Fairy Tail 530 - Secret 7 Is Lucy Heartfilia !! Confirmation Theory Eclipse Is Back!

12 avril 2017
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Fairy Tail Chapter 531 Prediction | Fairy Tail Episode 278
Confirmation Theory : Eclipse is back!
Secret About The Number 7, is Lucy Heartfilia! 7.7.777
Secret FT hand sign, The Carla's prediction, Zeref vs Lucy ? 7/7/2017?
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  • Hi my subs! You voted on twitter and so it's the Seven secret theory that you have chosen!!!!! I hope you like this theory! There were still some clues I could have added to this theory, but I preferred not to put them because i was not really sure For example, lucy is bound to the stars, and to the seven number, just like the king Solomon, I wondered if Lucy could have power like Solomon (called the Star of David) because as I explained, the Jewish religion was also present with Jacob and August in my previous theories^^ Or something else to remember, Lucy was born in 767, but we don't know the date of her birthday, it would be interesting that his date is 7/7/767 Moreover, she also meet Natsu at 17 years old :) If you liked this theory, consider sharing it on other sites, and do not hesitate to comment on other clues that would indicate Lucy bearing the number 7 !!!! The next theory may also be explosive too! (I think publish it on Saturday) Nina

    NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 messiah is Jewish term came to refer to a future Jewish king from the Davidic line, who will be "anointed" with holy anointing oil, to be king of God's kingdom, and rule the Jewish people during the Messianic Age. In Judaism, the Messiah is not considered to be God or a pre-existent divine Son of God.

      Gnixon gamesGnixon gamesIl y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 I'm a big fan of FT especially my favorite character Lucy not because what I have heard but I really love her I always understand her plus I wish I'm as lucky as Lucy is right now but luv it by the way I subscribed to your channel

      A -samaA -samaIl y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 Oh ya, Lucy joined the Fairy Tail guild on the 4th of July X784. U said that 4 means death and 7 means life??? So basically 4/7/784 shows that Lucy may be god Ankhersam or 7 cuz life(4) and death(7). Also, 784(the year Lucy join) - 777(The year the dragons disappeared) = 7 years

      Scarlet PhoenixScarlet PhoenixIl y a 3 ans
    • Your theories are beyond my imagination, you have a high IQ? U rock, srsly! Thanks to you, I've grown a better perspective of Mashima's intentions! My mind just exploded though! I'm really looking forward to Hiro Mashima's next chapter now because of Nina2119's theories! Cuz' you see, at the end of Chapter 534, it says "To be continued in Chapter 535 - "The Strongest Power"! So now that I know that it is possible that Lucy has the greatest power, I feel that Lucy will be powerful in the next chapter although if I had not seen Nina2119's theories, I would have thought all along that it was Natsu who had the strongest power.

      Scarlet PhoenixScarlet PhoenixIl y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 this whole video...gave be the frickin chills

      BlueBlocks PlaysBlueBlocks PlaysIl y a 3 ans
  • Where did the number 7 came from?? I was searching for theories and I ve just clicked this bc its interesting hshshshs mind explainning??

    Brandi SuzueBrandi SuzueIl y a jour
  • Awesome theory hope it comes true! I happen to love Lucy, when she got Star dress I was so happy because she reminded me of Erza...a total badass...also I decided to rewatch the series recently and realized that Lucy may possess a photographic memory because she can memorize crazy long spells like Urano Metria and was able to rewrite the book of END

    Karie BerryKarie BerryIl y a mois
  • What's Hiro Mashima religion, Please?

    Menna MohsinMenna MohsinIl y a 2 mois
  • this was like a ghost movie nice

    Scarlet DiamondScarlet DiamondIl y a 2 mois
  • Sadly the prediction didn't happen. 😭😌

    Har LeeHar LeeIl y a 3 mois
  • Omg I knew I loved her for a reason. I just really love Lucy and she's stronger than the whole guild in my opinion. She's really nice I love her.

    vampire_kittyvampire_kittyIl y a 4 mois
  • Maybe this is the reason why the update of Fairy Tail Manga is so Slow because they have to analyze everything or else it will be a mess.

