Fairy Tail Next Manga : The Angel Michael ! White&Black Angel's True Identity? 1/2

21 juin 2017
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Fairy Tail Chapter 540+ Prediction | Fairy Tail Episode 278
PART 1 - 2/2 : frlift.info/first/vid-o/rZ_V1tGMtKXReKg.html
THEORY PART 1 - Mt Zonia Secrets : Do Fairies Have A Tail ?
Part 1 : 1/2
- Mt. Zonia is Fairyland ...
- Mt.Zonia Secrets story = FT Opening 1: Snow Fairy !
- White & Black Angel True Name is : Micaldi Angel!
- Secrets about Magnolia town and Kardia names
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  • Hi my subs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today 2 videos for celebrate +6 K subs!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *-* And to thank you I decided to publish 2 theories !!! For the second theory : Part 1: 2/2 : CLICK HERE: frlift.info/first/vid-o/rZ_V1tGMtKXReKg.html I hope that this surprise and these two theories will please you ^^ Fairy tail ends in 6 weeks, I still have 3/4 theories to publish before the last, Idk yet what will happen to my channel..., I would like to continue with other mangas, but idk which ones you would like it, So don't hesitate to leave your ideas ^^ So, Take care !my watchers!!! Nina

    NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
    • I feel like snow in winter as power of fairy and everyone else's magic. Because when Mavis body is contented in an ice crystal if that was destroyed the remains of Mavis magic which should be made up by feelings, dreams, energy, and love. Also this feels familiar to Magi: Kingdom of Magic because the energy you use and remaining life. The snow falls when Mavis body contented in the ice crystal becomes fragile it brakes turning into snow. When the snow falls her feelings for her guild mates, guild, and the people that are dearest to her will always be right besides every fairy tail member.

      ProserpinaProserpinaIl y a 3 ans
    • Great video. :)

      Solaris290Solaris290Il y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 I highly recommend you to read Nanatsu no Taizai, its a really fun series and there's so much theory you can make

      Anime VortexAnime VortexIl y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 you should read rave master and point out a bunch of the narratives and things you find there

      Jason kiefferJason kiefferIl y a 3 ans
    • Do theories on one piece

      Dragloncon XDragloncon XIl y a 3 ans
  • this is just my thinking,mt zonia is place sonya and zash visited to steal a Dragon cry (sorry,about my english ),btw,Are you Lucy ?,NINA2119

    Hade RisyandiHade RisyandiIl y a an
  • Also, Aether in Greek means light. Because Aether was originally born from darkness, and their origin comes from chaos. One of the primordial gods. Without darkness we could not see our dark side except for the bright side of our selves. And without light we could not reach nor see the light in the darkest of times. We all have our dark and bright side of our selves. And it is best to stay bright about our future especially our own well being.

    ProserpinaProserpinaIl y a 2 ans
  • St.Michael

    Jay PerezJay PerezIl y a 2 ans
  • Ice/Snow = When ice is crushed it converts into snow Water/Freezing Temperature = When water becomes super cold it's possible water can turn into ice, while they can become cold from freezing temperature. In clarfication: How can Natsu be cold when he's the dragon slayer that was taught magic? Because he can use fire like the fire dragon Igneel. A good idea for this is Athernano and again Snow when Mavis ,and Natsu has connection is the dragon slayer's previous life as human he didn't have his memories as human. But, his memories will never be erased as who he is in the future. Because of this he wants to go forward into the future. Memories cannot be erased and never will be for that reaon, it is a part of who we are and always live up to the future. When the body and magic is absorbed into ice, and becomes snow when crushed, in other words, Mavis is always by Fairy Tail's side, Natsu and his guild mates. Mavis is not the only but Prescht and Yuriy themselves together as the founders that build Fairy Tail together.

