Fairy Tail - Lucy is God Ankhseram!!! With SenpaiFruit Voice's To Celebrate +4K Subs!! :D

26 avril 2017
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Fairy Tail Chapter 534 Prediction | Fairy Tail Episode 278
Collab with my SenpaiFruit (Thank u so much ) :
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Secret About God Ankhseram is... Lucy Heartfilia!
The Celestial Spirit World Is The Wolrd of Death!
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  • Hi my subs!!!!!!! I hope you like this surprise! I really wanted to thanks Senpai once again for lending his voice to this video! I loved our collab on this video!!!! (im so excited!!!!!!!!!!! *-*) I really wanted to make you happy because I know that you are many to follow Senpai! So I immagined this little surprise to thank you for all the support you bring me every day through your comments, your subscriptions, your likes etc ... It is a youtuber that I respect deeply and that I like very much and when I proposed to him this idea, he immediately accepted then that he was not obliged, so a big thank you to him really.

    NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
    • Lets wait for The end of Fairy Tail 100 year quest... Maybe we will know the truth

      Faris RidhwanFaris RidhwanIl y a an
    • Yeah we now know that the scarf was made by ana heartfilia so the scarf is a piece of celestial clothing protecting natsu in the spirit world.

      Matt FMatt FIl y a an
    • NINA2119 I can tell that you have watched Fairytail countless times over and over again.

      Kenny // CosmicVectroKenny // CosmicVectroIl y a an
    • It have continues..? But when?? Give me the link if it is.

    • True, Lucie of futur have power of zeleph during tournament. And Jellal said is it zeleph ? But power of Zeleph is ankhseram ;)

      Black TrapperBlack TrapperIl y a 2 ans
  • Yeah, in the end she gets star dresses

  • Bandes de merdes

    Mickael GreilMickael GreilIl y a 16 jours
  • Omg the it actually makes sense all these parts are coming together

    ッLovely_AmethystッッLovely_AmethystッIl y a mois
  • Then Lucy can summon Igneel with a key now, Right? Cuz he is dead?

    Menna MohsinMenna MohsinIl y a 2 mois
  • Too many theories why dont you go to Mashima's house and ask for it ..duhhh ..but man I like this video tho hahaha

    AJ BalzAJ BalzIl y a 3 mois
  • So Lucy is the Protagonist not Natsu 🧐

    My name is NyeffMy name is NyeffIl y a 4 mois
  • His scarf

    Erza ScarletErza ScarletIl y a 4 mois
  • Ankhsarem is Lucy just like Natsu was END

    YeetgamerSVKYeetgamerSVKIl y a 5 mois
    • Thx for the heart :)

      YeetgamerSVKYeetgamerSVKIl y a 5 mois
  • I was so curious about FT so I searched theories about it and ended up here. But after watching I got scared that I was not able to fall asleep.

    Jess ToqueroJess ToqueroIl y a 5 mois
  • There the spirits of the gods like Aries the war god except they made her shy and timid because of her past

    Weeb 1 JAZZWeeb 1 JAZZIl y a 5 mois
  • Hey I'm new subscriber i love this vid and this theory of yours really interesting and mind blowing i never thought i would this much mysteries and i always knew lucy is really strong from the start that's my all time fav character is lucy ahhh I'm so proud of her

    jellybean grunkjellybean grunkIl y a 6 mois
  • Ok so I’m not sure if this account is still active since this was uploaded three years ago but I have obtained some information from looking into the this theory about Lucy = Ankh/Isis, I do not know if this is already known but I’m just put it out there, during the Tartarus ark when Wendy and Charle were stopping face, in the act where Charle predicting their deaths happening, the symbol behind the heartfelt sob scene showed the Ankh Cross on the face thing!

    Aziz OsmanspahicAziz OsmanspahicIl y a 6 mois
  • Here me out: Lucy isn't the Ank god. One of her ancestors are. But, I feel like os a reincarnation of at least ONE god. I'm too lazy to think out my theory and write out the rest oof

    randomrandomIl y a 6 mois
  • This reminded me of how Zeref said that no human should be able to read the demonic script so this theory kinda explains why Lucy was able to read and rewrite the book of E.N.D.

