"I love to play against the best in the world!" Kylian Mbappe on facing Manuel Neuer 🎯

7 avril 2021
941 649 Vues

Kylian Mbappé reacts to PSG's 3-2 away win over Bayern in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.
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  • His English is very impressive

    Julian GjokaJulian GjokaIl y a 3 jours
  • Hhhhh kilyan

    La princesse lalla soukina FilaliLa princesse lalla soukina FilaliIl y a 5 jours
  • I would say, his English is pretty similar to the one we used to see from a 22 year old cristiano

    Srinjoy DebnathSrinjoy DebnathIl y a 6 jours
  • If he want to play against the best he must go in the premier league

    Gabriellaville VianneyGabriellaville VianneyIl y a 8 jours
  • Mbappe for ballon d or

    jj PSGjj PSGIl y a 8 jours
  • He speaks very good english for being french.

    nordsson18nordsson18Il y a 10 jours
  • Better English than Harry Kane

    Iamfly UKIamfly UKIl y a 12 jours
  • Why does he play for PSG then?

    Connor-Craig SellarsConnor-Craig SellarsIl y a 12 jours
  • I think he is the best in the wold. ⚽⚽⚽

    wsm antaras 1wsm antaras 1Il y a 14 jours
  • He sounds American

    Football Reviews99Football Reviews99Il y a 15 jours
  • I love Kilian 💘

    かてかてIl y a 16 jours
  • His accent 😍

    Rayyana98Rayyana98Il y a 17 jours
  • It is the first time I hear him talk

    xMinaxMinaIl y a 17 jours
  • I hope one day his English grow up as mine

    Mr. Never Give Up 224K view 7 hour agoMr. Never Give Up 224K view 7 hour agoIl y a 18 jours
  • 🧊😎

    Awaken The Greatness WithinAwaken The Greatness WithinIl y a 19 jours
  • Hey boy the best on the world are retired.

    Pinche Bola De YoyosPinche Bola De YoyosIl y a 20 jours
  • Wow, his English is pretty good!👏🏼👏🏼

    Isabela Aos 10 - Isabela NunesIsabela Aos 10 - Isabela NunesIl y a 20 jours
  • Vive le roi

    Fell ThrewFell ThrewIl y a 21 jour
  • Le kyky !!

    Sieg JägerSieg JägerIl y a 24 jours
  • He speaks better English that Harry Kane

    american spiritamerican spiritIl y a 24 jours
  • He start To follow Cristiano in hardly way

    Top TraduireTop TraduireIl y a 24 jours
  • i am français and i am proude

    우수우수Il y a 25 jours
  • I literally cannot believe how much his english has improved. absolutely unbelievable

    AlphaAlphaIl y a 25 jours
  • Mbapee king

    No LioNo LioIl y a 25 jours
  • His English is so good for someone who has never played in an English Club

    RPV officielRPV officielIl y a 25 jours
  • MBAPPE should become Voice Over for tv show narrator or characther HIS Voice is Gold

    EMIR EEMIR EIl y a 25 jours
  • English way better than Harry Kane's

    Aaron HomerAaron HomerIl y a 26 jours
  • His english is good

    Gareth Neysmith-DavisGareth Neysmith-DavisIl y a 26 jours
  • My favourite player

    Selvavinayakam SitkumaranSelvavinayakam SitkumaranIl y a 26 jours
  • He spoke well in English

    Shuaib The Lal-BhaiShuaib The Lal-BhaiIl y a 26 jours
  • Didn't know that he sounded like this

    Thiruchelvanesam LogarajThiruchelvanesam LogarajIl y a 26 jours
  • I am very impressed by his English. He must play for Epl clubs!!!

    Sergio AhnSergio AhnIl y a 26 jours
  • le mec il parle anglais comme sur le terrain !

    JUDYJUDYIl y a 26 jours

    ZOROZOROIl y a 26 jours
  • 1:00 mbappe

    DLS SoccerDLS SoccerIl y a 26 jours
  • Respect to this amazing player! From a Bayern fan.

    Liberty or DeathLiberty or DeathIl y a 27 jours
  • For a frenchman, the man's English is pretty remarkable given the fact majority of french people literally distort English lol

    Yahya OaYahya OaIl y a 27 jours
  • This was genuinely such an alpha interview. Oozing confidence this guy.

