If I Hadn't Caught It On Camera You Wouldn't Have Believed Me

26 mars 2021
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Another awesome day in North Alabama today friends. After really rough day yesterday, with tornadoes running all through the state, we are out catching a huge honeybee swarm from a cedar tree.
I can't believe it myself that this is the second swarm I've caught so far and both queens were captured before I ever shook the branch. This is really making swarm catching fun.
I hope you all are enjoying my 2021 Bee season kickoff with these swarm shakes. I sure am. I believe it puts me ahead of my buddy's Jpthebeeman, 628DirtRooster and Jeff Horchoff. Although I know they will catch up quick, it's nice to lead the race at some point.
Enjoy everyone and I hope you enjoyed a little fun from Yappybeeman.
I get calls like this all the time, something flying in a small hole and it looks like bees or yellow jacket wasps. sometimes even for a squirrel or a raccoon. I enjoy every new experience when it comes to removing bees from structures. Construction obstacles always seem to challenge me with every job. As a bee remover, I find the good and bad in construction design. Some things look great but make it easy for bees to set up shop and call it home also. Other times, bees move in due to a lack of home maintainace. But no matter the reason, Yappy Beeman is ready to come rescue the honey bees.
Check out my friends video channels also. Jpthebeeman , 628Dirtroosterbees and Jeff Horchoff for some more great honey bee videos.
Yappy Beeman is a professional bee remover performing live honey bee removals in Alabama as "Alabama Bee Rescue" and relocates them to apiaries away from residential areas so they can rebuild and thrive as a honey bee colony producing honey. Yappy is an Alabama Beekeepers association member that has performed over 500 live bee removals. Yappy with the help of his great friend and mentor; JpTheBeeman, a professional beekeeper , has learned many skills to remove bee swarms and honey bee colonies safely for the bees and homeowners alike.

  • I’m glad I read the video description. The idea of “Bee rescue” is awesome.

    ZulmokaZulmokaIl y a jour
    • @B K I always check descriptions because it’s just the polite thing to do if they’ve left something

      Gage & Serena AndersonGage & Serena AndersonIl y a heure
    • @opportunesky Thanks! Used it for years

      ZulmokaZulmokaIl y a 3 heures
    • @Kuroi Ame Wa Hidoi cry about it

      _27_27Il y a 4 heures
    • malding bees

      _27_27Il y a 4 heures
    • @M. 777 No, kill the wasps. Hornets aren't that bad.

      Why park Jimin when you can ride JiminWhy park Jimin when you can ride JiminIl y a 4 heures
  • imune from bee sting?

    Xhien ScarFaceXhien ScarFaceIl y a 2 minutes
  • Who knew herding 1000 bees is easier than herding 10 cows

    you cant shim sham the zimm zammyou cant shim sham the zimm zammIl y a 4 minutes
  • This man just picked up a handful of bees off the hive like it's so normal. This really proves bees aren't out to sting you

    Greg ChessonGreg ChessonIl y a 5 minutes
  • How tf does he just take those stings

    Jordan_real YTJordan_real YTIl y a 5 minutes
  • You destroyed their home, I think u shouldn't be surprised they are pissed

    Smoothly RoughSmoothly RoughIl y a 6 minutes
  • "sorry for shaky cmera-" *pisses off a bunch of a bees*

    DA Shiny Punny Mars KingDA Shiny Punny Mars KingIl y a 7 minutes
  • 😳

    Xavier McKnightXavier McKnightIl y a 8 minutes

    Dark BladeDark BladeIl y a 8 minutes
  • I am fascinated that so many of they are fitting I to that one box.

    Virginia ReidVirginia ReidIl y a 8 minutes
  • I got anxiety just watching this! I can't imagine putting my hand in a hive like that, or messing with bees. Brave man.

    nunya bizznunya bizzIl y a 10 minutes
  • Everyone’s talking about how much of a chad he is for sticking a bare hand into the swarm but not about how he saw the queen bee, which looks exactly like all the other bees, and grabbed it perfectly on his first try.

    ChewyChewyIl y a 12 minutes
  • Imagine what the neighbors were thinking when they see a swarm of bees over a guy sitting on his truck and hes not even hurt.

    Billy Bailey JrBilly Bailey JrIl y a 12 minutes
  • I don't mind bees.. but if I found something like this I would be fucking out of there D:

    LucasWerewolfLucasWerewolfIl y a 12 minutes
  • For some odd reason I was super worried that when you shook the tree branch that all of the bees would somehow leave the confines of my monitor and enter my room...

    Auspicious FrogAuspicious FrogIl y a 13 minutes
  • Good thing they aren’t Africanized. All we have in Vegas these days are Africanized Honeybees and every single one of those bees would have attacked him for just standing too close to the hive. They are so dang aggressive. SCARY, especially for people who have allergies and just happen to be waking by a hive.

