Fairy Tail 526: August is Moses? Secret number 7 FT Memories Titles, Rahkeid/God Serena Secret Clue!

12 mars 2017
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Fairy tail : Theory Prediction 526 +
Secret Fairy tail Memories Title is Eclipse/ the Carla's prediction (Lucy crying) the 7/7/2017 ?
My name is August, the true son of Zervis, he's Moses??
Rahkeid a demon,
God serena / Dreyar family link secret clue
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  • Omg guys make this fairy tail thing - ☝👆- and now do it upside down , it looks like 7

    pregnant baepregnant baeIl y a 3 ans
  • I know this maybe old but in every fairy tail memory in the new manga there have been secret letter in the images either loke is wearing a letter "N" or theres a bucket that has the letter "O" i think it has something to with the way fairy tail gonna end

    kingdom of heartskingdom of heartsIl y a 3 ans
  • hi Nina I was wondering if you can make a theory of juvia I know is stupid but what makes her important because she's been appearing in a few covers and normally the covers only represent the top main characters like Lucy,natsu,Erza,gajeel,gray, and the other dragon slayer's and wasn't she born as water or so because the others learn magic like the dragon slayer's learn magic from the dragons and others from their masters but what about juvia ? just wondering and asking if you can make a theory of juvia thank you sorry for bothering you

    PuritySunflowerPuritySunflowerIl y a 3 ans
    • i hope so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 thank you if only mashima left us more clues about her it wouldn't be a problem but hopefully we could learn more about Juvia's life and her purpose

      PuritySunflowerPuritySunflowerIl y a 3 ans
    • Hi cheffvv!! thank u very much for your comment ^^ and you don't bother me!!! ofc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, Juvia is my favorite character, so it's my biggest dream to make a theory about her, The problem is that all my theories are based on clues left by Mashima. But with Juvia, Mashima leaves none, and that's all the worry :s He too often uses Juvia to put forward Gray, so Juvia is the only character of which we don't know quite contrary to the other, I could make a video to explain how I found that Juvia should be better exploited, Or what I think of this character (trying to be objective despite that my fan girl side is there haha) So unfortunately I could not make any theory about her past yet, i'm sorry :( Even if this is part of my biggest dreams (I would dedicate her my whole channel if I could haha XD)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • you're right....rahkeid is a demon

    Anna NishizonoAnna NishizonoIl y a 3 ans

    JK BleachJK BleachIl y a 3 ans
    • haha yes!!!!!!! XD

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • You got me in the edge of my seat all the time

    Bella AlberonaBella AlberonaIl y a 3 ans
    • haha XD Im glad u like it !!! ^^

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • I loved the video!!!! but Mavis may not have been in the Guild for a year and ate for the first six months and tried to die in the last (: six months

    Bloody EmpressBloody EmpressIl y a 3 ans
    • thank u!!! and ye it's a possibility ^^

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Holy crap, this is so hard to take in!:0 It seems too accurate,your theories are genius work!

    ValiaValiaIl y a 3 ans
    • oh thank u very much ^^

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • I really love your theories... But the flashy words and backgrounds make it hard for me to read. I really dislike them. please change it to something that's less flashy if you don't mind :)

    Squishy CroutonsSquishy CroutonsIl y a 3 ans
  • FT is the best anime to me .. but tha hell you mashima sensei😂 mashima make FT anime from ... ugh idk HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH ... i think its abt the world ..... mashima make FT not just to make fun ... its like mashima wanna tell us something.. hrmm #sorrymybadenglish And you nina-chan .... you Are EDOLAS MASHIMA SOOO CCOOOL !!!!!!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍

    ayumeaayumeaIl y a 3 ans
  • nice theory of yours help me understand the manga...so sad...they gonna end it...(nothing's forever)😢😢😢