    ProserpinaProserpinaIl y a 3 ans
  • if you want help then i help with my opinyon do you remember i episode 223 and 224 (just seacrh it on youtube youcan watch it anyway) in episode 223 and 224 there is an animal there which green thats natsu love it like he want to be pet him/her animal The is that lucy trying to known about that even natsu friends when the ilands pomps out and had an earthquake on and there go IT HAS A SECRET TOO THE LETTERS WHEN LUCY TRIYING TO READ AND THE END BOOK SHE WAS WRITING ON MAYBE THATS OR WRITTEN ON JAPANESE

    Angel MaglaqueAngel MaglaqueIl y a 3 ans
    • Oh ye i see, thank u Angel ^^ But the problem is that these episodes were not written by mashima, it is the adaptation of the novel, written by another writer

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • quand tu parles de Magnolia = fleur et que Magnolia = Michelle Michelle porte toujours des fleurs sur elle !! (jsp si c est comme ca son nom en fr lol)

    Akemi DryzzAkemi DryzzIl y a 3 ans
    • oui c'est bien ça! et merci de cette information car je n'avais pas fait le rapprochement mais tu as totalement raison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • xD c etait inattendu le "ca ressemble a Sonia !" "enfin je sais pas c est qui j ai pas regarde le film" mdr sinon theorieS excellenteS, comme d hab

    Akemi DryzzAkemi DryzzIl y a 3 ans
    • haha oui, car j'ai juste entendu le nom et j'ai immédiatement trouvé ça bizarre haha XD merci encore à toi

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • good theory like always keep it up

    artist _otaku911artist _otaku911Il y a 3 ans
    • thank u very much Kelly ^^

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Very unpredictable theory,keep it up nina, i have some fun watching your theory videos

    shahiklil haziqshahiklil haziqIl y a 3 ans
    • thank u very much haziq! :D

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • actually i start to browsing about zonia in real world. there is one : zonia hidden teasures

    Karina FirdausKarina FirdausIl y a 3 ans
    • Karina Firdaus So what about zonia hidden treasures?

      ProserpinaProserpinaIl y a 2 ans
  • Nina your work are always so amazing.

    Nick R.M ZahauNick R.M ZahauIl y a 3 ans
    • thank u very much Nick :D

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • WOW!!!!! Congratulations on having 6k subscribes!!

    Survival GamerSurvival GamerIl y a 3 ans
    • Survival GamerSurvival GamerIl y a 3 ans
    • thanks again

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • pourquoi je n'arrive pas à mettre les sous-titre fr?

    Iman AqdusIman AqdusIl y a 3 ans
    • car j'ai eu des soucis avec mon ordinateur, je viens de le récupérer, j'ai rédigé les sous-titres à deux reprise mais cela n'a pas fonctionné, donc je dois prendre le temps de les refaire, dès qu'ils seront prêt, je publierais l'annonce sur facebook ;) je fais au plus vite ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • im kind of un happy the fairy tail os going right now with 6 chapters left i really hope that god ankhersam would fight them andthe fight between natsu and zeref i feel like you could have expected more like naruto vs sasuke a battle between brothers

    just a random guyjust a random guyIl y a 3 ans
    • Incinerate Incineroar isnt it 4 chapters?

      C KC KIl y a 3 ans
  • Jai pas envie que fairy tail termine Ya encore tellement de truc à exploiter

    ymir danteymir danteIl y a 3 ans
    • oui :s , mais je reste convaincu que ce n'est pas totalement terminé ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Stpp nina je veux la traduction. Je me suis taper la vidéo 2x pour comprendre mais j'arrive pas donc j'attends les sous-titres. Qd sortira t'il ? Encore merci pour ton travail

    AlphaAlphaIl y a 3 ans
    • NINA2119 Ne t'excuse pas tu as rien fait de mal. Je vais seulement patienter zt encore merci de m'avoir répondu aussi vite 😁😉