    Renisha RodriquesRenisha RodriquesIl y a 6 mois

    Ranoody SaggafRanoody SaggafIl y a 6 mois
  • In edens zero Lucy[rebecca] is somewhat immortal ig?

    07150715Il y a 6 mois
  • Lucy probably survived in the underworld because of horo (clock spirit)

    07150715Il y a 6 mois
  • Okay I’m sorry but the creator really do need to improve on your narration. The way you read it is so plain and just straight out of a script. It’s really hard to watch the video and the way you DRAGGED this theory to make a really long video is just tiring to watch. :/

    A GuyA GuyIl y a 6 mois
  • Bruh...this theory is bad and so are the questions. Dimaria was a reincarnated god? It literally says “God Takeover soul!” Seriously, this person was only saying coincidence and bad info. The Zeref key was a lie. It’s just hilarious how you over think things to much.

    Pio 115Pio 115Il y a 6 mois
  • No nalu

    rose reaperrose reaperIl y a 6 mois
  • A submission from Indonesia says the name Heartfilia means "God"

    Princess TayPrincess TayIl y a 6 mois
  • This guy just taught me more then my teachers. 😂

    Itzia VelazquezItzia VelazquezIl y a 7 mois
  • The beginning in fairy tail she was new to magic and y’all saying she’s weak? Look how strong she got now!

    Mira KiMira KiIl y a 7 mois
  • Gosh I badly wanted to have this plot twist. But guess I ain’t that lucky. :(

    Jane AndresJane AndresIl y a 7 mois
  • The celestial spirit changes depending on the summoner Like if Pisces are summoned by yukino there giant fish But summoned by Lucy there humans with Spears and water powers could these be different spirits representing pisces

    CHICKENSTRIPS!!!!!!!!!!CHICKENSTRIPS!!!!!!!!!!Il y a 8 mois
  • I watched this before I even finished reading the manga.....and to be honest at first I kinda don't get some of the clues and right now I rewatched this and spotted a big clue........."natsu was dead". Wow!!mindblown Looks like I need to rewatched your vids again on fairy tail theories cause I might spot something on fairy tail 100 years quest...........I also hope the new creator of the new manga on fairy tail would watch this and use a preference.

    Iris ZeroIris ZeroIl y a 9 mois
  • The Author must be a genius

    diane umalidiane umaliIl y a 9 mois
  • I wish hiro mashima saw this. Can u send it to him.🤣 (not joking) People understand estimate lucy and its not good. She is really strong so i hope he does something to show all em haters. Everyone has their OP levels so i wish something like that happened to Lucy cause of her ancestors. Rlly i hope the creator sees this..it would make the show so good even though for me its the best anime. A whole new series. Sorry for the babble but srsly i hope something like this happens. If anyone read this, Have a good day and think how cool it would be for lucy to be sooo strong goddess and she only found out until later I mean she has saved fairy tail alot EDIT :But i hope natsu ain't a celestial Spirit cause it wont make sense since zereph kinda lets say "made him" when be died. But idk its a good theory

    moonlight aby -xoxomoonlight aby -xoxoIl y a 9 mois
  • Holy Osiris! That's the Staff of Isis Lucy's carrying in the Fairy Tail manga!

    Daniel BattleDaniel BattleIl y a 9 mois
  • Lucy is god Anksheram Mashima:FBI OPEN UP!

    osah 589osah 589Il y a 9 mois
  • But remember Natsu originally died like 300 years ago but Zerith reserected natsu but he became half demon but that mean half of hime is still dead 💀 so that’s probably why he was able to go to the spirit world (the world of the dead )

    Fluffy hair AliFluffy hair AliIl y a 10 mois
  • Damn.....

