HIGHLIGHTS | Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell

2 janv. 2021
10 657 491 Vues

January 2nd, 2021 -- Ryan Garcia vs. Luke Campbell from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.
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  • Ryan Garcia new Amir Khan

    zirkovStarzirkovStarIl y a 56 minutes
  • At list someone at this point knock out Ryan García

    jahly 77jahly 77Il y a 2 heures
  • Campbell has a very odd style of boxing. Is he trying to confuse Ryan or he's always like that? Unorthodox

    Rahul reddyRahul reddyIl y a 2 heures

    Joe TJoe TIl y a 2 heures
  • I thought he was a goner after that hook... well played by the king!

    Amanuel NegussieAmanuel NegussieIl y a 3 heures
  • Manny Paqcuaio next, as you wish Ryan Garcia. 🤓

    Felipe Van LeeuwenFelipe Van LeeuwenIl y a 4 heures
    • Ryan has the talent, speed, n power to be a great fighter but he needs more experience. If i was De La Hoya, i would step in n tell him he needs to wait. TANK is in his PRIME n hes no joke. Ryan needs to be at the top of his game. Ryan is not even close to his PRIME yet. 2 more years, n Ryan will be ready for any n all but NOW, he needs more experience.

      TOMSoCaLATOMSoCaLAIl y a heure
  • now this is what boxing should be.

    LordofDemonsLordofDemonsIl y a 4 heures
  • Lomachenko would clap Garcia with those flat feet lol

    Vince MnsVince MnsIl y a 4 heures
  • 3:39 its like “Pacman One-two Combo”🤔

    Zitnal Blame〽Zitnal Blame〽Il y a 5 heures
  • Canelo team predicted 7th round knockout

    James LewisJames LewisIl y a 5 heures
  • Just not ready for the tank's punch.

    Ron Elly CabulloRon Elly CabulloIl y a 6 heures
  • Garcia, another cocky boxer.

    RvRvIl y a 7 heures
  • If you wish to fight pacman u gotta move that head.

    Joshua CastillejosJoshua CastillejosIl y a 7 heures
  • Garcia, a talented boxer, needs to be more humble. Pride comes before the fall.

    Truth PrevailsTruth PrevailsIl y a 8 heures
  • the problem with the guy was not taking advantage of the knock down too passive

    Mandy ManyMandy ManyIl y a 9 heures
  • Cambell definitely skipped leg day

    Lazy IslanderLazy IslanderIl y a 9 heures
  • He wants to fight PACMAN?Well eat more STEAK & RICE maybe,that's wt makes Filipino CHAMPIONS!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Airam ConcepcionAiram ConcepcionIl y a 9 heures
  • Now Manny Pacquiao has a clue that Garcia is weak in his Chin.

    Jethro BayonetaJethro BayonetaIl y a 9 heures
  • di pa natalo tong ryan na to para tanggal yabang

    palac jejomarpalac jejomarIl y a 10 heures
  • Amazing ..... awesome I enjoyed it

    khaled Sulimankhaled SulimanIl y a 10 heures
  • This is what im talking about 👌 never mind them big knock out out punches... body shots are just as deadly if not better i think... plus the body is a bigger target two get hit 🥊 if you cant breath you cant fight !!!

    jay Millerjay MillerIl y a 11 heures
  • When Lopez lands on his chin like Campbell did I don’t think he’d be getting up.

    C MC MIl y a 11 heures
  • why does this have 10m views

    The5GIO5The5GIO5Il y a 13 heures
  • This is what happen if you let Ryan Garcia survive from knock down 🔥💯

    Nazrie ElhanoNazrie ElhanoIl y a 13 heures
  • I like the kid but he needs to use his feet and move much more.

    Rafael Lopez CanelRafael Lopez CanelIl y a 14 heures
  • I had to watch this at 0.25 because Ryan Garcia's punches where still to fast

    Shivam MissierShivam MissierIl y a 14 heures
  • Great job king Ry! Your bringing boxing back, got to have a outside boxing party like old times thank you

    Derek SanchezDerek SanchezIl y a 14 heures
  • You see how fast that was!?! 😳

    Squeekz23Squeekz23Il y a 15 heures
  • Tank will destroy ryan.

    Richard MinayaRichard MinayaIl y a 16 heures
  • This guy should have kept the pressure on Ryan because he was still hurt. He's lucky he wasn't in the ring with a high quality boxer because it would've been lights out for Ryan. That's why Ryan need more fights before he even think about stepping in the ring with tank. And i heard the kids saying that he also want some of Pacquiao.

    Shawn SmithShawn SmithIl y a 16 heures
    • He needs more time, he has a lot of balls to call out Tank and Pacman but he needs more experience. His talent is obviously there, sick speed n has KO power but TANK is at his PRIME, Ryan is not even close to his PRIME yet. Tank is no joke, Ryan needs to be at the top of his game.