    Kristi HartKristi HartIl y a 14 minutes
  • Your a fucking MONSTER good win

    Chase BarnesChase BarnesIl y a 14 minutes
  • 2:44 here he sounds like Ranboo for me XD

    Bogi GąsiorekBogi GąsiorekIl y a 14 minutes
  • I thank my recommendations, I learned something new and watched something cool.😃

    TECHSPECTECHSPECIl y a 15 minutes
  • rad

    rathalos kingoftheskiesrathalos kingoftheskiesIl y a 17 minutes
  • No no no aaagh! Anxiety attack, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight

    Luke CooperLuke CooperIl y a 19 minutes
  • I'm honestly shocked.

    Connor DuConnor DuIl y a 20 minutes
  • i cant beelieve it

    UnderscoreUnderscoreIl y a 21 minute
  • Were gonna need a bigger box

    cj Shellcj ShellIl y a 22 minutes
  • Very good and important job you did🤩My hero.. WE really need those small superhoneybees. Peace from Denmark

    yourtoygod 4everyourtoygod 4everIl y a 23 minutes
  • Thank you for this amazing video

    JP VJP VIl y a 24 minutes
  • How come they don't sting you? Not that I want them to, but why?

    Adlai MeadeAdlai MeadeIl y a 25 minutes
  • This video was terrifying, yet in a fun way.

    Spruce BentonSpruce BentonIl y a 25 minutes
  • How did you know which one was the queen? Sorry if you have explained it previously but this is my first time seeing this!

    debsam77debsam77Il y a 27 minutes
  • The bees buzzing in my earphones felt too real. My ears started itching

    butter pecanbutter pecanIl y a 27 minutes
  • This man has a death wish-

    Rei KatoRei KatoIl y a 28 minutes
  • This man has a death wish

    Rei KatoRei KatoIl y a 28 minutes

    geekbot9999geekbot9999Il y a 29 minutes
  • I'm alergic to bees if I lived near that house over there where you are and I saw you drop almost 50,000 bees I'm running for my life lmaoo

    its_a_me_kaseanits_a_me_kaseanIl y a 29 minutes
  • I could neverrrr do this

    Fun ReadersFun ReadersIl y a 31 minute
  • Why is this so fun to watch?

    Fake TacoLoverFake TacoLoverIl y a 31 minute
  • I hate the bzzzzz sound in my headphones, bro am I the only one who feel so unconfortable? Xddd

    MichelaMichelaIl y a 33 minutes
  • Idk why this was recommended to me, but you have a new subscriber😅

    Don L. Townsel IIIDon L. Townsel IIIIl y a 33 minutes
  • Nobody gonna talk about him not wearing a bee suit???🤐 Legendary

    Coffee_ DrizzleCoffee_ DrizzleIl y a 34 minutes
  • And he did this for what-

    *_Dead EmUse_**_Dead EmUse_*Il y a 35 minutes
  • “You would not bee-lieve your eyes if you saw 10 million fireflies”

    Makennan GerhardsMakennan GerhardsIl y a 36 minutes
  • Should just kill them all.

    paul hollandpaul hollandIl y a 36 minutes
  • i would believe you if you had some kinda video proof

    Extreme playerExtreme playerIl y a 37 minutes
  • Jeez, idk what to think, hes too powerful

    SilicSilicIl y a 39 minutes
  • I do what you think you are doing, but in Europe. You are SO FUCKING BAD, it can't be described. And the big mouth all over it. Oh my fucking spaghetti monster! If you had a license, what you said and did there would be considered an offense... Maniac!

    Florian JuFlorian JuIl y a 40 minutes
  • It looks like what's in my breakfast bowl every morning broo, Coco-Pops...😳

    RealTorbinatoRRealTorbinatoRIl y a 40 minutes
  • I saw a bee bleeding out from the crash :(

    Hollow HowlsHollow HowlsIl y a 40 minutes
  • don't know why I watched this... terrified of bees. They've haunted me my whole life. Started when I was 4 years old. moved to new place. checking out the playground. Kid there says try the horse it's really fun. You know those metal horse things on springs that can rock back and forth. well I get on start rocking and there's a beehive inside. 6 bee stings

    wordelowordeloIl y a 41 minute
  • Hello everyone this is YOUR daily dose of internet..

    Talal hTalal hIl y a 42 minutes
  • 2:15 to 3:45 This is how I picture things behave at the quantum level.

    Heck YeaHeck YeaIl y a 42 minutes
  • Lets ask BUZZfeed about it...

    סמואל רקגייסמואל רקגייIl y a 43 minutes
  • Plot twist: the reason they didn't attack him was because he was also a bee.

    HyperionHyperionIl y a 43 minutes
  • This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! Idgy Threadgoode who? You're the REAL beecharmer!

    Ruby RoseRuby RoseIl y a 47 minutes
  • It's so strange being next to a bunch of living beings that could literally cover your body.

    Third Dimensional BeingThird Dimensional BeingIl y a 47 minutes
  • do not watch with headphones. you will not like what you hear when he shakes the tree

    PaloozaPaloozaIl y a 48 minutes
  • Me having apiphobia

    Hiccstrid ForeverHiccstrid ForeverIl y a 49 minutes
  • You know how terrified people are of spiders with arachnophobia? Im like that with bees, wasps, and hornets. Petrified. This? HELL NO. I’ll gladly face a pack if mountain lions instead. I’ll die? Better then this nightmare.