    Jess ToqueroJess ToqueroIl y a 5 mois
  • 7 is my favorite number so that explains why I like Lucy so much

    Niahsia FlamingoNiahsia FlamingoIl y a 6 mois
  • wow your a real ft fan, I adore you

    Ezra D. MagnawaEzra D. MagnawaIl y a 6 mois
  • Did you realise that there are seven continents on Earth, Seven Wonders of the World, the sky has seven layers, seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven chakras in humans, there are seven notas, some nations have seven seasons and there are Seven Dwarfs with Snow White?

    DamlaDamlaIl y a 7 mois
  • DAMN I really am shocked but all the clues are fitting in place rn. I hope we can see her powers awakening in 100 Years Quest (she is too powerful we saw that in many arcs especially in Tartaros but EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THAT SHE IS SO POWERFUL) and I hope that we can see her serious fights in 100 Years Quest

    DamlaDamlaIl y a 7 mois
  • You’re amazing. You clearly sum up every evidence and theory for this whole fairy tail thing. It just made another magnificent mystery to make me love fairy tail more

    Ado•kuree 104Ado•kuree 104Il y a an
  • I really think Lucy could be strong. Because without her mom and her ancestors using celestial magic, she wouldn’t have met natsu and others. Since celestial magic can help with time travel to open the gate.

    Ado•kuree 104Ado•kuree 104Il y a an
  • Now what

    Ado•kuree 104Ado•kuree 104Il y a an
  • What is Lucy vs zeref

    Santhosh KonduriSanthosh KonduriIl y a an
  • There is a big mystery of Lucy's power. Its like, her true powers are not yet awaken. So mysterious.

    charmagne quibolcharmagne quibolIl y a an
  • WOW This is Great I knew Lucy couldn’t had only stardress and Zodiac powers And knew She had to Have some Secret powers or something

    anubrabrat JLanubrabrat JLIl y a an
  • Who is 7? I dont understand

    KaZaNKaZaNIl y a an
  • I feel like Lucy has powers she doesn't know about because she has done things that is not expected of her given her magic capability. Why is it that in the tataros ark after Lucy kills jackal one of the demons says "this power..."

    I stanI stanIl y a an
  • mavis is the real anksheram because mavis has the power of everlasting power "Fairy Heart"! look while other guild members fight they decreased there magic in fighting while mavis is concentrating and storing the magice she have and when she release here full msgic of Fairy Heart the full nation will be Destroyed not only ishgar maybe the whole world and will come to and end but mavis is the only one living....Acnologia is just 3% of mavis power remember mavis have the everlasting magic which means limitless thats why only herself can defeat here if she give up

    Aso na DogAso na DogIl y a an
  • but when i search whos the strongest ft character it's not her???

    New NationNew NationIl y a an
  • My guy you are just thinking to deep into it..Fairy tail is just a show..it doesn’t have all these “hidden Messages” in it

    esquibel . elleesquibel . elleIl y a an
    • My théory Lucy is Iris Godess : frlift.info/first/vid-o/3KGUraisy4S_lpI.html Final FT chapter : 66.media.tumblr.com/f0e9eb8666b19415c19d5bdebd3f8331/tumblr_oth2fo3Z1w1vhi4d9o1_1280.jpg and the Natsu's scarf was well created by an Heartfilia So "it doesn’t have all these hidden Messages in it" is not true ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a an
  • Hiro Mashima put a lot of thought into Fairy Tail.

    Adejumoke OlorunfemiAdejumoke OlorunfemiIl y a an
    • Adejumoke Olorunfemi fairy tail must be hiro mashima favorite work

      Ado•kuree 104Ado•kuree 104Il y a an
  • Thank's for this video !!! Now i know all the details about Lucy's mother who died at 07 / 07 / 777 , her connections with the gate of the eclipse , Lucy great grandmother Anna who in the past make a deal with Zeref about opening the gate to the past for all 5 dragon slayer's dragon , the " LOVE AND LUCKY " Guild , the truth about Lucy's power , and last but not least Lucy connection with Natsu . I always knew there's more about Lucy and her magic power !!!

    pian sajapian sajaIl y a an
  • What the now the number 7 is my favorite number because its lucy

    Eclipse SkylarEclipse SkylarIl y a an
  • I knew all along that lucy has hiddwn power, infact i wish she releases it.