    PunyaPunyaIl y a 27 jours
  • He’s so nice lmao,he smiles he’s being respectful,such a bright future 😁

    hoiy vinosahoiy vinosaIl y a 27 jours
  • The confidence on this lad is just incredible 👏👏

    Jordan BaxterJordan BaxterIl y a 27 jours
  • Der angebrannte kann nix

    colo niacolo niaIl y a 27 jours
  • First time hearing him speaking English😍

    Rayyana98Rayyana98Il y a 27 jours
  • For people that say "His english is really good". This is what we say in France : "His French is so good" because he speak in a very elegant French lol He speak well no matter if it's french or English seem like

    ReiitoReiitoIl y a 27 jours
    • I dont believe its mbappes voice

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosaIl y a 27 jours
  • He seems like such a nice guy. 👌🏽

    Madvillany718Madvillany718Il y a 27 jours
  • Mbappé, il a un don. Il parle très bien l'anglais ♥️👍

    Football AFRICAINFootball AFRICAINIl y a 28 jours
    • C'est rashford c'est pas possible 🤣🤣

      ruud voom mistelroumruud voom mistelroumIl y a 26 jours
  • Sympatische Nudel

    TechnikkisteTechnikkisteIl y a 28 jours
  • Mbappe is overrated

    GamingGamingIl y a 28 jours
  • The way he spoke french in the interview before the game and after practically clean English. 😂 upcoming legend

    doliio volaydoliio volayIl y a 28 jours
  • Bizarre MBAPPÉ qui parle anglais oh mon Dieu 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂.

    Levi-josias OhinchinLevi-josias OhinchinIl y a 28 jours
  • My teammate was so good😬

    wheezy fnwheezy fnIl y a 28 jours
  • I live in France but France people don’t like speaking English and l am very impressed with his English

    Anokye Darkoh KennethAnokye Darkoh KennethIl y a 28 jours
    • In Paris it will be very hot and I guess Bayer will score at least 2 goals

      doliio volaydoliio volayIl y a 28 jours
  • I love mbappé

    Usman UmarUsman UmarIl y a 28 jours
  • Speaks better English than harry kane

    Mohammed AhmedMohammed AhmedIl y a 28 jours
  • Speaks better English than Kane

    James CrawfordJames CrawfordIl y a 28 jours
  • Mashallah..

    DWI- DWADWI- DWAIl y a 28 jours
  • He's my biggest item of all time

    Gaming Whith FahadGaming Whith FahadIl y a 28 jours
  • I dont believe its mbappes voice

    Muhammad zulqarnain KashMuhammad zulqarnain KashIl y a 28 jours
  • then he need to come to epl ... the world best league ...

    KenKenIl y a 29 jours
  • Kylian "GSP" Mpabbe. Swear this man sounds just like GSP. Same demeanor.

    Robert DavisRobert DavisIl y a 29 jours
  • Monsieur se la pete avec son anglais

    idri2s69idri2s69Il y a 29 jours
  • Mbappe la Ligue et puis le win-win c'est sont des chiffres comme ca alors vas y a fond..

    BP vs Beny delPiélosBP vs Beny delPiélosIl y a 29 jours
  • One of thebest

    Sharifmd MdSharifmd MdIl y a 29 jours
  • I dont know why, but i wanna say baguette for no reason.

    Sean NicolasSean NicolasIl y a 29 jours
  • Mbappe al Madrid

    Tonio BLDTonio BLDIl y a 29 jours
  • Wow, this is actually my first time listening to Mbappe speaking English !! and he's really good at it !!!

    Edmond VenisteEdmond VenisteIl y a 29 jours
  • In Paris it will be very hot and I guess Bayer will score at least 2 goals

    Николай БережецкийНиколай БережецкийIl y a 29 jours
  • Harry kane take notes

    MrHabibMrHabibIl y a 29 jours
  • His voice souns like he is 30 years old

    SJ 7SJ 7Il y a 29 jours
  • Mbappe coming to the premier league confirmed

    AladdinAladdinIl y a 29 jours
  • speaks better english than kane

    it's cool guyit's cool guyIl y a 29 jours
  • "I love to play against the best in the world" Says a man playing in Europe's worst league :O

    SmittySmittyIl y a 29 jours
  • He's coming to premier league with that level of English!