      TOMSoCaLATOMSoCaLAIl y a 2 heures
  • Wow super duper mantul cuy..

    Hafiz Al-Mushadiq١٢Hafiz Al-Mushadiq١٢Il y a 16 heures
  • Wow... Body shot knockout is savage. Impressive!

    Kuro HikesKuro HikesIl y a 17 heures
  • Someone knock Ryan out already 🙄

    Mysterious _Mysterious _Il y a 17 heures
  • Try The 8 division champion.

    Marco AdobasMarco AdobasIl y a 17 heures
  • Why didn't Campbell follow up with the right when he was getting the knock down??

    Nev BartosNev BartosIl y a 17 heures
  • 2:39

    Brock VillegasBrock VillegasIl y a 18 heures
  • After that knock down and you wish to fight pacquaio? its too early for you when you feel manny punch.

  • Canelo cheering for Ryan lol

    Steve EscamillaSteve EscamillaIl y a 18 heures
  • 3:29

    SENTIENTSENTIENTIl y a 18 heures
  • Liver.

    Alexander PhilipAlexander PhilipIl y a 19 heures
  • Campell culo lo dejo recuperarse fue mi apreciacion

    ranmagoku saotomeranmagoku saotomeIl y a 19 heures
  • Campbell should have went after him after the knockdown! what was that?

    james carlsonjames carlsonIl y a 19 heures
  • Ryan better stop calking tank out. Whole different pace of fight and different punch level.

    goldie the mackgoldie the mackIl y a 19 heures
  • This was a sick fight,loved it

    A. ZA. ZIl y a 20 heures
  • Not the biggest Ryan fan but dudes got it and respect for getting up and getting the dub. Dudes gonna do great things

    Too Slow GarageToo Slow GarageIl y a 20 heures
  • If he can’t breathe he can’t fight

    Zig ZagZig ZagIl y a 21 heure
  • okay, that slowmo, that body shot ain't joke, that impact. What a perfect shot

    reniel roblasreniel roblasIl y a 21 heure
  • Я

    Poti ZulpkarovPoti ZulpkarovIl y a 22 heures
  • Did the commentator really compare Garcia to de la Hoya 😂😂😂6:06

    Callum HuntCallum HuntIl y a 22 heures
    • He said they are pretty boys 😂

      MarcoMarcoIl y a 13 heures
  • Is this the kid going for pacquiao?

    Neurotic OneNeurotic OneIl y a jour
  • I wanna watch the match of Manny Pacquiao vs Ryan Garcia in the future

    Andrew DiestroAndrew DiestroIl y a jour
    • A 42 yrsold Pac is ok but not at 44.

      Joselito PuzonJoselito PuzonIl y a 2 heures
  • I've seen this body shot on Pac when he fights thurman the only difference thurman is so strong to handle that kind of pain

    Jay Mar MarquezJay Mar MarquezIl y a jour
  • The liver shot! From the other side! Stay humble

    anuma nuvaanuma nuvaIl y a jour
  • Great fight

    ADARSH PADARSH PIl y a jour
  • Manny pacman in mexico

    marvin cortezmarvin cortezIl y a jour
  • And Ryan calls out Pacquiao to pass the torch? No No Kid! movement and punches? Lol You just want more fame and money lol

    Cabbage SenpaiCabbage SenpaiIl y a jour
  • I think ryan garcia need to improve his footwork for boxing

    sultan dimaiksultan dimaikIl y a jour
  • *Match: Ryan won* *Thumbnail: Luke won*

    BerozgarBhatuaBerozgarBhatuaIl y a jour
  • This boy want to fight Pacquiao. Don’t rush yourself boy. You’re not in his level he might put you in early retirement if you insist that 🤣

    Michael CruzMichael CruzIl y a jour
  • Sad, I want draw.

    Tahu Bakso MurniTahu Bakso MurniIl y a jour
  • Be humble bro for now you cant reach the level of pacquiao..think it your fame may fall..pacman will dismantle you easy as pie!

    sadam belrosesadam belroseIl y a jour
  • it's time for you to fight our king in the philippines.

    Sean IQSean IQIl y a jour
  • garcia recieve some left punch on his chin at 2:38 shocking punch at body on campbell what more if he moves up to super lightweight, light welterweight. then wanna fight pacquiao big respect and humble to this two guys.

    Gerald GiroyGerald GiroyIl y a jour
  • He want to fight pacman ?

    Jexter Dela cruzJexter Dela cruzIl y a jour
  • 👍👍👍

    DeviceDeviceIl y a jour
  • He want to fight manny after that ?

    Ken JaboneteKen JaboneteIl y a jour
  • 07:05!!!. Watch Campbell lead leg. He used to trick.

