Masego, Shenseea - Silver Tongue Devil

29 oct. 2020
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""Silver Tongue Devil"" Lyrics here:
[Verse 1]
You know I can talk my way Into sacred places.
I know try, just blame my snake it is son of satin.
They say my my my you stole my time, I say time’s a wastin.
Don’t you cry, just wipe your eyes, I know what you’re thinking.
Silver tongue devil.
She call me cocky man.
I say my head is level.
[Shenseea Verse]
Nuh matter what
U can be slick wit dat talk
If i'm willing i will let you know
And if u are serious about ya feelings then surely the loving will show
U wa see me see me
Jus fi gi mi mi
One dip a di tip
Get in it in it
Jus a minute u a take fi bruck ina me me
Cause me na make u wait tooo long
U wont let me goooooo
I will have u wanting it more
Lock the devil down ina hole
Masego bring flames to me Soul
Silver tongue devil.
She call me cocky man.
I say my head is level.
Silver tongue devil.
She call me cocky man.
I know I'm in trouble
[Masego 3rd verse]
Tongue gon tell you so many lies.
Cause of them thighs,
Legs, eyes, head, smile
Baby come over
I know you want me sober
I go the mile for ya
I put a child on ya.
Silver tongue devil.
She call me cocky man.
I say my head is level.
Spit game he won’t change
Any other woman would say the same.
dir/edit: @xtremeartsja
prod mgr + creative dir: @nellieannrebel
gaffer: @cashflowxtreme
PA: @glenessa_
set designer: @mz_laenahj
MUA: @tha.face.slayer @makeup_shan_
Masego stylist: @vancegamble
Shenseea stylist: @mz_xeristyles
colorist: @instacee
exec prod: @hennyeqt @romeichent

band: @Dorian_drumz @Mewziq_lover @nico_phuzzion @malx_percussionist

dancers: @kimikoversatile (choreographer + dancer) @reda_versatile @cautiion_flexx
@rushellmalcolm @goldie_locs876 @catkingcole__
@cautiion_cavell @jamal_kriptic_klique

models: @bigupanash @romyahj @rachel_elisabeth__

Shot in Kingston, Jamaica

#Masego #Shenseea #SilverTongueDevil
Music video by Masego, Shenseea performing Silver Tongue Devil. EQT Recordings/Capitol Records; © 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc. & EQT Recordings, LLC.

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