The Deeper Themes of Wano | Complete ARC ANALYSIS

25 sept. 2019
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  • Vid finally out! Aiming to get BIG Blackbeard Analysis video out either this Weekend or Monday, so look out for that as well!

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    • Update after 1000?

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    • Pretty sure this guy would tell me all about my life just why looking at my face....even deeper things I would have never thought about

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    • Song name plz?

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    • Dude your vids are amazing. Keep up the good work

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    • @Chin Hoe Wong oh yeah, your right. I was rereading and got to that part in arlong park arc when I saw this so it was fresh on my mind but yeah, you're totally right

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  • Me, reads the title - The deeper themes of Wano | Complete Arc | : Ah! Yes, the "complete arc"

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  • what is the song used in the backround? which one piece theme is it again

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  • enjoyed every second of it brother !

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  • I hope you will give an update on this!! So good!

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  • Truly one of the best One Piece Anitubers

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  • The last words i want Luffy to say are "I love you guys"

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  • ODRA!

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  • Incredible

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  • Chapter 1000 Zoro dad reveal?

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  • Dude thank you for the inforamtion. What is to come next?

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  • Another small parallel, Oden became the daimyo at age 20 and it looks like Luffy will become the pirate king at 19/20.

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  • How you really gonna do a complete wano arc analysis a year ago while it’s literally still going lmfao

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    • Its the benefits of being a time travler 😂

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  • That's why fire festival will end in a failure.

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  • There not he's Followers or subordinates. There his family and friends.

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    • @The big dog In this bitch Very true!

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    • They are all friends and family bu they’re also his followers and subordinates

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    • yes! thank you

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  • Very knowledgeable plus informative bro 💥💥💯💯

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  • 9:55 And popular with the ladies lol

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  • it reminds me of chopper apology to mocha and how he understands the suffering that the children's were put through

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  • it reminds me of chopper apology to mocha and how he understands the suffering that the children's were put through

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  • Your analysis is like One Piece. So good and not boring even if its long. Always making me wanting more.

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  • I wish I have your literary analysis skills, would help me pass English class tbh

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    • English class is always the worst

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  • Added a comment because it was at 666 now it’s at 667. You’re welcome morj. Please revisit reverie and do the themes and unanswered plot threads

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  • Very good video

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  • 36:00 I disagree, this is not a new take. During syrup village Zoro tells ussop that they are not heroes or charity, they just want to help because he has the spirit.

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  • "The scabbards are the straw hats without Luffy." Oh, I never thought of it that way. That's a really interesting perspective on things. Oda really loves parallels in storytelling.

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  • You sir, have enlightened me on the topic of themes. What a good video!

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  • Wano

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  • Just saw ur video on dressrosa... And liked this video b4 even watching it... Coz after last video i am assured this video is also gonna be OP like a pure work of a genius... U r awesome

  • What a waste of time.. Useless video

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  • Okay this is somewhat of an old video... but a crewmate dying? Wooo that would be a surprise I would like!

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  • Mans says themes wrong every time yet says thematically perfect.

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  • I agree with what you're saying about most of this, but I feel like a lot of One Piece arcs have class themes? Especially in the new world. The fishmen are literally an underclass harvested for slave labor. Ceasar was experimenting on orphans. Dressrosa featured toy slaves and the process of becoming a slave means literally being forgotten by the world. WCI featured Big Mom's protection system, where people gave up their life spans in exchange for a comfortable life in her territory. Not to mention Nami's whole backstoy comments pretty strongly on poverty and its effects on people and families. It's not stated, as far as I remember, but it was one of the things that drove a wedge between Nami, Nojiko, and Bellemere.

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  • Oda also mentioned along time ago that the Marinford arc was to be a more personalized story based on Luffy and his family and he felt that having the straw hats involved in such an arc, would take away the emotional impact and purpose of what that arc was trying to convey on a more personal level so he chose to not include the straw hat members at all.

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    • That was a great choice on his part

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  • You have a remarkable way to analyse these things and an even more remarkable way in presenting your analysis!. I didn't expect to watch through the whole over 40min long video but yeah... I didn't even realize until almost at the end of the video that I was already so far in your analysis. 😁

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  • Damn reflecting on all of it made me cry more than what i have these years reading Wano

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  • Everything began when Luffy met Zoro. Zoro mentioned pirates are evil in the beginning but he’s perception later changed as seen helping a guy in Sabaody who got shot by the celestial dragons. Then you have Nami who hated pirates because of Arlong & had a notion that all pirates were the same but she later realised Luffy was different since he fought Buggy, Kuro & Arlong to save the lives of those he cared for same thing as Sanji. The reason why they keep getting stronger & stronger is their willingness to fight to death in order to protect each other’s dreams. All they care about is having a good adventure and following their ambitions. 1. They don’t fear death 2. Freedom to do whatever they want 3. Carefree not scared to beat their captain if he’s acting crazy 4. Trust they have for each other 5. Willingness to die for each other Other crews aren’t like that, it’s all about the captains. Right now Luffy knows he’s crew is very strong and they will survive no matter what and he has to get even stronger and they feel the same way so that they can stay together the longest.