    Cavansir HasanzadaCavansir HasanzadaIl y a jour
  • I'm just here coz I saw a post about garcia challenging pacquiao

    kurokuroIl y a jour
    • same here.. looking for how speed power punch Garcia had. But to me seem too slow .. punch still growing

      Ray GerminoRay GerminoIl y a heure
  • 7:30 Cannelo is like "not bad kid"

    • He taught Garcia how to set up that body shot

      MarcoMarcoIl y a 13 heures
  • If he is getting caught to that combination imagine manny throwing does combination and when manny throws that campbell combination manny will double it so how garcia can handle it its dangerous tho and manny have an amazing footwork unlike garcia

    kyle arricivitakyle arricivitaIl y a jour
  • Boxing is really crazy. There are kids fighting grown as men out here

    Jacobi WilliamJacobi WilliamIl y a jour
  • The friendly ambulance descriptively snow because november cephalometrically tame between a slimy millennium. silent, one enemy

    Arlene BarnesArlene BarnesIl y a jour
  • im just here after i saw that ryan garcia wanna fight pacquiao.

    Melbourne CampañaMelbourne CampañaIl y a jour
  • No he can't knock Pacquiao with that movement . He's too slow

    Juan's Daily VlogJuan's Daily VlogIl y a jour
  • I came here cause I saw a post on facebook that he wants pacquiao to pass the torch to him🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    Angela LastimosaAngela LastimosaIl y a jour
  • He asked for Pacquiao to pass the torch when he cant event handle 3:27, Pac does those a lot of times and even got to knock or rock out other great boxers.

    KrimiNalEKrimiNalEIl y a jour
  • 2:37 This is what we’re waiting for

    Alfred RoblesAlfred RoblesIl y a jour
  • He down at 2nd round hahah then he want to fight with manny? Oh c'mon.

    May FernandezMay FernandezIl y a jour
  • Campbell boxed amazingly that was a Canelo style bodyshot at the end top drop

    KennyKarnageKennyKarnageIl y a jour
  • Potek ubos hangin haha

    ML SupremeML SupremeIl y a jour
  • Ryan's punches are impressive but he's too flat-footed. Not that it's necessarily always bad to be flat-footed, but in his case, yes. It's bad.

    YungJuveYungJuveIl y a jour
  • Ryan is going to get destroyed by Tank. I kinda feel bad. Garcia defense is so bad. Not even close to Tanks skills. He not ready.

    Kowboy SlimKowboy SlimIl y a jour
  • Is a scam, like canelo vrs loma, dzn is paying for control , a real shame.

    Diego Armando Retana AbarcaDiego Armando Retana AbarcaIl y a jour
  • At 22, I would take my time and get more fights under my belt before going after the heavy hitters. Move your career to fast can end a career before it even starts.

    ChristianChristianIl y a jour
  • Сопляк Гарсія.

    Шановний ГромадянинШановний ГромадянинIl y a jour
  • There's something about having no crowds at a fight that Ill really miss

    depichudepichuIl y a jour
    • Same

      Kevin ReillyKevin ReillyIl y a 6 heures
  • Looks like someone skipped leg day

    Ryan HawleyRyan HawleyIl y a jour
  • I like how Campbell is so humble n doesn't act like someone hes not

    Anthony OrtizAnthony OrtizIl y a jour
  • Tiene corazón el muchacho pero le falta mucho...

    Beto SHBeto SHIl y a jour
  • Isaac pitbull Cruz beats tank and ryan

    Fredo GeeFredo GeeIl y a jour
  • "HE's Asking QueStioNS!!"

    rhianna Doverrhianna DoverIl y a jour
  • go go👻

    こうさかこうさかIl y a jour
  • tank is going to get knocked the fock out!

    tommy alkatraztommy alkatrazIl y a jour
  • The first nobody to knock him down I can’t imagine him going against a professional I mean this is amateur right?

    Slick DubSlick DubIl y a jour
    • He fought an Olympic gold medalist🤦🏼‍♂️

      gaxtronious gaxgaxtronious gaxIl y a jour
  • Maybe Ryan vs Nikita abbiby two guys who never fought anyone

    Slick DubSlick DubIl y a jour
    • This should show you all that he won't be able to beat tank

      soinu foigsoinu foigIl y a jour
  • Wuonderfuul Garcia.

    Sono IoSono IoIl y a jour
    • The famous liver shot

      soinu foigsoinu foigIl y a jour
  • Soo is anyone els gonna point out HOW he fell, honestly surprised his arm didn’t snap off his entire body right then and there.

    Noway1379Noway1379Il y a jour
  • Next ryan vs GAYACHENKO

    Harambe MatataHarambe MatataIl y a jour
  • Tank would’ve knocked Ryan’s head off it he caught him with that shot

    God's Sun_1God's Sun_1Il y a jour
  • No act i weight 12332343444566733347742221tons lbs over

    ykcmihkykcmihkIl y a jour