    Syl 012Syl 012Il y a 3 ans
  • Attendez à 8:26 , tu dis que Zeleph a pu créé l'enfant 6 mois avant d'emmener Mavis à la guilde, mais à ce moment-là Mavis était morte donc... Comment pouvait-elle être enceinte? Que devenons-nous comprendre réellement ? Tout ceci est très mais vraiment très bizarre et glauque 😅

    chiminyychiminyyIl y a 3 ans
    • je l'espère également ^^

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 hahaha oui c'est sûr, j'espère que Mashima donnera plus de détails par la suite mais j'en doute 😅

      chiminyychiminyyIl y a 3 ans
    • hahahahahaha XD il y a deux possibilités : - la première que l'enfant est été créer lors du baisé, et que la scène est été censuré, et par conséquent les 8 mois restants avant d'arriver à la guilde mavis était enceinte, - Soit, Zeref a essayé de la sauvé et lui a implanté de la mm manière que Natsu avec End, et cela a interferer avec la malediction et leur amour - Soit.... je te laisse immaginé la suite hahaha XD Mais c'est assez étrange en effet XD

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • C'est même plus un théorie c'est une voyance xD

    RoniRoniIl y a 3 ans
    • haha XD merci beaucoup ^^

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Franchement je c'est pas quoi te dire... tes théories sont tellement réfléchi et bien travaillé je suis sous le charme. Je te tire mon chapeau. Je voudrais voir tes nouveaux théories mais ils ne sont pas encore traduit.... en tout cas tu es le meilleur vive nina2119 j'habite en France . Merci...

    AlphaAlphaIl y a 3 ans
    • merci beaucoup!! c'est adorable!!

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Omg I'm mind blown you just gained a subscriber

    SarahSarahIl y a 3 ans
    • ooohh thank u very much! and welcome to my new sub! ^^

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Good video, and since Mashima is christian, He should have a lot of references

    Mel HollyMel HollyIl y a 3 ans
    • thank u!! and ye it's true !!!!

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • nina i just read an article about the release date for the anime and you are correct!!!!!😱😱😨😨 mangumstarnews.net/entertainment/fairy-tail-season-3-release-date-details

    JeideJeideIl y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 that's the thing😧

      JeideJeideIl y a 3 ans
    • thank u magical Kittycorn!!!

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Nina, you are killing me with this music.

    KakkiiruKakkiiruIl y a 3 ans
    • hahaha XD

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Wooh wow awesome... Great theory ;)

    Alex SolisAlex SolisIl y a 3 ans
    • thank u very much ^^

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • AMAZING WORK ! +1 Subscriber ( French Subscriber ahah )

    SphinxySenpai.SphinxySenpai.Il y a 3 ans
    • oh merci beaucoup!!!!!^^ et tu peux parler français je le parle également ^^

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • post soon

    M.BM.BIl y a 3 ans
  • Dude!!! You're a friggin genius!!! 7/7/2017, FT will end :'(

    Jeanne Karren BartolomeJeanne Karren BartolomeIl y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 Really? Who the heck are you? 😂

      Jeanne Karren BartolomeJeanne Karren BartolomeIl y a 3 ans
    • haha thank u !!! and Ye i knw :(

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • hey ! I'm french people so sry for my bad english ^^' Wow. Yours theorie are pretty nice, i've never see this kind of clues in the chapters of fairy tail. Normally i just pay attention to the chapter of one piece because Oda let habitually differents clues for the readers and i haven't think that Mashima can let clues too. For me FT is a good manga but Mashima never do a "forshadowing" (i don't know if english people have a word for that....). Thanks to you, now i know that i need to pay more attention to the FT chapter. Indeed yours theories are nice and give me the strange feeling like "omg everything is connected" xD So...Hum... Nice job !

