblack-and _whiteIl y a 2 ans
  • Tagalog nalang ha kong ang kamoka ne happy ang blk dragon dpat na amoy nila natsu o ang ibang dragon seleyer

    Diane DizonDiane DizonIl y a 2 ans
  • How long have you studie Fan story I dont like your story and its kinda doesnt make sense And its opinion

    Rafi Phalasava HRafi Phalasava HIl y a 2 ans
  • This is too farfetched redeeus only drew happy as a dragon cause Natsu thought it was a dragon egg

    The White CanaryThe White CanaryIl y a 2 ans
  • J'aurai trop aimé qu'on voit happy sous sa forme dragon mai hiro l'a pas fait... Dommage

    quentin salatquentin salatIl y a 2 ans
  • I don't get it

    Ramesh BabuRamesh BabuIl y a 2 ans
  • I love this channel and your theories. ♡

    natsu's flamenatsu's flameIl y a 2 ans
    • thank you very much

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 2 ans
  • i call bullshit happy is just happy nothing different and what about carla

    Darknovadragon 09Darknovadragon 09Il y a 2 ans
  • No. Happy does not have earthland counterpart since he'a an exceed meaning he came from edolas and only deployed to earthland;)

    Durum DumdumbDurum DumdumbIl y a 2 ans
    • Durum Dumdumb hichiya has a Counterpart exceed in edolas

      Karol LuxKarol LuxIl y a 2 ans
  • are you sure of that mass edit ....i think...

    melanyrose gaballomelanyrose gaballoIl y a 2 ans
  • Im gonna tell matpat about this

    Panda flufityPanda flufityIl y a 2 ans
  • FBI open up u know to much

    Fernando2goated _Fernando2goated _Il y a 2 ans
    • looool XD

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 2 ans