      AlphaAlphaIl y a 3 ans
    • oohhhhh je suis tellement désolée!!! j'ai édité les sous-titres à deux reprises!!!!, mais impossible de les enregistrés grrrr, j'ai eu de gros soucis avec mon ordinateur, il a complétement bugger du coup pendant 1 semaine je me suis retrouvée sans ordi :s du coup je viens tout juste de le récupérer, alors promis je vais faire mon possible pour les publier au plus vite, je ferais une publication sur facebook dès qu'ils seront prêts! encore désolé :s :(

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • uhh could u just slow the picture down a little bit😃🤔🤗🙂

    Master BlackMaster BlackIl y a 3 ans
    • oh sorry!! XD np ;) I will be careful for the next videos 🤗

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Ninaaa!! 😭 I miss Senpai fruit

    ѕυp boiѕυp boiIl y a 3 ans
    • Omg when he said he wanted to be a voice actor or do something with his voice 😍😆

      ѕυp boiѕυp boiIl y a 3 ans
    • Don't worry! Senpai is backkkkkk!!!!!!! :D check his channel :D

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • WHYYY THE SPOILER FOR THE NAME OF SOMEONE IN THE MOVIE!?! (Haven't watched it yet ;-;)

    Toaster with a pink moustacheToaster with a pink moustacheIl y a 3 ans
    • Sorry Toaster, It's true that to my channel there are always spoils, and I tried as much as possible to reveal nothing while thinking that my subs knew at least the teaser I would think the next time, i'll put a sentence with "spoils" about the movie ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
    • Natsu I haven't watched the trailer too....

      Toaster with a pink moustacheToaster with a pink moustacheIl y a 3 ans
    • It's not a spoilers, the characters were given even before anyone saw the movie. It doesn't even matter lol

      Alex-NatsuAlex-NatsuIl y a 3 ans
  • i was thinking about how could mashima reveal all this in 6 chapters . i mean the battle between dragon slayers and acnologia would probably last 2 chapters and then 2 more chapters for the end of the war and then those last two chapters are probably enough to reveal them . anyway i was wandering what did anna do to the others she didnt do a big deal so could there be a secret behind her comeback and she hasnt even met lucy also i wonder what s natsu going to reveal i mean its not like him to confess to lucy right ..maybe theres another thing .. anyway your therioes are so amazing like every single time nina. hope you show us more secrets about ft

    why am i not born in korea?why am i not born in korea?Il y a 3 ans
    • I really think this story will be develooped in his new manga;) (and im so sorry for the delay :s)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
    • i doubt mashima going to reveal this... like every story out there. lores are still uncovered since it irrelevant to the protagonist. and even if there were. people will think it's a random asspull

      Blast KingBlast KingIl y a 3 ans
  • after watching your videos I expect mashima to make a better plot out of it! Why does he disappoint sometimes... But you never do nina you're amazing at this

    SpiritloveismSpiritloveismIl y a 3 ans
    • ohhh thank u so much !!! (so sorry for the delay :s)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Hello encore une fois une super vidéo, le manga s'arrête dans 6 chapitres, tu penses vraiment que Mashima pourra nous dévoiler tout Ca ?

    Colombine SColombine SIl y a 3 ans
    • 3 mois plus tard, je suis dsl je n'avais pas vu les commentaires sous cette vidéo, donc mieux vaut tard que jamais XD pr te répondre je pense que Mashima va adapté tous ces secrets et cette histoire dans son nouveau manga ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Hâte que les sous-titres sortes. 👌

    Kuroo SanKuroo SanIl y a 3 ans
    • Kuroo San ouai c'est clair

      Anjou AomineAnjou AomineIl y a 3 ans
  • Nina awesome vid dude👌👌👍

    Artorias SkywalkerArtorias SkywalkerIl y a 3 ans
    • thank u very much Artorias

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • NINA2119 will u even make theories after FT ending?

    Kingiux KingasKingiux KingasIl y a 3 ans
    • ye ofc :D cuz fairy tail is not finish for me ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • love me

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  • I never clicked on a notification this fast😂💞

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