Stealing Black Swan's eggs... to save them

9 janv. 2021
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In the middle of the winter, Black Swans in Holland sometimes lay their eggs, because their biological clock is still set to Australia. Mom will sit patiently on her nest, in the middle of the ice. I had seen this ending wrong last year, with beautiful little Swanlings that unfortunately had all died the next morning... this time I was going to intervene.
Music in this video:
Apart by Paul Motram
Sunrise on the savannah by James Brett
Whispers on Water by Julie Cooper
Power of Flight by Chesney Hawkes and Sam Wedgwood
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  • You're adopted?

  • Wait a minute you're Dutch like my?

  • As an Australian this breaks my heart. These beautiful black swans are dying because of the fucked season in between hemispheres

    Ace GlorinzAce GlorinzIl y a heure
  • The beginning sounds like a true crime documentary

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  • Do you still have Kippiekip and chicks? if so how are they? :)

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  • You are so lovely, do not change.

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  • the Mama like: dis ma nest back off giant hooman!

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  • The swan thinking her eggs where eatin

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  • You kissed an egg, weird

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  • i love birds and i love hatching some but i don't now how to do it without a incubator

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  • Best guy i ever met in youtube

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  • This man is legendary

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  • This is thee worst skating channel ever

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  • God bless you dear 🙏

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  • Why hello albert, I sorta need your help, one of my baby chick silkies have their eye shut and I have tried to open it but its stuck like that, can you please help me? I hope you read the comments

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  • He is the dad of many animals

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  • Watching your videos.... IF...IF I ever met you irl and a protest, street fight, etc,etc were to go down... I would not want to be within 10miles of you. Que Imagination: I can literally see you spread your arms out like Snow White in Shrek the Third calling on all your friendly birdy friends (with a lust to kill). Upon you shrilling like a banshee that just accidentally T-bagged an unnoticed stalagmite whalst strolling through his dwellings, upon hearing this, a flock of mixed foul and poultry swarm the skies like migrating locusts blocking the sun and bringing darkness upon the land. The sound of Viking war horns will be heard and a slight hint of dubstep rings...just slightly. AND the Doom begins.... As you hold your Hello Kitty umbrella close the foul drop the most FOUL smelling snow on all who are within the area. Eye pecking! Shin pecking, that one rooster that likes no one but walks around all cool like until you get too close! That goose that just does GOOSE things! The horror... And when all is done and the enemies have either ran or been completely covered in birdy doodoo... You sprinkle a few seeds and they all disperse in a flash of light and feathers. That's just what I can see anyhow... Your too nice of a guy to do that tho....🤔 I think.

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  • Hilarious. Charming. Cute. This guy is the best mom ever - no matter the species :D

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  • Wow beautiful chick...nice👏👏👏👏👏

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  • I have bird fobia but still they are do cute

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  • You'r a grate man.

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  • Dont know why u had to interfere with them. Mom could of done it just fine . U say its cause they are from Australia but if they are in the Netherlands now they have learned to survive and adapt to the cold and probably dont need ur help

    Jayson M.Jayson M.Il y a jour
    • Just stfu it's cold over there, they can freeze to death when they have hatched so he would need to save some.

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  • “Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.” -Optimus Prime

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  • Ik heb jullie gemist dit weekend 🤗

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  • Your are amazing 😍

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  • This shows you love birds 😊

  • Unless i'm wrong.. because you stressed out the mother and didn't replace the eggs with dummy ones. You may have inadvertently stopped her from ever breeding or raising chicks to maturity again. During warmer seasons, of course.

    Lie FeralLie FeralIl y a jour
  • What dose he do with all of them let them go?

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  • We don’t need people like this, we should be people like this

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  • Какие хорошинкие

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  • Sappy, made for profit video

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  • I love your videos. They are interesting.

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  • They are so cuteeeee😊

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  • how passionate heart u have i like you man.

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  • 4:53 i like her weave wonder where she got it from

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  • can you please name one of your animals Kai if you havent already

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  • Wait.. he's from the Netherlands? Me too 🤪

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  • Why’d you take the eggs there mom is probably going too kill you and the mom is gonna be really sad

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  • Навіщо ви забрали у мами діток? 😒

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  • It’s nice to save the little swan. But how to teach them to survive in the wild? It is the challenging part.

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  • You had to steal them wow a bit mean

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  • I adore you, man. Greetings from Slovenia. :*

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  • This guy literaly saving the animals,not like those fake animal saving.god bless you.

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  • God bless you Bro FANS from INDIA

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  • U should have kidnapped the swan well idk was that an option but I saw a video and a swan died bc her babies were stolen

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  • ❤️

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  • I have baby chicks and they are beautiful but I have one now which is dead he was opening his mouth again again this was the second one which was doing this can you please tell why my chicks were doing that and what I have to do with my another ones if something happens to them Mr nature

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  • I'm so glad at least you save them not destroying the swan eggs. I hate the people who destroy these kind of swan eggs.

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  • In last where was third one

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  • So did he gove them back to mother swan?

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  • Leuke video! Het is bijna een documentaire!

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  • Few days ago in my grandparents house i found a dead hen and the eggs right beside her i literally coudnt sleep that day. i decided to take them home and one of it started to move and i felt it i gave those eggs to a known person who has a looot of pets and a looot of animals (he loves each one of them.) And 3 days later i saw all of the chicks where infront of me kept in a box of fur and grass they were soooo cute 😌😌🥺🥺😘😘 THANKS GOD

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