Fairy Tail YURIY WILL BE BACK!! | ANALYSIS Hades|Warrod|Mavis|Zera|Yuriy= God Serena Theory #0.1

23 sept. 2016
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Read before beginning this video: LES SOUS-TITRES FRANÇAIS SONT DISPO ;)

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"Contains spoils"
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  • And this is not true HAHAHA the fairy tail ended

    Gian BasalloteGian BasalloteIl y a 11 mois
  • I feel like Yuri will be back in the fairy tail's sequel: 100 year quest.

    Zera The illusionZera The illusionIl y a an

    Bebé DragneelBebé DragneelIl y a an
  • Why you should care about God Sarena? He will be kill by Acnologia

    Celestine InggauCelestine InggauIl y a 2 ans
  • I think you did a mistake. Igneel was actually born 400 years ago, so how can he be yuri?

    Survival GamerSurvival GamerIl y a 3 ans
    • i think nina is correct because maybe igneel died a long time ago

      benj aminbenj aminIl y a 2 ans
    • ye but when I speak of Igneel, I speak of the "dragon skeleton", But Yuriy took possession of the body of this dragon, This is what connect Yuriy to Igneel, The age here is not a worry :)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 3 ans
  • Woooo😱😲my eyes was shocked to see something fantastic like this. To be honest never enjoyed reading but reading your videoI really enjoy miss. Is fantastic. 😀😍😍. Have a beautifull day😄😃

    sefat ahmedsefat ahmedIl y a 4 ans
    • oooh it's great thank you very much :D have a beautiful day too ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
  • look i know its a lotta work but, try a 1 hour theory, and i personally think that everyone would love that..................not a fan of cliff hangers

    THONZTHONZIl y a 4 ans
    • ok wow

      THONZTHONZIl y a 4 ans
    • As you often leave me this comment I'll explain you how I do it for just one video : - I must first find clues to my theory - i must assembled step by step, - Learn and do researches that can take me several months (currently theories that I publish are only 1% of my work in relation to my research, you will understand later how much I'm going far in the theories for the next videos) - I have to write the theory in English - I have to write the theory in French for those who don't understand English - I have to remember and regain all videos and scans/images (which are more 500 scans and more 300 episodes in English Sub and hd) - I have to download - I have to cut each extract - Then I have to put the text in the form of animation effects who are cut into 4 sentences because it is planned for a teaser of 15sec so that whenever I write a text (4 sentences) i must to do " render" and restart the same for do : 7min to 9min - modified effects (size, adjustment ...) - When I implant scans/images , I have to modify in photoshop, create effects (because in sony vegas or after effect, there is no 'automatic effects' like with movie maker or youtube) When I did this, I have to bring all these cuts and adjusted each cut to another Here is an overview of a video editing cutting (link this) : sta.sh/0nf2vhwxirk they are multitude of extracts of several seconds, the effect that I bring contains over 77 layers of effects(just for 4 sentences!) then, i must changed music, calibrate with the tempo of the images, and if the video is too long, create a remix of several songs, Then I have to create the cover image with photoshop, and I have to create french subtitles , make the appropriations for various artists colo, music ... and finally publish on my various sites and answer my subscribers (not only youtube, I am primarily a colorist artist, because i have others subscribers on my other accounts) If I make a video of one hour of theory, the format will be huge, I work in full hd, with video effects that takes hugely of RAM, Moreover, people don't like long videos, someone already told me that 9min video was too long to watch, XD I did the choice to give good quality video montages, I could make you videos of 1h, it would be much easier for me,you know, it is enough for me to put a black background, white text, a picture, and music chosen at random, and it is more advantageous for a youtubeur to make long videos rather than short video but I made the choice of quality, I may be stupid, but I want the video to be beautiful, visually, musically but also in the research of my theories And to answer you about "cliff": FIRST : I don't do of "cliffs" (the cliffs are things that are voluntarily cut for to make people mad) that's not what I do, I simply announce the next theory When I make a theory, it is always linked to another So this is why I put "to be continued" my first theory rahkeid +god serena = yuriy, is linked to that of zera, but also to all other I have to write (the true face of end, the real power to Acnologia, which is really ankhserum ect ..) So even if tomorrow I do a one hour video it still will not be enough, because you will be disappointed since my thoéries are all related to each other Secondly: It is also for giving me time to do the other parts of my theories, because it is very long, and if tomorrow I do a one hour video i , I will publish a video every 6 months and I think people n would appreciate not You understand? but I will take into consideration your comment I think it would be good that I ask all subscribers what you prefer in the form of survey : - longer videos but with a black background and simple editing and simple music, but perhaps wait for months before the next - Or keep this format video effect with 4 to 10 minutes but have videos more frequently

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
  • This is an interesting theory

    SenpaiFruitSenpaiFruitIl y a 4 ans
    • thank you ;) the part 1 is just an analysis, the part 2 and 3 are much more detailed

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
  • your theory was awesome as always..though i agree with others that you should have use your previous music...

    Cary James FortoCary James FortoIl y a 4 ans
    • thank you Cary, and ye i know you don't like this music, but I already do the part 2 and 3(god serena=yuriy), so I cannot edit it, But promised for the coming theories I would reuse my first music ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
  • excitedddd can't wait😂

    Fairy TailFairy TailIl y a 4 ans
    • wahhh excitedd

      Fairy TailFairy TailIl y a 4 ans
    • Part 2 god serena=yuriy for today :D

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
  • Mavis killed Yury's wife with her curse.