    Yashiro_Nene 19Yashiro_Nene 19Il y a 11 mois
  • Holy Crap, I knew it lucy is hiding something starts in the beginning because my freind said that i must watch fairy tail because this is a wonderfull and awesome ani e and the first character that they said is lucy and base on my imagination she mas be a powerful woman a god or a demon, something and then she is mostly the target her father, zentopia, tartaros and i know her other group main is one of the reason of the other war but still she has a lot of person targets her plus what if she is involve into an organization before she join fairy tail ( i said what if ) because how she get taurus and then how she get cancer and she has a pretty good brain you know and then the final series zeref said that no one can escape on death ones they rewrite or read a demon book and he said it will happen soon but how lucy can stay tht long how she knew abouth the demonis letters i know she is a writer, a genius girl who understand the clock power since she was young that's means lucy in the next series, chapter so on and on is gonna be the main character again. I AM SO HAPPY NALU GONNA HAVE A POWERFUL CHILDREN AND A FAMILY.

    NavarroNavarroIl y a 11 mois
  • I feel the creator of fairy tail he purposely is trying to debunk these theories by not doing them when he knows we all figured it out but whatever

    Julian Caba-McCarthyJulian Caba-McCarthyIl y a 11 mois
  • This theory is waaaaaay better than the outcome of Fairy Tail. There was so much wasted potential. When Lucy wrote Natsu back to life she should’ve been immortal. They also never explained Anhkseram, the curse, or anything.

    d11d11Il y a 11 mois
    • They still have time to explain it in 100 years quest :)

      randomrandomIl y a 6 mois
  • excuse me? can i plz have some of that free time of yours plz? i really need it. and i love it btw it is really good and amazing.

    helia ahmadihelia ahmadiIl y a 11 mois
  • I Can't believe that you searched everything about Lucy = Ankhseram. THOSE THINGS THAT YOU SEARCHED, ARE TAUGH TO FIND THO! YOU REALLY DID A GREAT JOB! And I love how you wanna entertain people or explain people including me that, theres something wrong about this anime because its similar to the egyptian history of gods/goddess! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 I LOVE IT!

    Louie Kieth SarconLouie Kieth SarconIl y a 11 mois
  • Natsu isn't human because he is END

    Shineha ShresthaShineha ShresthaIl y a an
    • Yes natsu has died but his brother zeref has revived him he is END.

      Shineha ShresthaShineha ShresthaIl y a an
  • Natsu vs Lucy who win? 🙃

    VoidVoidIl y a an
  • Bullshit

    Norlia NorliayahyaNorlia NorliayahyaIl y a an
  • First and foremost, at the beginning of the anime ( Im sorry, Im not much of a reader in manga) I was amazed by Lucy because there is something about her that literally caught my attention. People see her as a weak wizard but I know there is more to the celestial magic that haven't been seen. I was sad that the FT series ended at first and Im devastated because I wanted to see Lucy much more powerful than ever. I'm thinking that Hiro Mashima should added some spice to Lucy's character because she is more powerful celestial wizard than the others (admit that coz she always did something that any celestial wizards can't do). I was so happy that FT has this new series called 100 year quest. Im expecting a lot from the sequel tho. Now back what Im talking about, back then I was thinking why does FAIRTAIL was written in that way? Also how did lucy escaped from the underworld curse way back in tartaros arc? There were some questions in my mind that this video gave me an answer. I wish this theory could be true. And if some or this theory was true, man! I should give Mashima a huge credits. I mean who would ever thought that he really research every details of his work.

    Meztli Zaile Zahara DemoniseMeztli Zaile Zahara DemoniseIl y a an
  • This theory is AMAZING

    Nur HaninahNur HaninahIl y a an
  • Ok. Chronos and Dimaria aren’t the same thing. Like Mirajane and her Satan Souls which gives her the power of the demons she Takes Over. Chronos merges with Dimaria using God Soul.

    JC 1000JC 1000Il y a an
  • when they were talking about her being iris, in the last shapter of the anime, she writes a book named "Iris's Adventure" or something like that....woooooow

    Todoroni AlfredoTodoroni AlfredoIl y a an
    • Yeah it's that ^^

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a an
  • So her........ Stellars WERE DEAD BEFORE!? And wait................. ALL OF THEM!? NATSU A SPIRIT?! OF LUCY?!

    Ultra Instinct EthanUltra Instinct EthanIl y a an
  • Does Lucy’s name mean light or something.