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  • You earned a subscriber. The way you expressed the theme of loyalty nearly made me shead a tear while I thought of my fiancee. As silly as it might sounds it meant a lot.

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  • Me morj about to make me cry 😢

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    • Mr*

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  • Wouldn’t it be better if you had waited for the arc to actually be complete to make the complete analysis ? It could change some of your thinking no ?

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  • Bro you are stating the fact while acting like you came up with a theory 😂

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  • when you ask yourself "Did i really watched this anime?"

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  • Your videos are really cohesive

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  • My problem is Oden's Journal piping up in Wano on Yamato that wants to join Luffy's crew an too much information allowing shortcuts to Laughtale could be in there Moria? If he wasn't Sentimental he wouldnt have released the Shadows before sunrise to save his crew from being destroyed by the sunrise

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  • oh yeah its big brain time

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  • Idk why I just seen this video but I love the way you make your videos. You are just awesome. Big fan and keep up the good work.

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  • I just realized something or I 'm missing something: Inherited wills : Luffy : Roger/Shanks/Ace/Joy boy you name it :P I' ll say mostly Joy boy probably. Zoro : Kuina Nami : Belle Mere Usopp : Yassop and a little bit of Elbafs inherited will Sanji : Zeff/His mother Chopper : Dr hiluluk and probably Kureha Robin : Her mother/ Ohara people/ the lost civilization of the ancient Kingdom Franky : Tom / maybe in the future dr. Vegapunk we 'll see if that goes somewhere Brook : ????? Jimbei : Fisher Tiger / otohime probably both wills at the same time. So the inherited will is in everyones back story except Brooks. I guess we could say that Laboon or the rumba pirates have inherited their will to Brook but they don't seem as important or the will as strong. Because the one is a whale and the others were his equals, not his predescendants.

    BTimelessCBTimelessCIl y a 6 mois
    • @Chinua Alibatya I mean you can make a case yeah, I mentioned that (the rumba pirates), but still, doesn't seem as strong. I just feel like there is more to Brooks original inherited will. I might be reaching but I think that it might have to do with the binks sake song. Maybe brooks inherited will is bink?

      BTimelessCBTimelessCIl y a 5 mois
    • Brook his old crewmates who promised to meet Laboon again

      Chinua AlibatyaChinua AlibatyaIl y a 5 mois
  • I think you needed to add in "absence" to your faith formula to get that result.

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  • Mr Morj being an analysis boss as usual !

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  • Oda be like : “How did you do that”

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  • I'm really impressed with Oda's approach on classism in Wano. Orochi is NOT a celestial dragon-like dude, or someone brought into this world with everything. He's the exact opposite! He's been attacked, persecuted, spit on, etc., throughout his childhood just because of the name he was born with. He may have even been someone we sympathized with if we read a story about his youth! As a consequence... Orochi's power grab and reign of terror comes from a very deep-rooted hatred, and I think that's really interesting. A member of the "lowest class" seizing power, and enacting revenge on everyone who made his life hell. The panel where the citizens had the "Oh Shit" moment after Oden's death was revelaed, and Orochi's disgusted look as he looked at the citizens and said "Silence, Trash" made me shiver. The citizens aren't in their current position simply because Orochi "doesn't care about them," which is typical with shounen villain-kings (Goa kingdom, for example), he fucking HATES them!! In a way, he demonstrates the worst that can come out of the lowest class where unjust systems exist. it's not a coincidence that the Reverie and Revolutionaries' plots are being moved forward in between Wano parts ;)

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  • "My god Oda's a genius" love that line you said XD

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  • Even Kanjuro bamboozled Mr Morj

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  • Your channel has literally the most in-depth reviews of any anime Channel like I’ve never seen someone point out what one piece is about so well. As you can probably tell one piece is my favourite anime (ignore my profile pic😅) and I’ve never understood why I liked the story so much, I’m not that good at picking up on themes in storytelling so I can never truly appreciate one pieces story, what I like about this channel is how easy he breaks down everything and how well organized each video is, it’s unbelievable in-depth but I don’t find myself getting confused once throughout the whole video, this channel allows me to appreciate how complex and vast one pieces story is without feeling confused.

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  • This analysis was awesome. Thank you for such a good job!

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  • Morj ate the Spoilers-Spoilers Fruit

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  • Mr morj on his way to the one piece beating yonkos kol, JB, tekking and rogersbase

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  • dude, plz dont do that mouth smacking at the end of long sentenceses. plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

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  • All of Oda's execution this arc has been poor, derivative and uninteresting

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  • you didn't mention the anti-xenophobic ultranationalist themes :(

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  • The final battle has not even started and this video is 8 months old. lol

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  • Morj is next level

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  • you know the little girls devil fruit that can create fruit and put animals into submission, that`s a good weapon against kaidos army.