    AiynaAiynaIl y a 3 ans
    • Merci beaucoup! :D oui je comprends l'anglais n'est pas tjrs simple, mm pr moi il est beaucoup simple de parler français ^^ Les prochaines théories vont être fortes en révélations, la théorie la plus attendu est celle du chiffre 7, c'est une théorie dont je suis sure et certaine à 100% un gros secret qui risque d'en surprendre plus d'un ;) Sinon tu pourras trouver d'autres théories également concernant Ankhseram, l'origine de Natsu, Lucy ect Ces théories sont sur la mythologie donc je te souhaite bonne lecture ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
    • Ok bah je vais faire un tour ^^ Et oui maintenant je vais faire plus gaffe aux chapitres parce qu'avec toutes les images que tu donne je me dit :"mais...Sérieux je l'ai lus ce chapitre pourtant mais j'ai pas fait gaffe". Du coup je suis frustré parce que j'ai l'habitude de plutôt bien voir les petits détails que l'auteur laisse dans one piece... Je me dit que si j'avais été moins flemmarde j'aurai pu voir moi aussi tous ces petits détails ^^ Enfin voilà ça fait du bien de pouvoir parler français, j'étais vraiment pas à l'aise en anglais (je suis plus doué pour comprendre que pour exprimer, va savoir pourquoi). Merci de m'avoir ouvert les yeux sur ce manga et...Bah à très vite puisque je vais te suivre maintenant, histoire de voir ce que tu va pouvoir trouver d'autre à dire sur FT Ah et, au passage, bravo pour le calcul des dates aucun youtubeur fr que je suis n'y a pensé et pourtant, maintenant que tu le dit je me dit que ça coule de source et que, finalement, c'est presque logique que Mashima finisse son manga un 7 juillet, ou au moins fasse une grande révélation ou un combat très attendu ^^

      AiynaAiynaIl y a 3 ans
    • Hey! tu peux parlé français ;) il n'y aucun soucis je suis française également ^^ je te remercie pour ton commentaire c'est adorable, je suis contente de savoir que cela ai pu t'apporter un autre regard sur fairy tail :) Ps : Tu peux retrouver toutes mes théories sous-titrées en français (excepter les deux dernières car je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de les terminer XD)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • the music symbol titles still continue and Mavis states we need the help of all Natsu s Friends.. Ur theory is Freaking correct😨😨😨👍👍👍👍😊😊😊😊

    Sam SaravananSam SaravananIl y a 3 ans
    • especially with this cover : www.mangapanda.com/fairy-tail/527

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
    • yeeeeeee :D

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Cool video! If you do not mind, plz, can you say what program do you use?

    Anda MihalacheAnda MihalacheIl y a 3 ans
  • I'd like to ask you something... Why you waste all this times of yours on a series doesn't deserves it? You use a lot of time doing all this cool and detailed theories, watching every single aspect on the series, but is obvious Hiro gives zero fucks about the fans. He is the killer machine of hype, he is just horrible... I was the same as you, I tembember that sometimes I sitted down and started to think how the story could go with August snd Irene which were hyped af, them having their own arc... Why you keep on doing all this? With all this imagination of yours, you should be able to start writting your own series. Manga or Novel... Just think about it

    AugustAugustIl y a 3 ans
    • Magical Kittycorn saying "let nina do her do" is kinda stupid. When did I told her or tried her to stop? Actually, I did all the opposite; I asked her why she does all of this, to know her opinion. I never pretended on trying to make her stop...

      AugustAugustIl y a 3 ans
    • August everyone has their opinions, let nina do her do

      JeideJeideIl y a 3 ans
    • light H if you have at least a little bit of criticism, Eileen, August and Larcade were completely dissapointments and their executions are horrible. And the worse thing is that Hiro planned their appearance long ago with the "suspense" of what happened between Zeref and Mavis and also with the flashback of the first dragon slayers. He truly had in mind those characters to appear, but the displacement had one of the worse writting standards I've seen. But well, that's my opinion. I'll look up to Hiro's next series. Nagato said "the first one is awesome, the second one is a failure, and the third one is a masterpiece" 😛

      AugustAugustIl y a 3 ans
    • August Maybe because she like ft,Not everyone thinks that eileen and august were let down😕😕

      Hamza AlipachaHamza AlipachaIl y a 3 ans
  • you should do a co-lab with other theorist nina , because your theories just keep getting better even when i despise fairytail at the moment, your theories are still the best.