    Lone Wolfs LairLone Wolfs LairIl y a 50 minutes
  • Did you just grab a handful of bees like nothing was wrong

    Brandon McClainBrandon McClainIl y a 50 minutes
  • Holy moly that's a lot of bees 🐝 😳

    Ariona HallAriona HallIl y a 50 minutes
  • Awwwe 😍😯

    Ariona HallAriona HallIl y a 51 minute
  • RIP earphones

    Jade MaverickJade MaverickIl y a 52 minutes
  • _hand full of bees_ guy: not too bad

    SpyrineSpyrineIl y a 53 minutes
  • As one with a Phobia, hoooly shit

    NekuNekuIl y a 53 minutes
  • Gosh, it's so terrific to watch this with headphones. I literally can fell those bees near to my ears.

    Вячеслав ШестаковВячеслав ШестаковIl y a 55 minutes
  • Bro my man just reached his hand into a nest full of thousands of bees without a suit wtf

    Mom BefrienderMom BefrienderIl y a 55 minutes
  • Idk this is scary as fuck

    Aadhya ChintalaAadhya ChintalaIl y a 58 minutes
  • You’re crazy!

    Big KidBig KidIl y a 59 minutes
  • Carefully, he’s a hero.

    Evin RoenEvin RoenIl y a 59 minutes
  • Thank you for what you do. They are so cool

    Cindy SantoyesCindy SantoyesIl y a heure
  • This is so scary. No bee suit or gloves? 😭😭

    mandi torrezmandi torrezIl y a heure
  • Maybe the bees got scared Of his gigantic balls

    Agustin MoralesAgustin MoralesIl y a heure
  • I must know how many times he got stung-

    Shadow KirbyShadow KirbyIl y a heure
  • My mans really just stuck his hand into a giant amalgamation of bees and is concerned about his camera shaking

    PhantomBlazeScythe 19454PhantomBlazeScythe 19454Il y a heure
  • the only thing missing right now is that you take a handfull of bees and then take a bite!

    Erik SimcaErik SimcaIl y a heure
  • I don’t understand why it was necessary to move them. It seems to be an isolated area, why not leave them alone?

    Ed HEd HIl y a heure
  • Balls of steel 2021 award goes to ---->

    Irfan DaniIrfan DaniIl y a heure
  • Amazing to watch when I was a kid I got stung by a bee on a earlobe & that taught me to respect how nasty they can be when threatened so you must be immune form their anger ! 👌👏😄

    Falstaff 1893Falstaff 1893Il y a heure
  • Why?

    JothamJothamIl y a heure
  • Why do I always feel like the worker bees are sad and they feel like slaves and they cant escape being slaves for the queen bee

    Alexandria HartAlexandria HartIl y a heure
  • Guy kidnaps Queen bee and slams the bees into his truck Guy: Ohhhh no there angry

    Alexandria HartAlexandria HartIl y a heure
  • Him:**kidnaps queen bee and slam those bees effortlessly* Me:**proceed to scream like a dolphin because one bee gets into my room*

    回_lalisunshine回_lalisunshineIl y a heure
  • I never thought someone would see a giant bee hive and think wow let me just grab a handful real quick

    Jimbo PlopperJimbo PlopperIl y a heure
  • watch in 1.5x 👍

    Aayu AyazAayu AyazIl y a heure
  • How do you even walk with massive steel balls

    strike is trash lmaostrike is trash lmaoIl y a heure
  • Oh my lord don’t watch this with headphones my hole body shivered

    Marie LouMarie LouIl y a heure
  • using this for my insectophobia treatment

    Wurmloch1 MorganWurmloch1 MorganIl y a heure
  • Battle concept : Spiderman vs beeman

    XsplasmaXsplasmaIl y a heure
  • God level 7 Respect!

    karrskarrkarrskarrIl y a heure
  • I want to be this guy when I’m older. Total badass- no suit no smoke just bare skin and the bravery of a sloth of bears.

    Denver BarattaDenver BarattaIl y a heure
  • Yes, very cool !

    Peter BachPeter BachIl y a heure
  • "Isn't that cool?" Welp, it looks cool but I really wouldn't do it because I'm a pissy and I don't want to get stung

    SchwarzerVirusSchwarzerVirusIl y a heure
  • You have guts my man! 🤘😁

    TheOpticalFreakTheOpticalFreakIl y a heure
  • 2:20 I thought there is something inside my ears👀

    Adith KAdith KIl y a heure
  • If you can, please invest in a GoPro camera. This is pretty cool to see

    sunscorpio81sunscorpio81Il y a heure
  • I would be so scared

    SUKESUKEIl y a heure
  • "So far I've been stung twice" HOW ARE YOU SO CHILL ABOUT IT!!!!!

    SquishySquishyIl y a heure
  • There were so many bees it lagged irl

    dxvid youngindxvid younginIl y a heure
  • That was actually really frickin cool and your attitude made it better lol

    Fast DaFoxFast DaFoxIl y a heure
  • suprise when he shook that nest down his balls of steel didn't dent the truck....

    neoniconneoniconIl y a heure