Two Steps From Hell - 25 Tracks Best of All Time | Most Powerful Epic Music Mix [Part 1]

20 juil. 2018
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This is the playlist of my most favourite epic music tracks from Two Steps From Hell. Hope you enjoy it!
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Genre: Trailer Music - Epic music - Emotional music - Choir/Orchestra/Vocal
00:00:00 Heart Of Courage
00:01:57 Protectors Of The Earth
00:04:48 Winterspell
00:08:09 Victory
00:13:30 Blackheart
00:17:55 El Dorado
00:22:09 Strength of a Thousand Men
00:24:28 Northern Pastures
00:26:39 After The Fall
00:29:06 Love & Loss
00:30:57 Birth of a Hero
00:33:10 Never Back Down
00:36:06 Secret Melody
00:39:51 Unleashed
00:44:42 Flight Of The Silverbird
00:48:36 Freedom Fighters
00:51:09 For The Win
00:53:20 Breathe
00:56:15 Black Blade
00:59:23 Invincible
01:02:16 Magika
01:04:15 Pegasus
01:08:45 Archangel
01:11:21 Riders
01:14:54 Compass
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Music by Two Steps From Hell.
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Artworks list:
1. Farewell 2 by 88grzes:
2. Dragon's enemy by t1na:
(but she seems to delete it so the archive:
3. Viserion's Gate by AnthonyAvon:
4. Retribution by TamplierPainter:
5. Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm cinematic (screenshot).
6. Space Warp Machine Day by 2buiArt:
7. Warhammer: Mark of Chaos wallpaper -
8. Beginning Of A Great Journey by FrankAtt:
9. Starcraft 2 Loading screen:
10. Ash by wlop:
11. Red Dragon v2 by sandara:
12. Charge by JonasDeRo:
13. Wind Queen by rustikuz:
14. Gods Of Sound by JonasDeRo:
15. 空へ by 磯部トースト:
16. God of War Fan art by thiennh2:
17. Adventurers by sandara:
18. Temple by CordobezWeee:
19. Guild Wars wallpaper:
20. Leap of Faith by caiomm:
21. Blue Dragon by sandara:
22. The Guardian of the Stars by ryky:
23. Diablo III wallpaper:
25. God's Hourglass by ErikShoemaker:
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  • I leverage these tracks for endless strength and motivation on leg day in the gym. Can't spell legendary without "leg day".... I imagine myself as one of the last warriors on Earth. And I am training for the battle for the planet, the battle to keep Humanity from Extinction! It works pretty well

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