    Da86Da86Il y a an
  • all your theory in your other videos is retards and bullshit...a child is a child...it's like you makes Lucy is strongest than any other characters...😂😂😂...what a dumb theory.. grow up...what a Lucy fans my god...🙄😒😒...

    Anonymous 97Anonymous 97Il y a an
  • i can feel this uploader is a kids...

    Anonymous 97Anonymous 97Il y a an
  • 2019

    A7 KelvinA7 KelvinIl y a an
  • This would be interesting in the anime, theres not much episodes left

    RenRenIl y a an
  • I love this theory it makes things seem more believable now

    Joshua HewitsonJoshua HewitsonIl y a an
  • Idk how I found this video but it is an interesting theory that Lucy "controls" life and death. Especially when she basically rewrote END to safe Natsu!

    CelestialSky0902CelestialSky0902Il y a an
    • People just ignore the fact that she was going to die for doing it? She doesn't control life and death. The only reason she lived was because of Gray

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
  • Did you know: Mashima loves number seven. Or more like Fairytail has affinity with the number 7. Notice: The date the dragons disappeared. 07/07/77 Or July 7,777. The 7 years timeskip. The seven dragons that got out the Eclipse door. The seven Dragon slayers who faced them. Coincidence? Reply if you notice any number 7 in fairytail. I was surprised when number 7 appeared in this video. Good jubbo!!

    Clarina Joyce SabanalClarina Joyce SabanalIl y a an
  • Maybe Ankhseram Arc appears in 100 year Quest.

    Clarina Joyce SabanalClarina Joyce SabanalIl y a an
    • it wont. Mashima already said he has no plans to bring in Ankhseram to the story

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
  • just putting this out there if you take a closer look the symbol of the magic council is also the ankh cross

    Sreehari SSreehari SIl y a an
  • still watching this on 2019

    Master CielMaster CielIl y a an
  • your theories are good, but the videos are shit.

    multisola 1multisola 1Il y a an
  • What if during the 100 year quest manga when they fight againest the celestial dragon her true powers come out and the dragon is like "oh shit let me praise you" and shit that'll be totally badass

    Epic MeganEpic MeganIl y a an
    • More than likely the Moon God Dragon gets impressed with her using 2 Gates, Stardress, and Urano Metria. Since 2 gates at once is rare and Lucy can do 3. Stardress has never been done before, and Urano Metria is the Ultimate Magic of the Stars which only Lucy can use as of now and combination stardress. Those would be the powers to impress not these bs theory's stuff which are far from being true.

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
  • Life and luck, in Fairytail Love and Luck

    little bunnylittle bunnyIl y a an
  • "Lucy is Useless." *Okay, Yeah sure. usELeSs-*

    RouRouIl y a an
  • Okay so I think this is kinda wired, So all the dragon slayers dragons disappeared on the year 777 and we found out it was so that the dragon seed that the dragon slayers have in them don’t turn them into dragons but Lucy’s mom died on the SAME year, 777. And the number that Nina mentioned was the number 7. Am I the only one who finds this wired? Well I think is the year 777 because I remember seeing that year on her grave stone

    Daddy rossDaddy rossIl y a an
    • Also, Lucy's mom died in 777 because she opened the gate using her Life Force because she didn't have Aquarius. This theory is bs and completely stupid

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
    • OH and I think I know why Natsu was able to pass through the celestial spirit realm. Remember back when Zeraf’s darkness exploded or whatever on the island were they were doing the S class thing, the scarf that Natsu has technically protested Natsu from the blast and the scarf turned black and when Wendy was trying to heal him she couldn’t because of the scarf so Wendy had to “heal” the scarf to them heal Natsu. What if the scarf was protecting Natsu from the celestial spirit realm when he crossed through it... I just wanted to say that :p

      Daddy rossDaddy rossIl y a an
  • Okay so I'm back again after watching this video two years ago. It seems like this theory didn't go as people thought it would be. 😁 Who's ready for 100 year quest manga chapter 29??!!

    Shasta_K7Shasta_K7Il y a an
    • Thank god it didn't. This shit would have been terrible to actually have happen.