    DarkCharismaXDarkCharismaXIl y a 4 ans
    • Yes, this is written in the theory ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
  • I think the same as Tha Produca - God Serena was killed twice already and even though Mashima didn't reveal all the deatails about Yuri's death, I don't believe that this clown will be revealed as Yuri. God Serena was supposed to be a huge pain in the ass but he ended up as a disappointment. Case closed.

    Lukáš BendíkLukáš BendíkIl y a 4 ans
    • I think you're mistaken Belucen, really, even if I agree with you about that Mashima did anything with God serena, My next theory will explain why he's yuriy, This theory is divided into 3 party, so be patient ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
  • j'accroche totalement ta théorie !! bravo sinon une videos sur les derniers scans serait vraiment bien je pense avec le come back de saber (mais ou est sting depuis que eileen a utilisé universe one) je pense qu'il a tenté d'absorber cette lumière se serait cool non ??

    Antho CnLAntho CnLIl y a 4 ans
    • Oh bonne nouvelle alors merci beaucoup ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
    • ah oui j'avais zapper pour sting ^^ ok pas de soucis en tout cas tu as gagner un abonné ^^

      Antho CnLAntho CnLIl y a 4 ans
    • merci beaucoup, et concernant Sting, j'avais traité de ce sujet dans la théorie god serena+rahkeid= yuriy, ou j'expliquait que Sting pourrait avoir un lien de famille avec les drear mais également qu'il pourrait être confronté à Rahkeid ;) Et pour parler des derniers scans, ce n'est pas évident car j'ai beaucoup théories en préparation : - la 2e et 3e partie de god serena= yuriy - la théorie concernant Igneel mais également la confirmation de larcade dragneel le lien ac igneel - la théorie sur Acnologia/son vrai pouvoir - la théorie : le vrai lieu ou se cache Acnologia - la théorie : le vrai visage d'End et son vrai pouvoir - le lien entre Happy et Acnologia - la découverte du secret du chiffre 7 - le secret de qui est Ankhserum et bien d'autre encore plus grande! il y en a tellement que je dois faire en vidéo! donc il est difficile de parler des nouveaux scans lol Donc rester connecté ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
  • Moi je pence que rahkeid et yuiry car god serena et warrod se connaissent depuis longtemps donc je pense que warrod aurais compris

    Fireburn-SamaFireburn-SamaIl y a 4 ans
    • God serena pour moi n'existe pas vraiment, il n'est qu'une partie de Yuriy, il peut mourir 15 fois cela n'a pas d'importance, si tu préfères comme je l'avais déjà expliquer il serait comme Jycrain avec Jellal ;) Ce qui est certains c'est que la partie de 2 et 3 de mes théories expliquerons d'avantage le pk du comment god serena est une partie de yuriy

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
    • Je le sais bien mais même si god serena est bien yuiry acnologia la tué et august ne peut pas ramener les mort à la vie

      Fireburn-SamaFireburn-SamaIl y a 4 ans
    • Ma théorie concernant rahkeid+god serena= yuriy a déjà été publiée :), God serena et Rahkeid ne sont que des fragments de Yuriy de ce fait, Warrod n'a pas pu le reconnaître Ici cette théorie sert surtout à démontrer à quel point God serena est bien lié à Yuriy, La première partie vous montre simplement l'analyse et le fait de ce poser les bonnes questions, La 2e et 3e partie seront la clé qui démontrerons à quel point mashima a déterminé god serena en fonction de yuriy . Et là ces deux théories seront bien plus complexe Soyez patient ;)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
  • 8th like

    SaphieSaphieIl y a 4 ans
    • oh great thank you!!! :D

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
  • Interesting theory... but the music from previous videos was better. ;)

    Solaris290Solaris290Il y a 4 ans
    • then if you all agree! I bow my head lol I would hand the first music ! promised! only Part 2 and 3 of theory : god serena = yuriy have already been edited therefore, I cannot edit music :s But promised after these two videos, I would hand the first song :)

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
    • Yeah Nina this music is little boring. Should put the epic soundtrack type like the previous one :). Btw, as always Nina,awesome theory !!

      aimanVerrrmillionaimanVerrrmillionIl y a 4 ans
    • +NINA2119 Nice theory and yeah the previous music is better.

      CA JI RACA JI RAIl y a 4 ans
    • Oh really? :o I see you are all agreed XD I spent hours looking for a new music because I thought my subscribers would tired of always listening to the same song, So it does not bother you to always listen to the same?

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
    • I agree

      Lobo_GrisLobo_GrisIl y a 4 ans
  • j'ai pas compris

    ymir danteymir danteIl y a 4 ans
    • je vais posté la 2e et 3e partie de la théorie, ici , tu comprendras à quel point mashima a soigneusement préparé ce personnage ;) juste être patient

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
    • c bon j'ai vu avec les sous titres et oué on se doute que c'est yury mais au bout de 1ans on a beaucoup de doute j'espere que c'est lui en tous cas

      ymir danteymir danteIl y a 4 ans
    • en englais je regarderais avec les soustitre

      ymir danteymir danteIl y a 4 ans
    • tu l'as lu en anglais ou avec les sous-titres fr?

      NINA2119NINA2119Il y a 4 ans
    • +NINA2119 tous

      ymir danteymir danteIl y a 4 ans