    Instigatorv2Instigatorv2Il y a 3 ans

    Teena love1Teena love1Il y a 3 ans
  • i had to paws the video 10000000 time sit for a miniut each time and they to pice together everything in my scattered,melted, blown mind

    Teena love1Teena love1Il y a 3 ans
  • theorys like this making me think about fairy tail more and more! I whant to solve this seacrets! :o

    SokaSokaIl y a 3 ans
  • is it possible that acnologia uses curses rather than magic,like dragon slayer curse or some thing like that. the next manga chapter is named evil dragon in some and demon dragon in some sites if its evil then it refers to acno but what about demon dragon, its not natsu coz he no longer has the demon seed, so does this mean acno may be a demon ? think about it nina 8)

    RickyRickyIl y a 3 ans
    • light H not exactly a demon yes but in a way he is a demon

      RickyRickyIl y a 3 ans
    • Rakshith S No he is not.

      Hamza AlipachaHamza AlipachaIl y a 3 ans
    • I was right acnologia is a demon 😎

      RickyRickyIl y a 3 ans
  • 1 week= 1 fairy tail memories 19/20 weeks or more = FT end :(

    Amelia LipińskaAmelia LipińskaIl y a 3 ans
  • You know a series is coming to an end when they start recapping the arcs one by one. From the moment of Rakheid's introduction, I already sense that he's not a real human but an artificial one. Chapter 526 confirmed it. It's interesting that the upcoming movie will finish off FT. I was hoping that they would continue the anime before the finale movie. Seems like we may not get the anime continuation.

    Hair 2UHair 2UIl y a 3 ans
  • are you mashima 😂😂😂?

    Anis BeferouraAnis BeferouraIl y a 3 ans
  • This is just....... amazing!! All the details that you mentioned + the Bible is so cool! I could never think of something like this let alone it being correct. You're like the FT game theorist! Keep up the good work:3

    LucypipLucypipIl y a 3 ans
  • everytime i think you are hiro mashima and just pretending youre not😂

    Secret PersonSecret PersonIl y a 3 ans
  • damn..while reading this..i check the release date of this video and compare to the release date of of FT latest chapter...and damn u really predicted that rakhied is a demon...so while i was continuing watching i kept saying fuck,fuck,fuck for how good is this..its like u have precognitive ability...cant w8 ur nxt theory

    Cary James FortoCary James FortoIl y a 3 ans
  • NINA! You're theory was right again!

    Robby DonatoRobby DonatoIl y a 3 ans
  • Seriously. Omg where are you shared that ?

    EmEmIl y a 3 ans
  • I think that your dates of chapters coming out are wrong. They're out on wednesdays in Japan and you took fridays instead. Why? :(

    cellfromthehellcellfromthehellIl y a 3 ans
  • interesting.theory another video please

    igor lunguigor lunguIl y a 3 ans
  • consider this, the curse of contradiction is some thing that has the opposite effect on anything. so if zeref truly loved Mavis then the curse took her away from him, but Mavis her self was under the same curse. so what if August was an out come of the curse. like if she lost her life a new life was born out of contradiction.

    RickyRickyIl y a 3 ans
  • Maybe they did this hand sign "👆" because there cheering on fairytail to win zeref?

    DustyDustyIl y a 3 ans
  • you earned a sub

    Lay LayLay LayIl y a 3 ans

    Hadiqa ChaudhryHadiqa ChaudhryIl y a 3 ans
  • where was that lucy and zeref kneel before me part from?

    Faiqal _x1103Faiqal _x1103Il y a 3 ans
  • BOOOMM ! Another crazy theory! So much detail ! Amazing girl ! Those last 6 months where Mavis was still missing, wth did that Zeref do to our Mavis ! O.O (Kinda scary really) lol And I do believe that August will split some sea in two ! ! u.u lol Anyways, good job Nina, once more. :) Take care ;)

    ScyteZScyteZIl y a 3 ans
  • soo basically you predicted chapter 526, but posted it late because you had to add the bonus. *what sorcery is this?!?!*

    JeideJeideIl y a 3 ans
  • Your sorcery is BEYOND human comprehension!!!! *HOW......* *HOW..IS..THIS.......POSSIBLE*