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
  • ye the manga never clarified this cause its completed

    its. lexineits. lexineIl y a an
  • My mind is about to explode

    Daddy rossDaddy rossIl y a an
  • •o•

    Daddy rossDaddy rossIl y a an
  • This is what I'm thinking natsu could only pass through the celestial spirit realm because of E.N.D because end is a demon and a demon is a spirit. 🤔

    jay jayjay jayIl y a an
    • A demon is not a spirit

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
  • This didn’t come true right?

    • No it didn't. And thank god for that. This theory is stupid af

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
  • Of course the celestial spirit world is the word of death for wizards and human because they can't long in the celestial word only celestial spirits can live in the celestial world and celestial spirits can't long in the the real world (nevermind)

    Irene Alis-BrilloIrene Alis-BrilloIl y a an
  • How did lucy survive the alegria curse , she's not that strong ....and one of the strongest erza,natsu,gray didn't survive the alegria curse .... I have so many questions in my head already?!?!? # sorry lucy i said ur not that strong😱😢

    Mary May MaribaoMary May MaribaoIl y a an
    • Lucy is actually very strong she just isn't physically strong like those you listed. Her magic power is extremely high, her intellect is the highest, she is extremely durable, has very high stamina. Avoiding the Alegria Curse is not about strength. Also, Lucy is the only Celestial spirit mage who can open 3 gates at once, Use stardress, use Aqua Metria, and use Urano Metria which is the Ultimate Magic of the Stars, oh and she can summon the Celestial Spirit King. She is so underrated and she is actually very very strong. There was a one in a billion chance of avoiding the curse and Lucy's name came from the word Lucky. Even mardgeer claimed it was luck which is completely possible and her celestial spirits probably played a part in that.

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
    • haha XD

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a an
  • Does Lucy ever release the third origin like Erza? If so what episode

    Victoria WrightVictoria WrightIl y a an
    • Erza never used a 3rd origin. The only one to do so was Shelia with the help of Ultear and it cost her, her magic

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
  • At the end of the day, Lucy is the main protagonist in the story and Fairy Tail is the adventures of Lucy

    Arcangel John AllenArcangel John AllenIl y a an
  • Shock and Feeling So Cool about this Lucy God Ankhseram and Natsu END....wow a God And A Demon well that sounds Cool....

    Madara FromYTMadara FromYTIl y a an
  • I'm literally shocked after watching this is this true...is it true Natsu is Lucy celestial Spirit

    Madara FromYTMadara FromYTIl y a an
  • I love how you had another theory in the one you were currently doing 😂😂

    Hikari SenshiHikari SenshiIl y a an
  • #shook

    Hikari SenshiHikari SenshiIl y a an
  • If lucy is a god Ankhseram , then why mashima reveal in fairy tail series and 100 year quest.

    MUI BishalMUI BishalIl y a an
    • Cause shes not the god. Also , Mashima already said he had no plans to bring Ankhseram into the story

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
  • I wish Lucy is strong like Natsu, Erza, and Gray so if she will be the God Ankhseram I will be veryvery hapyy:)

    jun calvin caayjun calvin caayIl y a an
    • She already is strong. She's just not Physically strong like them. People think she is weak because they don't understand what she is truly good at. She is a celestial spirit mage with very high magic power, very high durability, very high stamina, Highest intellect of everyone, skilled with a whip, skilled at hand to hand combat using kicks not punches, She can open 3 Spirit Gate at once (Nobody Else has ever done it), She can open gates without pulling out her keys all based off trust and faith with her spirits, She was able to rewrite the book of END, She can use stardress and stardress combination (Nobody else has ever done it), She can use Aqua Metria (Nobody else has done it), she can summon the Celestial Spirit King (Nobody Else has been able to), She can use one of the 3 Grand Spells Fairy Sphere, and she can use the Ultimate Magic of the Stars Urano Metria (Nobody else has done it or can as of now). So to say she is weak or assume she isn't as strong as the others is dumb. Just because someone isn't physically strong with punches doesn't make them weak.