    Mary May MaribaoMary May MaribaoIl y a an
  • Does this mean that Lucy is even more powerful than gildarts and zeref?!?!?!?!😶

    alex Lesleyalex LesleyIl y a an
  • Hiro Mashima Also made it like "Lucky" With " apostrophe

    ガチャFrostedJr.ガチャFrostedJr.Il y a an
  • And Lucy's Birthday was never revealed isn't that mysterious Oh well NVM 😂

    ガチャFrostedJr.ガチャFrostedJr.Il y a an
  • Yeah the Hand Sign is an L for Lucy!!!

    ガチャFrostedJr.ガチャFrostedJr.Il y a an
  • I was say Lucy’s connection to the Celestial Spirit World is why saved her from Alegria. Though that’s my thoughts.

    RedDragonForce2RedDragonForce2Il y a an
  • Lucy had Seven Celestial Kues prior to joining Fairy Tail. Plue was her Seventh Key, bringing her Luck in meeting Natsu that day. Thoughts??

    RedDragonForce2RedDragonForce2Il y a an
  • OMG.

    firefox destroyfirefox destroyIl y a an
  • Lucy is such an important character

    Oj AchiOj AchiIl y a an
  • a big salute to u and your research!!!

    Scarlet MadagonaScarlet MadagonaIl y a an
  • Now im watching the new episode of fairy tail season 3, hahahaha, what a load of b__l s__t is this wahahahaha

    Jhay PulidoJhay PulidoIl y a an
  • No.. cherry is lucky... hehehe.. Nice theory

    Mic xMic xIl y a an
  • U should established ur own manga

    Elyna SyazniElyna SyazniIl y a an
  • I've got another interesting clue According to one of theories Lucy's is connected to iris character of her book.BUT iris is a Greek goddess of rainbow.RAINBOW have 7 colours.

    vidhividhiIl y a an
  • I've got an interesting clue L=12 U=21 C=3 Y=25 According to alphabets So 12+21+3+25=61 AND!!!!! 6+1=7!!!!!!!!!!!!

    vidhividhiIl y a an

      DamlaDamlaIl y a 7 mois

      Ado•kuree 104Ado•kuree 104Il y a an
    • Hey Nina just added a new clue to your theory!

      vidhividhiIl y a an
  • Is it just me or did anyone else noticed that number 7 and hand sign thing??

    Rashil maharjanRashil maharjanIl y a an
  • Once it said The lucky 7! I got goose bumps because the video said Lucy Heartfilia said 7 is Lucy and I was like Lucky Lucy! I'm dead ass surprised by this video!!! 😂😂😂

    Bebé DragneelBebé DragneelIl y a an
  • Amazing and nice video

    Жаклин ИвановаЖаклин ИвановаIl y a an
  • i think that it's not lucy it could be natsu because in one chapter zeref said that natsu has born in 777

    sasu_sakusasu_sakuIl y a an
  • Alright so Lucy has some connection to the number 7. So what? Like what does any of that even matter ?

    Chris FamiaChris FamiaIl y a an
  • woah u did a REALLY good job,i mean picking up all those hints and figuring this out and i wonder what lucy's hidden power is and i heard something about lucy can use FAIRY SPHERE though i don't know if that's true.and how long have u been researching about this

    Hatsu ShirakiHatsu ShirakiIl y a an
  • 7:34 what did you even search to find this cause i cant find shit on it

    AnitaAnitaIl y a an
  • And Lucy is my fav character in fairytail

    Lucy DragneelLucy DragneelIl y a an
  • For me your theory is right,because in episode 1 in fairytail when Lucy and natsu meet in hargeon the story of fairytail start because of lucy.

    Lucy DragneelLucy DragneelIl y a an
  • Wow dude make this even more faster than this okk 🤨

    M Saurav JangraM Saurav JangraIl y a an
  • You Give Me a Goosebumps

    alvin esparagozaalvin esparagozaIl y a an
  • I'm spoiling this to my friend who's almost at eclipse arc. 😏😏😏

    Marian OliverMarian OliverIl y a 2 ans
  • Its been 2018.. and 3 weeks for now its 2019.. and theres still no arkseram or lucky 7 appear on Fairytails manga. 😢 But I hope it'll show up in the 100 year quest. Btw I love all your theories they really hit the spot!!!

