LATE FOR NINJA WARRIOR (Extreme obstacle course POV)

22 janv. 2021
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I'm late for Ninja Warrior & they are waiting for us on the stage ! Let's enjoy this extreme obstacle course POV, with a lot of Parkour in Paris !
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    • 꼬밍이:저여 1.머리 예쁜거 없음 2.예쁜 옷 없음 3.현질 못함 4.얼굴 표정 2개 밖에 없음 5.모자 아예 없음 6.셔츠 별로 없음 7.티셔츠 아예 없음 8.바지 이쁜거 없음 9.얼굴 장신구 1개 밖에 없음

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  • Just use a car

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  • Imagine one day he missed a step and falls down a 7 story building

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  • Your girlfriend smart than you, she know the shortcut way lol

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  • 1.22 That looks real fun!

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  • imaginez qu'il est tombé du pont et a atterri dans l'eau traduit!!!

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  • SAY is it faster running tha. Doing parkour LOL

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  • IF YOU KAREN'S THAT HATE THIS SHOW DON'T 😤 EVAN WHATCH 😤 THIS for all you people that liked it have a blessed 🙏 day and just know I hope you doing well

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