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
  • I won't think this would be true since before even Lucy existed god ankherlsm cursed zeref it's also a he so ... There is probably a god/goddess of life

    XR VariousXR VariousIl y a an
  • This is alot to process.

    Julian RiveraJulian RiveraIl y a an
  • I disagree with this theory but... I think she could have some hidden power because in the tataros ark lucy defeated jackal. After she defeated him one of the demons asked "Wait this power,is it?..." What do you think this means?

    I stanI stanIl y a an
  • I am here this 2019, and freaking out how your theory about Natsu is true.

    Just CabCab thingsJust CabCab thingsIl y a an
  • I finished the anime and there is no mention god ankhseram in the entire manga cause I finished da entire thing!

    LA OoFfFLA OoFfFIl y a an
    • @Tailee you'd be surprised at the amount of religions where a diety goes through a cycle of rebirth. I vaguely remember this video, I think I was explaining what was said in the video, maybe lol my memory sucks so bad!

      James BumgardnerJames BumgardnerIl y a an
    • @James Bumgardner Its really dumb to think a god who cursed 2 people with Immortality would die and need to be reincarnated Lol

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
    • @LA OoFfF she said Lucy is the reincarnation of them. You have to die to be reincarnated.

      James BumgardnerJames BumgardnerIl y a an
    • Edit: I know there isn't because I read the manga and there wasn't even a metion of it except for Zeref being cursed and If Lucy is Ankhseram then how did she curse Zeref? 400 years ago she wasn't even close to being born yet!

      LA OoFfFLA OoFfFIl y a an

    Dave Christian DocusinDave Christian DocusinIl y a an
  • That key staff was never talked about in fairy tail at all

    kobe joneskobe jonesIl y a an

    •Fallen Røses••Fallen Røses•Il y a an
  • When the topic was about no. 7 I remembered the time the dragons disappeared...

    blablablahhbalaa talallaalalablablablahhbalaa talallaalalaIl y a an
  • I dont get this theory at all natsu cant be a spirit because zeref created natsu im confused soo much

    zen shazen shaIl y a an
    • Don't be this theory is bullshit and stupid

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
  • Oh shit u got me fucked up

    Ur_local_weabooUr_local_weabooIl y a an
  • He did it more then once, Lucy did it to with the gang (erza gray and others.

    moonlight player123moonlight player123Il y a an
  • All Zodiac Keys Means The Names Of The Constellations,

    ガチャFrostedJr.ガチャFrostedJr.Il y a an
  • I Just Realize that Lucy Was the only one that Her guild Mark was on her hand

    ガチャFrostedJr.ガチャFrostedJr.Il y a an
    • ok and Lisanna is the only one with it on her leg?

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
  • That was great I'm a bit late but you should totally do more about fairy tail!

    Brandon GriffinBrandon GriffinIl y a an
  • Natsu scarf is made from the spirit world from what i have known and from the manga (spoiler) he was already dead when he was still a kid

    Akatsuki AGAkatsuki AGIl y a an
    • No his scarf was made from Dragon Scales and sewn together by Anna Heartfilia not the spirit world

      TaileeTaileeIl y a an
  • I think so since nastu is end and nashi dragneel confirmed I think it would be dope for a God and demon to have a child

    ItsyurboiChris 0411ItsyurboiChris 0411Il y a an
  • and lucy is named by a broken sign that the original sign is love and lucky and that makes sense in 14:15 and a new person is born which is lucy and that make sense in the life

    Jenefer PrieteJenefer PrieteIl y a an
  • If lucy is god ankseram and lucy is immortal then how come future lucy died

    mps.c 26mps.c 26Il y a an
  • in short its all about lucy's journey

    aljon rochealjon rocheIl y a an
  • Wait what if its not JUST Lucy but every Heartfillia woman, and that's why the all look exactly the same, and why Zeref chose that family line to open the eclipse gate

    Walter BlomeWalter BlomeIl y a an
  • I also remember that Lucy is the only one who open the END and rewrite the story of natsu in there .. remember when zeref said " why is natsu alive? " " someone is re writing the end book but She can't last longer cuz that persons gonna become some demons or Die " something like that

    Iyah CataagIyah CataagIl y a an