    Gloriel Grace DoromalGloriel Grace DoromalIl y a 2 ans
  • ι ĸnow lυcy нaѕa вιg role вυт ι dιdnт ĸnow тнaт ιт мιgнт вe тнιѕ.

    Taeng ExoTaeng ExoIl y a 2 ans
  • When i thought natsu was the strongest

    w00ow00oIl y a 2 ans
  • 😍

    Joongie's TeaGogglesJoongie's TeaGogglesIl y a 2 ans
  • I’m always like Lucy , Lucy is the best and she’s funny. I like the part , when Nastu always breaks into her apartment and Lucy kicks his face and Gray too.

    Tania LaasiaTania LaasiaIl y a 2 ans
  • 4:49 I think L is Laxus

    Ruby KuroibaraRuby KuroibaraIl y a 2 ans
  • L was for Luxus ...

    Pauline YtbPauline YtbIl y a 2 ans
  • ᴍᴀʏʙᴇ ɴᴀᴛsᴜ ɪs ᴀɴᴋʜsᴇʀᴀᴍ ᴍᴀʏʙᴇ ᴢᴇʀᴇғ ɢᴏᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴀɴᴋʜ ᴄᴜʀsᴇ ʙʏ ɴᴀᴛsᴜ ᴍᴀʏʙᴇ ɴᴀᴛsᴜ ᴀɴᴅ ʟᴜᴄʏ ᴡɪʟʟ ғɪɢʜᴛ ᴛʜᴇ sᴛᴀʀ ᴠs ᴛʜᴇ ᴀɴᴋʜ ɢᴏᴅ ( ᴇ. ɴ. ᴅ)

    anime editsanime editsIl y a 2 ans
  • Now it brings me back the time i saw Layla’s grave and i saw x777. It made me wonder if there is any connection to it with Natsu, and also the date when both dragon slayers lost their dragons. But I’d never take it seriously until I watched this. This video makes me shiver honestly.

    Kdrama PillsKdrama PillsIl y a 2 ans
  • I got goosebumps!! While watching this oh my gad Lucy!! 😱💕

    Gene Carol AlcantaraGene Carol AlcantaraIl y a 2 ans
  • mmmdr jsuis choquée merci pour cette vidéo

    Random GyalRandom GyalIl y a 2 ans
  • I always thought that the creator used Lucy as fan service.... now I feel as if the character is actually getting what she deserves, a hidden power

    Puppet MasterPuppet MasterIl y a 2 ans
  • Whoooo..... my God..... Lucy I's my favorite character Go.. Lucy.....

    Ominsallam NagaOminsallam NagaIl y a 2 ans
  • 7777777777777777777!!!

    Bungee SangWoahBungee SangWoahIl y a 2 ans
  • is. lucy. the. 7th. dragon slayer

    none profitenone profiteIl y a 2 ans
  • Please you deserve more

    Herman 7Herman 7Il y a 2 ans
  • Lucy heartifilla contains 3 L' s =777

    Ramesh BabuRamesh BabuIl y a 2 ans
  • Omg I could believe it If this theory true I'm gonna collapse 😧😧😧😧😧

    Marc Dave OlivaMarc Dave OlivaIl y a 2 ans
  • Omg..I never thought of that before..you’re a genius!!😱💜

    Ana-Maria TuraAna-Maria TuraIl y a 2 ans
  • Hello i am french sorry but Le plus probable c est que hiro mashima est née en 1977

    MinoMinoIl y a 2 ans
    • lool c'est très probable XD

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 2 ans
  • Lucy is Jesus Christ

    NoelNoelIl y a 2 ans
  • When Jellal uses grand Chariot he says " Be judged by the 7 stars" and since Lucy and Jellal has the same magic seal it makes sense.

    Try_againnTry_againnIl y a 2 ans
  • The Fairytail hand-sign, how did you do it? Only Lucy has a fairytail emblem on her right hand! But for Lucy to show the letter "L" hand-sign, her hand should be facing backwards and will show a mirrored "L" instead!!! The one you are showing in the video is in the left-hand. Since when did Lucy got her emblem on her left-hand, just to show the letter "L"!!!