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  • “The main battle is about to begin” 8 months too early to say that

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  • (Pre-video thoughts) I was one of the many people who thought that Wano seemed stupidly fast-paced. I really /really/ don't understand why either. It took the same amount of chapters from Luffy washing ashore to right when Oden's flashback begins as it did for getting to WCI and them staging the assassination plot with Bege. Now that we're ramping up to the fights of the arc, I've started to reread the beginnings of Wano. And I gotta say, it's making some coherent sense, at least until chapter 920. Time to see what this video has to say.

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  • This is beyond amazing!!!!!

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  • I still have no clue how this arc is going to end. Big Mom being there screws with all my predictions. Is Luffy going to have to defeat Kaido AND Big Mom in the same arc? Beating Kaido alone is pushing it, he's supposedly the strongest single combatant in OP right now. I agree that the Rocks alliance will prove to be unstable compared with Luffy's alliance, but that doesn't change the fact that Big Mom has a score to settle with Luffy and will likely seek to kill him when she hears he's nearby.

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  • This is so well produced 😤

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  • wth are you bro hahaha are you ODA incarnation? XD

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  • At 11:00 you can note that Luffy had his crew and alliance that came to help him out of prison. Luffy is different from everyone in that he asks for help and relies on others technical support where he provides physical fighting support and leadership

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  • These analysis pieces are amazing. I find myself coming back and watching them every couple of weeks. They're so engaging and the level of insight provided is incredible. I'd like to see more around the other arcs, especially Water7/Enies Lobby, and Thriller Bark.

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  • Mate, videos like these deserve more attention . Your channel needs more attention. I would love to see more new videos like this. Great effort man.

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  • Luffy refusing to help until being asked is almost a trademark, it goes all the way back to Coby in the very first chapter, he doesn't help Coby until he stands up for himself with Alvida, and later with Nami at Arlong Park, he won't help till she asks for it

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  • Do the analysis of whole journey of Oden with Rogers, and raftel and fight with whitebeard.

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  • if the scabbards are equivalent to the strawhats is it possible that jimbe is a traitor aswell? I know it doesnt match with his character but it would explain why he looks completely fine after coming back and would meke the parallels more accurate (scabbards/strawhats)

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    • if jinbei is a traitor ill eat my shoe and upload it on youtube

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  • Rewatching this post Chapter 975 is so amazing. Everything is falling into place. even he is now here.

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  • funny how this was 6 months ago

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  • I love you Morj, you and your hairy arms!

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  • Subscribed this is really me and hate people who don't understand what the theme really is...and what its trying to convey instead quits and blames art, battle scenes and draggy anime production P.S : I love Oda's art especially his subtle colouring in covers and landscapes

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  • I don't know you will read this or not, but I hope you can make deep analysis about SKYPEA ARC, one of most my favourite arc in this series! I think that's arc full of meaning, symbol, and message! Please! I beg you!

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  • Could this be the power of critique-critique fruit?

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  • Can u create video on will of D

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  • Will you do a revised version of this now ?

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  • I think Wano represents a lot of the struggle that Japan suffered under its dictadorship and also what China/hong kong went trought, there are several cues to real life situations in the arc, like wano being isolated and the environmental crisis (china) and being controlled by a foreign force (kaido/britain)

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  • You could write a whole video essay about the importance of characters having conquerors Haki

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  • This video makes me want to hear One Piece being discussed in a leadership seminar. Simply amazing.

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  • Is this very spoilerous? I haven't read OP in half a year.

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  • We all know why we subscribe this dude, unlike the other OP reactors/reviewers takin shit/hypebeast.

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  • Thank you for not filling the time with cringey self-deprecating jokes.

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  • You said Kaido is the first person who wants Luffy as a subordinate & this is true but I just wanted to point out how even this ties back to Thriller Bark since Moria also wanted Luffy as an undead subordinate with his shadow. How that ended up can also show that, even with Luffy's strong power, it still wasn't enough on his own, telling us the readers that, no matter how strong one man is (or is perceived to be), they still need a loyal crew by their side. Amazing video btw, you are truly the best person I've seen talk about One Piece & have opened my eyes to so much about this series, one that I was already in love with. I hope to see One Piece in the same way that you do one day. Keep up the fantastic work.

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  • 40:00 Kaido? He is a man of fist! He cant speak with anything but his brute streght! So, its so in character if Kaido does that. Hahaha

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  • This is literally a One Piece University level course. Kind of brings to light how BS a lot of university courses are considering the COST of college tuition when this dude literally does it for free sans patreon and support by willing fans/patreon.

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  • I think shinobu is the betrayer

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  • Good job

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  • I kind of know a place that is fallen for 20 years. I am living in it.

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