    JeideJeideIl y a 3 ans
  • i think you better use crounvhyroll translation in your theories cuz its the original. there are some mistakes in fan translation

    ookam96ookam96Il y a 3 ans
    • The official translation isn't devoid of mistakes, either. In Crunchyroll's release of Chapter 525, the translator thought Precht was debating whether or not to kill Mavis, when it was clear that he was talking about her baby as Chapter 526 confirmed.

      binkyboy448binkyboy448Il y a 3 ans

    Krii ChanKrii ChanIl y a 3 ans
  • Really interesting. So your theory about Larcade + Serena = Yuriy is wrong, no? Also, do you have any idea as to when Zeref and Mavis got "intimate"?

    P2MP2MIl y a 3 ans
  • +NINA2119 I have a question sting said that, " even brothers sisters or parents have different smells but Natsu and rahkeid have the same smell". isn't that strange?

    artist _otaku911artist _otaku911Il y a 3 ans
    • Kelly Espinoza that's because Rahkeiid was a demon that was made closest to a replica of Natsu

      SylverDrawerSylverDrawerIl y a 3 ans
  • So fairy tails main character is lucy?! Aint i de only one who taught it was natsu xD

    riwatoririwatoriIl y a 3 ans
    • ღ RikkachuGaming ღ I think it's Lucy and natsu considering, Lucy is the first one in the ENTIRE SERIES to be introduced and it all started with her and natsu was second and he's important

      Krii ChanKrii ChanIl y a 3 ans

    Son NATSUSon NATSUIl y a 3 ans
  • WoW.. I'm surprised :D Can't wait for another video ^^

    Terezie KuzbováTerezie KuzbováIl y a 3 ans
  • wat is ur IQ .....around 200??🙂🙂😋😋🙌🙌🕵🕵

    DRAGON'S CryDRAGON'S CryIl y a 3 ans
  • Dude ur amazing

    dupain chengdupain chengIl y a 3 ans
  • I though that the "FT Memories" were because Fairy Tail was ending :( (14:26 Mirajane did it, search a relation. Just kidding xD)

    Enrique GonzálezEnrique GonzálezIl y a 3 ans
  • I loved it! I've been waiting for this.

    Lacrimosa KnightLacrimosa KnightIl y a 3 ans
  • i love this.. cannot wait for the next theory.... your theories are awesome.... i love to watch it

    zaizaiIl y a 3 ans
  • I just want to say one thing! When your next theory will publish? I loved your video soo much.... keep it up sis!

    ラヒミラヒミIl y a 3 ans
  • you know you really amazed us...so hard to thnk right you need to arranged all theory and plus the song and the last is edit so hard to do that :)

    Kevin KazutoKevin KazutoIl y a 3 ans
  • wow, great theory & congrats on 3k subs :)

  • Nina you are genius. You are the best!!! Please, please, please dont ever stop making these theories video 👍🔥😍🙌

    aimanVerrrmillionaimanVerrrmillionIl y a 3 ans
  • Nina you're the best !!!!!!

    Djèm ‘sDjèm ‘sIl y a 3 ans
  • The thing that I don't get is why Mashima uses religions/mythologies for Fairy Tail. Such as their names (e.g. Minerva-which is the Roman Goddess of Wisdom), the characters (The celestial spirits are from the Greek Zodiac, then the connection of the characters to the Egyptian Gods) and some plot items (dharma wheel, crosses, ankh symbol..). Can you please make a theory about why Mashima used religion/mythology in Fairy Tail?

    wonyoung stan since pd48wonyoung stan since pd48Il y a 3 ans
  • The theories are true..... Nina, you are a GENIUS!

    wonyoung stan since pd48wonyoung stan since pd48Il y a 3 ans
  • Congrats Nina!! woohoo!

    Alzane DeismanAlzane DeismanIl y a 3 ans
  • Hey Nina! I was watching your theory halfway when I noticed a mistake you've made!. On chapter 450, Mavis clearly states that one year has passed! She meets Zeref right after this. So there is no mistake Mashima has done on the date and therefore the theory is wrong on that part! "I wandered aimlessly, and countless lives disappeared around me. One year passed.."