    ASH HANAASH HANAIl y a 2 ans
  • Great job on this video

    W3NDY CutieW3NDY CutieIl y a 2 ans
  • Omg how much did you had to research i mean I would have up already lol

    W3NDY CutieW3NDY CutieIl y a 2 ans
    • Haha thanks! and yes it's a lot of work! XD

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 2 ans
  • Ever since I watched fairy tail I thought Lucy had some great potential most people thought she was useless but Lucy saved the guild multiple times I was always hoping that she would get more power and now this video makes me think that she is fairy tails secret weapon! Lol

    rat meat hotdograt meat hotdogIl y a 2 ans
  • What's up with the 7's huh?!

    Jake McManusJake McManusIl y a 2 ans
  • Sorry it's faints. 😵😵😵

    Lucy HeartfiliaLucy HeartfiliaIl y a 2 ans
    • haha XD

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 2 ans
  • Hold on. I'm the what now? *giants from the information*😲😲😲😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😫 *wakes up* ok so I'm a lucky number 7 named lucy. Did I get that right?!😵😵

    Lucy HeartfiliaLucy HeartfiliaIl y a 2 ans
  • Yea but i already figured it out

    /pardon me/pardon meIl y a 2 ans
  • my mind just explode

    Sleepy ElizaSleepy ElizaIl y a 2 ans
  • I also liked it oh i remember that in flowing island the two cats it was that cat called lucky the cat that yell all time i was thinking that maybe it gave a clue along with your theory.

    Novocrono ScarletNovocrono ScarletIl y a 2 ans
    • Oh great!!! I forgot this detail !! thank you very much! this could be useful in the future;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 2 ans
  • "Now study this" Naw I'm not a fan of studying

    I may be dumbI may be dumbIl y a 2 ans
    • I’m fan of studying anime lol.

      Ado•kuree 104Ado•kuree 104Il y a an
    • lol

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 2 ans
  • I like it I already know that 7 is lucy but I learned more about your video

    Ven JarayVen JarayIl y a 2 ans
  • In a episode Lucy said to her father they named her after a broken sign and it was the word " Lucky" and the k fell off and he said 7 was a "Lucky" number in Japan 🇯🇵 and then when they put number 1 it looks like this 👆and if you put the thump down and turn it around you gel L and L = Lucy

    Leilani RamirezLeilani RamirezIl y a 2 ans
  • so she might be lucky number seven, that's cool. But she is NOT the Messiah. Seriously! Didja give any consideration for Christians???

    Anna ElizabethAnna ElizabethIl y a 2 ans
    • lool XD

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 2 ans
  • My brain is messed up

    Min YoongiMin YoongiIl y a 2 ans
  • :OOOO Hiro is smart!

    The Lazy PotatoThe Lazy PotatoIl y a 2 ans
  • Wow. You did it again

    Celestine InggauCelestine InggauIl y a 2 ans
  • I’m starting to think Lucy is the main character...

    Just SamcroJust SamcroIl y a 2 ans
  • I am only on episode 99 but I think the theory is amazing

    Purple ate my rainbowPurple ate my rainbowIl y a 2 ans
  • This is amazing

    Gfriend is AwesomeGfriend is AwesomeIl y a 2 ans
  • Secret 7 does not mean Lucy. Just because its an L shaped it means lucy. There are other people that start with L like Levy, and Lisanna.

    Multi FandomMulti FandomIl y a 2 ans
  • I thought the list was this 1. Natsu 2. Gajeel 3. Wendy 4. Sting 5. Rouge 6. Chelia (I think that’s how you spell her name) 7. Laxus

    • yeah but the real symbol below the number 7 is Lucy ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 2 ans
  • In one of the episodes she said that she is the ruler of the stars there's a clue for ya If you want to know the scene go down!!!!!!! Type in lucy vs jackly or something 💞💗💖 #shady🕵🕵🕵🕵🕵🕵

    Virgil_Emo_Nightmare 15Virgil_Emo_Nightmare 15Il y a 2 ans
  • Amazing!!!! I really hope this is true!!! Fantastic!!!

    Lara !Lara !Il y a 2 ans
    • thank u very much!!!! and I hope too

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 2 ans

    Natsu D. ragneelNatsu D. ragneelIl y a 2 ans
    • thank u very much ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 2 ans