    Ibrahim KhanIbrahim KhanIl y a 29 jours
  • He speaks English better than some people I know from Sorbonne

    Dan RivoltaDan RivoltaIl y a 29 jours
  • What a charisma for 22 y/o! Impressive!

    Faith98Faith98Il y a 29 jours
  • Notice how he says “we scored the last goal”. He’s not selfish even though he’s the one who scored 2 goals. Confident but so down to earth. I can see a bright future i wish him all the best

    Xxph 88Xxph 88Il y a 29 jours
    • yes I agree💯

      Jordan MaeJordan MaeIl y a 12 jours
    • So humble regarding his age and fame at that age

      진격의거머리진격의거머리Il y a 20 jours
  • His English is getting good day by day👌👌👌

    rajkishoregope1967 rkgope1967rajkishoregope1967 rkgope1967Il y a 29 jours
  • Bruh I’m only realising now this is the first time I heard him speak

    Sean McManusSean McManusIl y a 29 jours
  • His english is kinda reminding me about ronaldo speaking english in man utd

    Noah ReactsNoah ReactsIl y a 29 jours
  • Mans lowkey sounds like Ronaldo

    Lereko MasukuLereko MasukuIl y a 29 jours
  • @NW5U Lateral 2002 fera de mais, Sandi é o raio.

    Desportivo SantistaDesportivo SantistaIl y a 29 jours
  • Bruh he says "good" like cr7

    Hanniel_ ChettyHanniel_ ChettyIl y a 29 jours
  • Come and play v Forest then😂😂

    Pearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows BestPearce GreatestEverLeftBack Knows BestIl y a 29 jours
  • His goals were op

    Neev MalhotraNeev MalhotraIl y a 29 jours
  • He wanted to say better players in the world...

    Rafael SeguraRafael SeguraIl y a 29 jours
  • Mbampe improving his English, so brilliant of him

    Leonard Orji OfforLeonard Orji OfforIl y a 29 jours
  • He's really one for tha future.

    Ryan McdonaldRyan McdonaldIl y a 29 jours
  • He speaks english better than harry kane

    Márton BarnaMárton BarnaIl y a 29 jours
  • The player who claim he’s better than CR7 and Messi.He’s good but too much air in the head

    John WickedJohn WickedIl y a 29 jours
    • He never said that. He said both are better than him

      EbitariEbitariIl y a 29 jours
  • He sounds so mature and grown-up for his age

    SolUploadzSolUploadzIl y a 29 jours
  • Big respect for impressive english ;)

    AmstafeskullAmstafeskullIl y a 29 jours
  • Mbappe can speak English? Wow I didn't know. He even speak fluently

    World SeaWorld SeaIl y a 29 jours
  • He speak English better than Harry kane

    TSMx4AM TenzingTSMx4AM TenzingIl y a 29 jours
  • Killy Mbaps 🔜 Anfield ✔️

    Justa nuvagermJusta nuvagermIl y a 29 jours
  • He was studying English & Spanish 2years back

    Allaan ToxicAllaan ToxicIl y a 29 jours
  • lol his voice

    LooneytuneLooneytuneIl y a 29 jours
  • kylian plzzzz win the second leg we need an 86 kehrer

    Seb CortesSeb CortesIl y a 29 jours
  • He speaks better English than Harry Kane

    saf chelsaf chelIl y a 29 jours
  • The guy is 21 , speaks like a boss in English .

    nitish saliannitish salianIl y a 29 jours
  • Il a un meilleur accent que n'importe quel joueur Français qui joue en Angleterre depuis 5 ans.

    Bilbo02Bilbo02Il y a 29 jours
  • Mbappe is overrated !!i dont know why defenders let him play they dont go tough on him they affraid mbappe dont get injured because he s a money maker ...old school defenders will get on his back wont allow him to turn around after he gets the ball and no hestitation about tackle if he making a dribble he always go right left right then shots it is common move and players like (baresi maldini nesta puyol vidic stam rio.f terry caravalho samuel lucio lovren and i could go on and on...) just to tough for him if he s turned he back on them fulham just built different!!! Let s go NUFC

    leggo legg25leggo legg25Il y a mois