    LestLestIl y a 3 ans
  • Do you think Nina this is end of series? That countdown with arcs? I dont think so but i want to know how you feel about it. I love your theory.

    Asorx 12Asorx 12Il y a 3 ans
  • Good theory Nina, but I was just wondering wouldn't larcade have a Etherious form, and demons are supposed to have curse power but, when Mavis got captured by zeref Mavis said she could sense incredible magic power coming from him, so wouldn't that make larcade like natsu? Maybe larcade was one of the experiments that helped natsu get revived?

    ParKyParKyIl y a 3 ans
  • I love your predictions.... they are awesome.... you really nail it man. Every weekend I not only wait for FT's new chapter but also for your new video.... superb analysis...😄

    Sanjana SirajSanjana SirajIl y a 3 ans
  • what do you mean by 7/7/2017? i dont get this part...sorry..maybe the anime series will be release on that date or what? 😢😥

    Gaming & AnimeGaming & AnimeIl y a 3 ans
    • I think the manga is gonna end or the show will come back one of those two

      Christian CruzChristian CruzIl y a 3 ans
  • wow! Zeref just said that Larcade is a demon from the book of Zeref.

    Survival GamerSurvival GamerIl y a 3 ans
  • Nina-san, I think I don't understand the fairy tail symbol that is in the background... Is it just my imagination???

    Survival GamerSurvival GamerIl y a 3 ans
  • Wait so the dates mean its gonna end ot the show will come back?

    Christian CruzChristian CruzIl y a 3 ans
  • ..........wow again u did it again. just wow. honestly I have theories of my own but most are about Lucy so Imma wait to see if u come out with anymore for her. good job btw

    Kay-Sha PerkinsKay-Sha PerkinsIl y a 3 ans
  • Mind completely blown. You are a genius! Great theory as always!

    Smiles CupCakesSmiles CupCakesIl y a 3 ans
  • Excellent theories I unfortunately read the chapter before hand so at first, well you get the idea But great job your theory was confirmed as soon as you uploaded it :)

    Hinterland FrostHinterland FrostIl y a 3 ans
  • Good as always dont know how you do it.

    Im EMRLIm EMRLIl y a 3 ans
    • Black magic

      Survival GamerSurvival GamerIl y a 3 ans
  • nina you are crazy because you are half E.N.D AND NATSU 🤔👹 And I like this video thumds up🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

    Dk DihanDk DihanIl y a 3 ans
  • Hiro a genius 👏

    AbelAbelIl y a 3 ans
  • hey! I'm blasted! I worked on this theory for two weeks, for those who follow me on tumblr and twitter, some knew that the next theory was about "secret august name" and that rahkeid was perhaps a demon Arf I'm disappointed of not having managed to publish it Thursday !!! The video editing takes really too much time! Anyways! This theory is therefore half true, with the last chapter, I would have really liked you to have discovered it before the publication of the chapter :( so i published this video anyways, to understand how I came to this conclusion.) I also wanted to thank you, because today, we are more than 3000 subs!! ye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im really happy !!! As I had told you big revelations are going to be made in the next theories this is going to be explosive !! XD My dream would be to publish the theory about number 7 for the 7777 subs! But I don't know if we will achieve this number a day haha ​​XD, so really think about sharing the theories and subscrib if you like my work and especially, activate the bell to stay subscriber (because youtube removes you from my subscribers due to the New logarithm :s) In the meantime, take care And thanks again for the +3k and for your messages

    NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 so if ur making connections with god, what happened in the bible that is related with the #7???

      Linda SantosLinda SantosIl y a 3 ans
    • This makes so much sense now!!! Thanks Nina

      Scarlet PhoenixScarlet PhoenixIl y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 you know that you put 2017 in the video

      Mariel RuizMariel RuizIl y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 your awesome, yiu prodidicted it!!!

      Victoria TamayoVictoria TamayoIl y a 3 ans
    • well i guess thats your lucky day then :)

      Aqua PandaAqua PandaIl y a 3 ans